What is alternative sex

What is alternative sex.

, What is alternative sex
Alternative sex is sexual activity without intercourse. If you excluded sexual intercourse, sexual activity without it can be an alternative way to realize your priority desires. Depending on what compromise you choose in relation to complete abstinence, your sexual game may include a variety of techniques. Virgins, both teenagers and adults, usually like kisses. Kisses are excited regardless of whether you want sexual intimacy or not, and as a result, your sensations can be very pleasant. Some supporters of complete abandonment of sex claim that even kisses are very exciting and tempting.

However, before you completely abandon kisses and physical pleasure, you should think that there are workarounds for pleasure, t. e. Other methods of contacts other than sexual intercourse. For some, it is permissible to hold hands, and everything that follows further is either a risk or too much compromise. Others are not so conservative and do not refuse a certain sexual activity to express their feelings and for some contact with their partner without intercourse, which is often considered as a climax, allowed only with its permanent partner or in the case of strong love.

Alternative sex can be expressed in such forms as kisses, delicate hugs, body massage, masturbation, mutual masturbation, oral sex, sexual intercourse through clothes, although it can be a little painful for both men and women in the event that it continueshours and without orgasm.

Between the hips

For those who fluctuate at the top of virginity, there is the next step towards sexual intimacy – sex between the hips that can be performed naked. Sometimes it is called false sexual intercourse. The contact between the hips is executed exactly as its name sounds. This is a nude sexual intercourse in which the member is between the hips, and not in the vagina.

It is most effective to do this in the position “on the side”, as it provides great freedom of man’s movements. It also does not hurt to lubricate the member and/or the inside of the woman’s hips with saliva or grease for better sliding and increasing sensations. The position “on the side” provides the most convenient access to the clitoris of a woman. Therefore, she can receive an orgasm with a man. Despite the fact that the penetration between the hips has a low degree of risk, be careful and do not allow the man to throw sperm near the entrance to the vagina to avoid a random pregnancy or transmitted STD. For couples that refrain only from the sexual intercourse “Member in the Vagan”, this method can be a great option for making love.

Filling jugs

This type of alternative sex is similar to the sexual intercourse “between the hips”, only in this case the member is placed not between the hips, but between female breasts. If a woman does not masturbate, then when performing “between the breasts” an orgasm, as a rule, only a man receives. This is not such an intimate contact, because at the same time a man rises above a woman, which makes it difficult to contact face to face. Sexual intercourse “between breasts” can be performed in various positions, and, a little experimenting, you will determine the most convenient position for you.

This can be done in positions “on the side”, “man from above” or even “woman from above”, although the last position is usually difficult to do. Lubricate the skin between the breasts and the penis to avoid irritation and to enhance sensations. Such sex can do with their men with breasts of any size, not only women with very large breasts. Since the breasts are very soft, many men like it when a woman squeezes her breasts with her hands for a denser coverage of a member. When a man ends, a woman receives a pearl necklace as a gift (if a man throws sperm to her neck).

Many couples find it very erotic to observe the sliding of a member of a man between a woman’s breasts. Sometimes women place a partially squeezed fist in the continuation of the gap between the breasts to enhance the sensations on the head of the penis that falls into the woman’s hand at the end of each push of the penis.


If any of the above types of alternative sex contradicts your sexual settings, but you still want to experience sexual pleasure, learn your body and sexual reaction, masturbation may suit you for this. Masturbation in virgins has little studied, but some polls show that girls teenagers masturbate much less than boys, especially if they do not have sex. In adults, the opposite picture is observed: here women masturbate much more often men. This may be due to the fact that adult men who have chosen the rejection of sex have to overcome the pressure of their own and their own male qualities, requiring sex everywhere and everywhere, so they do not want to subject themselves to any temptation, even by masturbation.

Female sexuality is often more hidden in nature, and external impulsions on women influence a much lesser extent. For this reason, it is much more convenient for adult women to release their sexual energy through masturbation, not fearing that this can serve as an incentive of their sexual desire and throw them “in all serious” to meet the need for sexual intercourse with a man.

Our sexual reaction is not a motorcycle that rusts on the highway, or a battery that sits when it is not used. The sexual nature of your body requires your own, regardless of whether you are actively leaving or not. Do you refrain or not refrain, your needs make yourself felt: men have erections, women have an erection of the clitoris, and both have spontaneous night orgasms (night pools). The body sings its sexual melody, even if you don’t listen to it. Therefore, it is best not to stimulate your desire, until it itself makes itself felt.

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