What types of sex are?

What types of sex are?.

Over the past 20-30 years, we have learned a lot about sex. Filmed taboo talk about sex, sex films, sex toys and games. Do we know what types of sex are? There are still people who are not fully aware of the types and varieties of sex.

The most common types of sex

Sex for a reasonable person is not only satisfaction of the instinct of reproduction. This is a way of gaining pleasure, a way of merging with your partner into a single whole, and not only literally. Sometimes this is a way to make peace, a way to surprise, say goodbye, apologizes, make an offer and many more things can be done with sex.

Let’s start with the most popular types of sexual intimacy.

, What types of sex are?

Vaginal – The classic version of intercourse. Man and woman. He penetrates her vagina, his erect penis. There can be any poses, and what is to be shy, places are very different. It is believed that vaginal, men reach orgasm faster. I think everything is clear – it’s clear.

Oral sex – In popularity in second place. Used as a prelude and as an independent act of love. More often experience men and greedy lips of men. Not only guys love the blowjob, some girls are excited and enjoy, caressing the partner. About the same -sex couples and there is nothing to say. The penis is licked, suck, make reciprocating movements. And we must not forget about testicles.

There are 2 types of blowjob:

  • Autofillation – self -satisfaction, the guy showing miracles of flexibility makes a blowjob to himself.
  • Irrumation – The partner who caresses remains passive. The one who is made by the blowjob actively moves a member in the mouth and/or throat of a passive partner. Itself regulates strength and depth. Can be pretty rude.

Cunnilingus – Lady time. The partner also caresses the clitoris and tongue, the girl’s labia. You can penetrate with a tongue and inside. Great for warming up. And if the second half receives more often clitoral orgasm, then the finals.

Anilingus – In this case, anus is caressed. This is one of the erogenous zones. And even severe hetero munses experienced this type of sex, agree to repeat. And in our opinion, letting at least one erogenous point be blasphemy.

Anal sex. Now more and more couples are trying anal. This has ceased to be a curiosity and even more a perversion. Women’s butt always drove up guys crazy. Men will lust not only to mate, plop it, but also insert a penis into an elastic ass. With the help of toys, the partner will be able to experience double penetration. Men receive no less pleasures from anal caresses. During penetration, a prostate is stimulated, one of the sources of sexual pleasure. Even in diverse pairs, we urge to prove with male anal caresses. It will turn out enchanting.

Non -standard types of sex

Here we will talk about rare types of sex and ordinary, but not fit into the framework of standards.

Probably the most familiar of the non -standard masturbation.

99% of people masturbate or did it at least once. We will discuss right away that this is a natural need. There is nothing shameful. And if you combine masturbation with classics… Hot sex is guaranteed.

Extreme sex. Prerequisite for inappropriate place. Suitable for adrenaline lovers and for those who want to shake the relationship. Most often these are sex in a car, public transport, store (there are such convenient fitting rooms). Someone manages to do this in the pool, on attractions, in the cinema. The main thing is to include imagination and recklessness.

Hard sex. Stiffness levels are very different. Fuck in the dominance of one of the couple. Sometimes the role of the victim is strongly exciting and vice versa.

Spanking This word is called a passionate slap on the ass. Palm or other object. Spitting force is a matter of taste.

Flagellation – games with a whip, whip, stack and many other things. It is important that both receive additional emotions and pleasure from this.

Shibari – handcuffs, ropes, Japanese binding technique are used here. In general, one partner is somehow connected and attached. You can connect a banal tie – an interesting idea for a sample truth.

Ballbasting one of the most harsh varieties. The guy gets his bells. Penis and testicles spank, beat, advance, there are even special toys sending electric discharges. This is for the sophisticated.

Fisting Also for the sophisticated. Enjoyment is enhanced by the introduction of a vagina or anus of a hand or fist. There are a lot of fisting toys.

Mammaric sex – The partner squeezes the penis with his chest and makes progressive movements. Can be combined with oral affection. You will bring the guy to the final and get a necklace from the drops of sperm on the neck.

Foot-physha – the penis is compressed between the legs, the feet and move.

There are not few varieties of such fetes, they distinguish between gluteal sex – The penis moves between the buttocks without penetration. Auricular The penis moves in a native fold. Still rub a member of the nose and different other parts of the body without penetration.

Group sex.

The number of participants increases from 3x and to how much you want.

Trialism – It’s easier to say a triplet. Options to choose from: 1 girl and 2 guys, 1 guy and 2 girls, 3 girls, 3 guys.

Swinging – couples change partners, regardless of orientation.

Substance – Parties in the form. Sex in masks.

Shering – The company distributes roles, and the action resembles a porn movie with several actors. Roles go more often by drawing.

Sex driving From the name is understandable. A single chain of partners, everyone immediately copulates with each other.

, What types of sex are?

Perverted sex.

We will not focus on it in detail. We are for positive emotions. For familiarization, we will only list the types of the most common perversions.

Skoptophilia, Retifism, Somnophilia, Coprophemia, Trichotillapcia, Gerontophilia, Excretefilia.

How rich human fantasy is. To obtain a variety of sensations, new, bright, you should try something on yourself. But you can and everything is according to the list. Do not be afraid of the new, enjoy your life.

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