Which female sex toy to choose? The best intimate goods for women in 2019-2020 | Questions about sex toys

Which female sex toy to choose? The best intimate goods for women 2019-2020.

, Which female sex toy to choose? The best intimate goods for women in 2019-2020 | Questions about sex toys
There are a lot of female sex toys, all of them are created to increase the pleasure or decoration of the body. What to buy for sexual experiments? What female sex toys are most often acquired by, and which of them receive maximum positive reviews? Rating of intimate goods that are ideal for obtaining orgasms.

1. Satiffyer Pro 2 Vibration Cliting Stimulator

Wave or vacuum stimulator is a find for any woman. Almost everyone can quickly experience an orgasm with him. Exposure occurs only on the clitoris, but with the help of air fluctuations. This activates the nerve fibers not only on the head of the organ, but also deep inside the body. This orgasm is very powerful and bright.

There are dozens of models of female sex toys with vacuum. One of the best – Satispyer Pro 2 Vibration. This is an advanced version of the legendary satisphere. He combines waves and vibration. You can include them together or alternately and experience even multiple orgasms.

The body of the device is plastic, very pleasant. The buttons are conveniently located, do not stretch. And the management is intuitively understandable. There are many modes: 10 vibrations, 11 wave exposure.

  • Waterproof. Can be taken to a shower or bathroom.
  • Rechargeable. Do not need replaceable batteries.
  • Removable “nose” that simply wash or replace it as necessary.
  • Great price, cheaper than analogues.

2. Snail Vibe double stimulation

Simultaneous massage of the clitoris and point G causes a very powerful response in the body. In this way, thousands of women bring themselves to orgasm. It is important for them to massage the outer part of the genital organs and feel fullness inside. And if both parts also vibrate, then the desired fireworks of sensations come very quickly.

, Which female sex toy to choose? The best intimate goods for women in 2019-2020 | Questions about sex toys

Double stimulation is realized very simply. Today there is a unique Snail Vibe sex toy sex. One part of it is immersed in the vagina, it is convenient for it to make progressive movements. The second is convenient to go to the clitoris. At the same time, it is important to understand that the clitoral process is made so that it never breaks away from the body, no matter what actions are performed with the submersible part.

Snail Vibe is a dream of thousands of women, now you can not take care that the sex toy is comfortable on the clitoris. This will definitely happen, since the form is suitable for all bodies, takes into account all anatomical features.

  • The massager is controlled by 4 buttons, it’s simple and convenient.
  • You can use it with different immersion depth, each woman can regulate-how much to introduce a sex toy.
  • The body is waterproof, just wash it.
  • Inside a powerful battery, the charge is enough for at least 1.5 hours.

3. The new generation of the Lush 2nd Generation Vibro -Generation

Vibroyayko is a universal female sex toy. You can use it for sex in a pair, for masturbation, and even to strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor. And there are models that are controlled remotely. This vibrator can always be taken with you and have fun in the most unexpected places. And this mini-stamp takes up little space, does not attract attention. The vibro -yard is inserted into the vagina, it massages the internal erogenous zones.

, Which female sex toy to choose? The best intimate goods for women in 2019-2020 | Questions about sex toys

Lush 2nd Generation – a great vibroyeis that is controlled from a smartphone! The device using a special application is synchronized with the phone, and you can change the modes without attracting attention. But the main thing is that such an egg can vibrate to the beat of your favorite melodies, and an orgasm comes from music!

Developed Lush 2nd Generation for virtual sex. You can entrust a change in modes even on a different continent, only the Internet will be required. And with a sex toy you can strengthen the vaginal muscles.

  • The perfect solution for pleasure and training.
  • Smart control even with Apple Watch or Smartphone.
  • Unlimited number of operating modes, you can create them yourself.
  • Small size, but very powerful vibration.

4. Fallomitator “Intimate life”

Artificial phallus is very similar to natural. It is pleasant to the touch, not cold. At the same time, the head, scrotum and wreaths on the trunk are perfectly drawn. You can use it in different ways: from interesting masturbation to experiments with double penetration with a partner. At the same time, the models produced in the world are not expensive, but give no less pleasure than models released in other countries.

, Which female sex toy to choose? The best intimate goods for women in 2019-2020 | Questions about sex toys

A series of phalloimitators with a scrotum on a suction cup from an “intimate life” is a great solution for sex experiments. Special material “Neoskin” is pleasant to the touch, it perfectly copies a living body, never is cold. Inside the phallos is elastic, but at the same time rather flexible. A large scrotum is placed at the base.

An important plus of all models is the presence of suckers at the base. Allows you to fix the female sex toy on any flat surface and use it without hand. The dimensions of the phalluses for every taste – from 14 to 26 cm in length.

  • Realistic appearance. Elastic, flexible, but gentle.
  • Size to choose from. There are both small and large.
  • Very pleasant cost, lower than other models.
  • Fast and anonymous delivery throughout the country.

5. Cliter Vibrator We-Vibe Moxie

Vibrotrusics are a solution for those who like to enjoy not only at home. They stimulate the genitals, cause very pleasant experiences. At the same time, people do not know around that something vibrates in delicate places. If you entrust the remote control to the partner, it will flirt, changing speed. And no one will know about these experiments around either.

, Which female sex toy to choose? The best intimate goods for women in 2019-2020 | Questions about sex toys

Vibrogrusiki are of different shapes. The most convenient are those that stimulate the clitoris. And a vibrator appeared, which perfectly concerns the desired point and is attached to any underwear. We-Vibe Moxie is equipped with special magnets, with their help it is placed on panties. You can change the location so that the touch is “right”. And then turn on the device remotely.

WE-VIBE MOXIE controls using a smartphone. You can choose one of the finished modes or create your own. At the same time, he works completely silently, and can vibrate for 2 hours without a break after one charge.

  • We-Vibe Moxie is produced in Canada, a guarantee for a female sex toy 1 year.
  • The vibrator is not afraid of moisture, easily cleaned under running water.
  • Suitable for any type of underwear. Panties are bought separately.
  • High -quality silicone does not cause allergies or irritation.

6. Massager Lovense – Domi Mini Wand

A massager is a universal female sex toy, which can also be used with fatigue. Powerful vibrations allow you to relax muscles anywhere in the body. Massage of the legs, caviar, neck or lower back with such a device just do. But it is also used for the genitals. And many modes are created specifically for sex.

, Which female sex toy to choose? The best intimate goods for women in 2019-2020 | Questions about sex toys

Domi Mini Wand is a small massager that is convenient to store. It does not weigh much, it takes up little space. At the same time does not attract attention at all. Neither children nor senior family members in appearance will guess the purpose. However, he is very powerful.

Control of two ways – buttons on the case or from the application on the smartphone. The number of modes is not limited, you can create your own. And like all the toys from Lovense, it can vibrate to the beat of your favorite melodies.

  • The body of the massager is completely waterproof.
  • Management is intuitively understandable. Buttons or from the application.
  • Management can be transferred to the user anywhere in the world.
  • Small sizes are convenient, the hand does not get tired of weight.

7. Anal Rimming Protection B-Vibe Rimming Plug

Anus is a very delicate zone, and its stimulation can cause severe excitement. But it is important to start affection gradually, do not strive to immediately load big things. And there are female sex toys that help activate this area, give very pleasant sensations.

, Which female sex toy to choose? The best intimate goods for women in 2019-2020 | Questions about sex toys

B-Vibe Rimming Plug is a small anal plug that can vibrate. But this is not the only function, mobile beads are located in the legs, and they can rotate. This effect is called Rimming, as it resembles the caresses of the anus with the tongue. But with a cork sensation at times more intense and brighter.

The cork is inserted into the body, and then controlled from the remote remote control. This is convenient, you do not have to reach for an intimate device. And it is possible to use both during masturbation and in paired sex.

  • Maximum diameter 3.5 cm, but the leg is much thinner. It does not hurt when introduced.
  • Total 7 rotation modes and 6 vibration modes, are included together and separately.
  • Coating made of delicate silicone, without smell and taste. It does not absorb aromas.
  • Made in the USA, excellent quality.

8. Minna Life Kgoal Kegel simulator

Women’s sex toys are created not only for pleasure, but also to strengthen health. Special simulators help improve the functioning of the pelvic bottom muscles. This is useful before childbirth, prevents gaps during birth. Relevant after the appearance of the child, quickly returns muscle tone. And also improves sensitivity and is an excellent prevention of urinary incontinence at any age.

, Which female sex toy to choose? The best intimate goods for women in 2019-2020 | Questions about sex toys

Minna Life Kgoal is one of the best simulators for women. It adapts to the shape of the body, making classes as effective as possible. The device is synchronized with a smartphone, and each training is similar to the game. It is necessary to perform tasks, straining and relaxing the vaginal muscles.

Several games allow you to train strength, endurance. And you will work to track the results. The simulator fixes the initial indicators, and then reports on changes. Of course, you will have to deal with often to see a significant effect. But after two months of class, orgasms will become brighter.

  • Feedback simulator, the woman immediately sees the correctness of the exercise.
  • Management is simple, and the games are very clear. At the same time playing really interesting.
  • The size is small, and the pear is filled with air to repeat the bends of the body.
  • Suitable for all women, you can use daily.

9. VIBROMP DOC Johnson Automatic Vibrating Rechargeable Pussy Pump

A pump is a device that controls the pressure in the area of erogenous zones. Cliter models are created for women. The pump is installed in the crotch, air is pumped out of it. Change in pressure causes a rush of blood to a certain zone. In this case, the sensitivity increases. And when the pump is removed, any touch seems very intense and interesting.

, Which female sex toy to choose? The best intimate goods for women in 2019-2020 | Questions about sex toys

AUTOMATIC VIBRATING RECHARGEABLE PUSSY PUMP is an automatic pump with vibration. On allows you not only to strengthen the sensitivity, but also to get maximum pleasure. Vibrations are included after the pressure is changed. And you can choose one of 7 modes.

The pump fits comfortably in the hand. Its shape is universal, suitable for every woman. Pago contributes to a row of blood to both the clitoris and to the labia. In this case, the soft frame does not crash into the body, does not leave traces.

  • It is very simple to control the pump up, it will be possible to adjust the pressure without effort.
  • With severe air pumping out with one click, you can change everything, so there will be no pain.
  • After applying the pump, ordinary sex seems magical.
  • Inside the rechargeable battery, which is easy to recharge.

10. Anal sleeve Silver Spiral with crystal

An excellent female sex toy is an anal plug with a crystal at the base. Looks very piquant, while giving a lot of pleasant experiences. This is a jewelry that will please the partner. You can choose a plug of different sizes, there are options for beginners and experienced users.

, Which female sex toy to choose? The best intimate goods for women in 2019-2020 | Questions about sex toys

Silver Spiral is a metal plug with a special relief on the surface. When introducing, the girl experiences a lot of pleasant experiences. And then the cork decorates the body and gives a feeling of fullness.

If you have vaginal sex, when the cork is in the anus, the sensations will be much brighter. The vagina at such a moment is already becoming. A woman feels stimulation much more intense, and a man penetrates a narrow hole.

  • Metal toy serves decades. It is almost impossible to spoil.
  • You can use a metal plug with any lubricants, the surface does not spoil even from oil.
  • Crystal at the base can be of different colors. The choice is huge.
  • The sizes of the cork are different, the diameter is from 2 to 4.5 cm in the widest part.

Which female sex toy to choose? There are thousands of beautiful models. Presented 10 are very popular, but there are other, no less interesting things.

Choose for a woman should also Erotic linen, It will help to feel more sexy. Useful accessories, for example, menstrual bowls or special tampons with which you can make love will not be superfluous.

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