What to say during sex

What to say during sex?.

, What to say during sexMany girls do not know how magically the words act on men. Sometimes in order to arouse your partner, you will have enough of a few words spoken with a certain intonation. Moreover, such hints can interest him no less than frank striptease or blowjob.

How long have you had cool sex, when you recall the knees about it, and a wave of excitement flows to the vagina? Couples in which partners can speak openly and passionately, according to statistics have the strongest and most long relations. After all, it was not for nothing that all the most famous seducers owned such a skill as the ability to seduce a man alone with words. Having learned this, you can literally manage your man, fascinating him with your delicate and seductive speech.

You will always be sure that your man will never prefer another partner, because your phrases will cause him a persistent desire to hear them again and only from you. Therefore, overcome constraint and try to please him right today.

Sexologists argue that the ability to say the right words during sex, drives a man crazy. It is extremely important for them not only to see what is good for you, but also to hear confirmation of this from your lips. Most women are limited to sighs or groans.

What to say, having sex

If earlier you belonged to a number of girls silent during sex, then at first you will experience severe discomfort and constraint. The reason for this may be internal prohibitions laid down in childhood itself, or unsuccessful sexual experience. In any case, try to set yourself up in advance.

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What should men say during sex?

  • His name. These are the sweetest sounds that absolutely any man wants to hear from his partner. You need to say the name with aspiration and sensuality, conveying all the pleasure that you receive thanks to your partner.
  • , What to say during sexWords conveying your pleasure and pleasure. It can be simple «Yes», «more», «Oh yeah!», or longer, such as «I want you», «Enter me again», «So very good, go on».
  • Share your fantasies. At the time of intimacy, it is easiest to share your most secret fantasies. If you have long dreamed of trying something new, then it’s time to tell your man about it. You can do this with the help of phrases like «I want you to spank me», «kiss me in pussy», «Take my hair», «go into me from behind». And, perhaps, you will find out that your partner also has long dreamed about it.
  • Share emotions. These are the simplest words that will be easiest for you. It can be expressions «stronger», «faster», «Just don’t stop», «What a big», «you are beautiful» and so on. Do not be afraid to seem not original, it does not matter at all. The main thing is that in your words sincere feelings and emotions sound.
  • Dirty words. A large number of both female and male fantasies are associated with dirty words and vulgar expressions. Try to gently offer this to your man in advance so that you are both ready. Ideally, if during hard and rude sex he will call you «bitch» or a woman of easy behavior.

The main thing is that both of you understand that this is only a game that gives you both pleasure. Be open during sex, have gone with your partner with your feelings and feelings, do not be afraid to be too emotional and frank. Every man is waiting for this from his half.

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