What is a taboo in sex

What is a taboo in sex.

Tabu in sex is a list of practices that a person is not ready to perform under any circumstances. Used to observe the rights and freedoms of a sexual partner and avoid violent actions during intimacy. The difference from unloved practices is that a person not only does not love, but also categorically against their implementation.

What is included in the taboo?

It is not enough to know what a taboo is in sex, it is important to understand the essence of this concept. The list of restrictions is individual and not generalized.

Someone is crazy about cunnilingus, someone makes him for the sake of a partner, but without particular enthusiasm. And for someone it is in a taboo and even asking for it is not worth it.

It is impossible to draw conclusions about the list of taboos without personal communication. So women often say that a man will not satisfy her orally, since he has been in places of imprisonment, and such people are forbidden to lick.

Or a man is disappointed in advance, being sure that a girl from a religious family will never give him a blowjob. There were enough stereotypes and labels at all times, but it is much more useful to find out with personal communication all desires, needs and a taboo in sexual terms.

Everyone has their own forbidden practices, sometimes they are completely unexpected. The reason for the occurrence lies in the past experience, knowledge, beliefs, assumptions and guesses.

For example, many girls refuse anal sex because it, in their opinion, is guaranteed to end with hemorrhoids.

To convince a person who has a list of taboos is absolutely not necessarily. If this is your permanent sexual partner, then most likely over time, the views will change by themselves and the list is adjusted. If not, then you must respect the choice and decision of your second half.

What is a taboo in BDSM sex

BDSM is something harsh and tough, filled with perversions and deviations. All people who prefer conservative sexual relations are of this opinion. However, even in the BDSM there is a place light and tin. Here, like nowhere, you need to know a partner’s taboo.

There are a lot of classes for real fans of brutal sex in Femdom. The set of practices is just huge.Madam can use a strap -on, about which the man had long dreamed, or he can try and Copro. But are everyone ready for a similar?!

In the case when the lower has the boundaries of the permitted one, and they certainly have, there is a taboo. It is studied in advance so that during the session it does not apply physical or psycho emotional injury to the partner.

This is the main safety rule in intimate life. Both in family, ordinary sex, and in femdom and in male dominance of BDSM. Know what to do categorically is impossible, it is very important. With a new partner, you always need to discuss what you are ready for and what is not.

General taboo in bed

There are restrictions that are applicable to any pair anywhere and any time. To observe these taboos is strictly necessary if you do not want a person after you have problems.

First – ultimately the partner should have fun and be satisfied. This is the essence of sex. If a man is an egoist in bed, then a woman does not matter what a member he has and how beautiful he is. She will have to get out of a sad state out of bed.

If the orgasm does not occur, then there is always masturbation that needs to be completed. Otherwise, for what purpose they gathered?

The second is the care of the physical health of the partner. If you decide to practice the pose of the rider, then figure it out in technology and be careful so that your meeting does not end with a fracture of a member. If you have planned sex in the car, then provide conditions so that you do not have to go to the emergency room. Any risk of a physical trauma in a taboo!

Third – exclude the risk of gear. Sex is needed to continue the genus and pleasure in conjunction with mental and physiological health. Nobody does it for the sake of infection with syphilis.

Check yourself more often, be sure to use a condom, inform your partner about your HIV status and at the slightest risk of transmitting any infection, abandon intimacy.

Fourth – ridicule and humiliation of a person for failures in bed only at first glance look harmless.This can cause serious psychological trauma and make a complex that will break the life of your partner.

And it’s not only about a small member, a quick finish and absence of an erection. Men often make fun of the appearance of the vagina, for example, the size of the clitoris or the body of their girlfriend as a whole. Often, the absence of orgasm is accused of, which can lead to frigidity in the future.

All this is a hard taboo in sex. Any disrespect. selfishness, ridicule and threat of security, is included in the list of prohibitions. In the sex life of lovers and even random partners, this should not be. Otherwise you are a disgusting lover, a terrible and toxic person. Do not be like that.

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