We play with sensations! Piquant sex techniques

We play with sensations! Piquant sex techniques.

Scientists have proved that when one of the senses is "turned off", The work of all others is aggravated, so you can see this by putting on an erotic mask on a partner. Let it feel every touch with skin, every kiss and light breath. You can fully enjoy the proximity to your partner and discover new sensations for yourself, which you used to only dream about! Agree in advance with your partner so that it does not touch you or you can pour it to the bed with handcuffs and embody your incredible fantasies in bed.

Add a little sweets. Special edible lubricants will turn your partner into an erotic dessert, and you can aggravate sensations with a special brush for application and derive it even more!

A submissive slave, a daring and glamorous woman, an emancipated concubine, ready for the most daring games – Decide who your partner will be today! Next, you can go to the massage, for which warming oils will come in handy, aggravating sensations. They contribute to the influx of strength and sexual energy. This will warm the skin and make the body more susceptible to caresses. Start massage with the feet, gently open each finger, then go to the buttocks, hips and back. Do not touch the genitals, let it languish in anticipation! Alternate soft and delicate touch with intense or even aggressive. Massage with massage candles. Light a light, let the candle flare up a little…While you enjoy a marvelous and exciting aroma, "wax" turn into warm massage oil.

You can enhance the pleasure and sensations of your partner’s erogenous areas with tickle. Caress her with light touch, study her body again with a feather, draw a hot chest with passion, slowly go down to your hips, caress your neck and of course it’s time to go below! Admire the growing passion to lust and as soon as a cunning and sexy light begins to shine in the eyes – Your game was a success!

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