What do you feel during sex – answers m and f

What men and girls feel during sex.

The guys and girls in sexual contacts have some general processes in the body. Usually, what you feel during sex: the heart beats as if a person has arrhythmia, the vessels are expanded. This is natural, because for orgasm it is necessary that the genitals are saturated with blood. Breathing picks up this rhythm – everything looks like a sports load.

Whatever the pose, the body muscles are strained, they are active. Muscles of the pelvic region and limbs are particularly intensively compressed. During frictions, some hormones enter the bloodstream: adrenaline, serotonin, oxytocin and dopamine. They provide the brightness of the pleasure received. After the increase in excitement, specific substances are additionally activated: female estrogen and male testosterone.

What do girls feel during sex

It’s almost impossible to describe your own sensations, and what a partner with a dick between the legs feel is completely incomprehensible. Consider all aspects of this process from the point of view of those who let into a foreign organ.

, What do you feel during sex – answers m and f

Smart words

How physiologically sexual intercourse should occur, scientists figured out. Blood is saturated with “happiness” hormones – oxytocin with dopamine. Thanks to these substances, the brain receives emotional, and the body – physical unloading. Dissatisfaction appears with problems or at the time of deprivation of virginity. Almost always inconvenience are associated with such reasons.

How girls describe this process

It is very curious to find out about the sensations of women in sex. To do this, we give a selection of the most frank statements on the forums:

  • “When there is a mood, I get great pleasure. When there was no man for a long time, the unbearable itching of the perineum appears – only the dick helps to get rid of it. Although I like to suck him more “.
  • “I feel fullness. When excited, it seems that if something does not enter the pussy immediately, it will be extremely bad. It happens that there are enough fingers, although it is more often that it is a haul. “.
  • “I get euphoria from the first push, at the time of entering the penis. The sensation differs from orgasm, but the blood literally begins to boil, the heart jumps out, goosebumps run through the skin. A light tingling occurs outside the vagina “.
  • “Something gradually fills you, its form is not of fundamental importance – only the penetration combined with the severity of the male body is important”.
  • “I begin to feel how a warm cucumber is pushed into me”.
  • “Feeling fullness. When the member is large, it seems that he breaks the insides “.
  • “Sex is a good stretch. The muscles are tense, you strive to pull them a little more, after which it covers relief. Without a dick pussy is empty, it is with it that fullness appears “.
  • “It looks like the way sea eel creeps into you”.
  • “Something soft, but also solid fills you inside. The sensations are different, although the feeling is pleasant “.
  • “If a member is too large – it seems like a zucchini is put in a needle ear. Painfully, too much the vagina stretches. But when the size is suitable, the feeling is wonderful, as if a water snake crawls into you “.

Lack of sensations

, What do you feel during sex – answers m and f

The reasons why the girl feels nothing during sex, a few:

  1. Incomplete age readiness.
  2. Pain for sexual intercourse.
  3. Partner inexperience for sex
  4. There are no emancipation skills.
  5. Shame or fear.
  6. Painful parting with virginity.

If there are problems, you should visit a gynecologist to exclude pathologies that can become a provocateur of the lack of sensitivity. When the doctor examines and reveals that everything is in order, you will need to start studying your own body in order to find places whose stimulation gives pleasure.

Women need a greater period of preliminary caresses in order to get excited than their partners. If there is no desire to get pregnant, you should take care of protecting in order to feel relaxed. When it is not possible to achieve an orgasm anyway – visit a sexologist who will understand the problem and help to solve it.

What do men feel during sex

A guy from sexual intercourse wants to get a peak of pleasure. Only after touching a woman with all his senses can he experience the maximum orgasm. We will figure out why this is happening.


Postulate that guys love their eyes, true. He works with sexual contact. If a woman wants to deliver amazing pleasure, she needs to visually show her partner how good she is. From this, the man is more excited, his feelings are enhanced. You can not hide your nakedness – this is a serious mistake. The human body is decent in any form, to engage in fucking in bright light, being naked – this is right. Never need to be shy, only then mutual pleasure will be ensured.


Although this feeling is not so important for achieving orgasm, it still occupies a worthy place, ensuring the fullness of love affection. When a guy finds out through a cute babble and affectionate cooing, how beautiful he is, how he knew how to satisfy his lady, he is even more excited, his sensitivity is significantly enhanced.

Taste and smell

, What do you feel during sex – answers m and f

Now let’s figure out what sensations give a man and mouth during sex. Women’s skin after excitement has a slightly brackish taste. Therefore, kissing the girl’s body at the time of the love prelude and after, the guy will feel a very pleasant taste. But here it is important that the body is clean, because otherwise the epidermis will be bitter-salt. This can turn a desire to “try” a partner for a long time, even with strong love.

The aroma of vaginal secrets guarantees the most powerful reflexes that last long time. Without even realizing what it smells, a man is excited, he begins to respond sexually at an unconscious level, since his genitals are poured with blood. Each woman has its own natural smell, which helps a person of a different gender recognize her among the crowd of other women. It is this factor that explains why individual girls get increased attention, although they are not beautiful with a model figure.


After touching the naked body of a beloved, a feeling of pleasure, turning into excitement, will certainly appear. There is no difference what part of your body you lean against female skin, especially if it is clean, delicate and elastic. With sexual intercourse, the brain of men leave all problems, they enjoy only a pleasant moment of proximity. The guys describe the orgasm with different terms. More often it is perceived in the form of “painful” tickling, then it rolls satisfaction, ecstasy. Most had to experience a sense of incredible happiness, the body is filled with vigor, new forces appear, love for the girl is increasing.

As a man describes their feelings

, What do you feel during sex – answers m and f

After we found out what different girls feel during sex, the frank statements of guys about this are also interesting:

  • “With sexual contact, I feel the exciting smoke that surrenders in the lower back. She immediately disappears after the ejaculation. The body becomes light, as if freed from an exorbitant burden. “.
  • “Like wings grow up, the body penetrates a painful tingling. There is a desire to repeat everything again, admire the girl’s satisfied face, hear her gentle purr and not to take out the dick of their relaxed pussy ”.
  • “It is important for me to bring the partner to orgasm. Only after that I feel emotional discharge. When the girl ends, she becomes fragile and defenseless, I want such her condition to extend for a long time. After sex, it’s nice to lie down around her, talk about pleasant minutes “.
  • “When I finish, fatigue appears, drowsiness. There is no desire to talk. I just fall into oblivion “.

The lack of sexual sensitivity is more often observed in women, although this phenomenon is probably in relation to men. It is extremely important not to conceal dissatisfaction in yourself – certainly share with the partner of the current situation, explain to him what you miss. Together it is easier to find a way out, changing your relationship. In some cases, a consultation of a specialist will help, who will tell you how to act in order to certainly get the desired result.

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