What is Petering in sex

Petering and its technique.

Petering is sex without penetration, which consists in achieving orgasm through touch, affection and stimulation of erogenous zones. It can be part of the prelude or a way to diversify an intimate life.A love game using hands and lips called caresses is a long -standing form of satisfaction of a partner.

What is Petering in sex

Petering is one of the first sexual actions for which inexperienced couples are solved. The term “Petering” itself includes all types of intimate contacts that do not lead to penetration, that is, they do not end with the introduction of a penis into the vagina.

The origin of the name is not clear. English term for petting – external course. In other words – long, advanced affection. In a wider context, Petating also includes oral sex.

On the other hand, it is problematic to determine whether anal sex can be considered an expression of affection. Petering excludes the penetrating contact between the genitals, while the penetration of a penis into a mouth or tongue into the vagina is not prohibited in the format of this technique. Therefore, the question is still open.

Petering boils down to deliver sexual pleasure to the partner. It allows you to find out your own body, as well as the body of the partner.

This is a good solution if a young woman is worried about the pain associated with the interruption of the virgin rod (deflation), or if she does not want to get pregnant.

Petering also works well for couples who, for some reason, do not want or cannot have ordinary sex with each other (possible reasons are anatomical differences-for example, too big a member-a disease or a desire to maintain virginity for marriage).

Petering can be considered as a form of intimate fun and element of prelude. Petering as a prelude to relationships is necessary to strengthen excitement, which is necessary for rapprochement in order to satisfy both sides.

With petting, erogenous zones are stimulated, which can lead to orgasm. This is achieved using hugs, stroking, biting, kneading, affection, kisses.

One of the affection techniques when a man conducts a penis on the inside of the woman’s hips, making friction movements. Axillary petting – when a member is under the arm of his partner.

What is light petting?

. Hugs, touch, touching the hands and lips of erogenous zones. For example, a guy kisses a girl in his neck, at the same time touches the ass or clitoris.

Or the girl touches the earlobes of the ear, neck, chest, makes a slight massage of the back, puts the palm on the area of the width. All these are harmless hugs and a way to get satisfaction from movements around the most intimate places.

Nannelism in petting and its technique

Natelizm is the movement of a member between the buttocks. Among sexologists, this type of sexual intercourse refers to deviation, although there is certainly no harm in this.

Opposite the pair, the unscrupulous sex is very often used to discharge and achieve orgasm. The movements of the penis in a hollow between the buttocks will not lead to the peak of pleasure, but in conjunction with kisses and hugs easily!

Peting technique that women like

A variety of caresses of the correct length lead a woman into a state of relaxation and have a strong stimulating effect necessary to obtain an orgasm.

Thanks to caress, the whole body is in a state of readiness. The vagina is moistened. This is important – the insufficient growth of sex hormones caused by too short prelude (or its complete absence) can make rapprochement unpleasant and painful for a woman.

In women, basically the entire surface of the skin reacts to touch or kisses. Areas where caresses cause the most powerful sensations: face (especially lips) and ears, fingertips (on the arms and legs), neck, navel area, inside of the hips, chest, intimate places, buttocks.

The correct technique of caresses, which works for most women, is a gradual increase in strength and intensity of exposure.

For women, a very stimulating action is already the kisses of the lips, and then the earlobes, forehead, cheeks, neck and other erogenous zones.

The chest should be stroked carefully, at least at the initial stage, and when the excitation of the partner caused by affection increases, you can choose more intense kisses.

Most of all, delights give affection for intimate places, between the vagina and the anus. Extremely sensitive to stimulation are external and internal labia, especially the clitoris. A man can caress a woman’s intimate places with a finger or tongue.

Petting technique that men like

Petering greatly affects a man, especially if you caress erogenous zones. In addition to the mouth and intimate places in men sensitive to caresses are hands, inner surface of the hands, chest and nipples, earlobes, inner thighs.

However, a woman needs to remember that for sexual satisfaction, a man needs a stronger stimulation. You can suck and bite nipples, and the inside of the hips is best stroked.

During affection, even the most delicate touch, the male sex zone is especially reacted: testicles, member (most nerve endings on the head), anus.

The entire area under which the prostate iron is located is very sensitive to touch, and stimulation of these areas easily causes excitement and can quickly lead to orgasm. The eggs are the most sensitive, so when we caress, a woman should treat them carefully.

A little stronger stimulation requires affection for male buttocks. Most men like it when a woman caresses them, bites and kneads them. Some men reach strong excitement when a partner caresses their anus.

Is it possible to get pregnant from petting?

During this type of affection, it is impossible to get pregnant, but you need to be careful. If the ejaculation occurs, you should make sure that sperm does not fall directly on the genital organs of a woman, which creates a slightly higher probability of fertilization.

It should be remembered that living and mobile sperm (as well as HIV virus) are found not only in sperm, but also in the pre -ejaculate, or liquid released from the penis during penis. Of course, caresses carry an incomparably less risk of sexually transmitted diseases than sexual intercourse, but this form of affection requires caution from partners.

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