When a quarrel turns into passionate sex

When a quarrel turns into passionate sex.

Often, after a quarrel, a man and a woman attack each other and start passionate and violent sex. Why, after mutual insults and insults, we suddenly want to make love? There are certain psychological mechanisms that awaken the desire in us in this situation.

With renewed vigor
Conflict — This is always aggression. And she is often associated with a sexual desire. And the higher the intensity of passions during the clarification of relations, the stronger the excitement that swearing may experience.They may not want each other, but it is likely that they will wish just sex.

Some psychologists call this phenomenon Nero syndrome. It is believed that the scandalously known emperor scolded his concubines terribly before sex — In order to arouse aggression in itself, and with it a sexual desire. True, there are rumors that, in spite of everything, he was an worthless lover.

Catch balance
Conflict allows people with different temperaments «equalize» strength. The owner of a violent disposition quarrels helps"chill out«, While a more calm partner, experiencing a surge of aggression, is excited more than in a normal situation with an even emotional background.

Sex with a stranger
The quarrel moves people away from each other. When you swear with your loved one, you are no longer pigeons, ready to make a day for a span, but the sovereign states that are warring and not tuned for a compromise.

It would seem — The situation is extremely far from romance, but for some (if not for most) it can cause a storm of emotions. Having become strangers, you suddenly become more attractive to each other — as strangers who do not bind and do not burden anything.

Do not abuse
If you are accustomed to pounce on each other in the heat of quarrels, you run the risk of accumulating a critical number of unresolved contradictions and unspoken claims, and for a relationship this is detrimental.

Passion, but psychologists advise to start love games only after you achieve

some result in negotiations. Remember: sex does not solve the problem, but only gives a small delay. As soon as the storm of emotions settles, you will face the difficulties with the difficulties, from which, as it seemed to you, you just ran away.

How does it happen
Natalia (29 years old) has been married for four years. In the second year of marriage, he and her husband entered into a strip of endless conflicts. «We cursed constantly, and when we went to bed, we turned away from each other. I was suffocating with resentment and helplessness — It seemed to me that there was no way out. And one night I once again lay, buried in a pillow, and suddenly felt that I incredibly want sex.

At that moment, our grievances and omissions were indifferent to me, only my desire existed. The orgasm was stunning. In the morning we were able to finally discuss everything, and the process of our reconciliation began with this. I know that our situation is non -standard, but I have never experienced such a desire as that night. I think it was a strong nervous tension».

Irina (32 years old) says that she often puts up with her husband in bed. «During a quarrel, we are incredibly excited, and then, in the heat of passion, we already forget where the conflict actually began. However, this method does not work regarding serious contradictions. We both understand that orgasms will not help us solve some fundamental problems, so after sex, having calmed down significantly, we proceed to constructive discussion».

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