Types of men in sex – the main features and differences

Leader or womanizer? TOP-4 type men in sex.

, Types of men in sex – the main features and differences

There are several ways to find out what to expect from a man in sex before being in bed with him. The usual communication with him and more close attention to the features of his behavior will help in this. According to these parameters, you can easily predict its degree of abilities in sex.

Men in sex can conditionally be divided into several types:

  • Fans of experiments;
  • Leaders;
  • Lovelaces;
  • modest.

It is worth dwelling in more detail on each type.

Fans of experiments

Men who show special interest in the introduction of new, inflated poses into the sexual life, the use of a variety of attributes from the relevant stores, the samples of new places are called experimenters. Their own pleasure is of paramount importance for them. Sex for them as a trip to an extreme site, on which it will certainly be able to try something new and interesting. If they are worried about the opinion and desires of the partner, then only in order to get another dose of pleasure for themselves.

To distinguish them is quite simple. The experimenters strive for everything new not only in sex, but also in everyday life. This will be seen in absolutely all their actions, whether it is the choice of a new place to relax or a trip to the store. This is also reflected in the little things – new clothes on each date, various accessories, the desire for the most new -fashioned gadgets and so on.


Men who set for themselves the goal of succeeding in absolutely everything are called leaders. They always act strictly according to the plan and clearly go to their goal. Even in sex. For them, the main role is played by the result, not ways to achieve it. Therefore, do not expect a long prelude from them. A woman for a leader is another way to assert himself. The emotions and feelings of his partner are of little interest to him.

Of course, sex with such a man, fixated on his own thoughts, will not bring pleasure to most women. But this option will be ideal for a business woman who is not ready to spend its time on excessive romance.


Perfect option. His partner will be surrounded by attention, care and support, because he perfectly understands what exactly women want. This tactful and polite man in bed will behave in the same way as in everyday life, paying all his attention to the partner.

Sex with a womanizer will most likely be colorful, sensual and long, and pleasure – mutual and deep. True, there is a possibility that carnal joys will not be with one woman, because the ladies line up behind such a man, and he successfully uses this without limiting himself to the pleasures.


Timid and gentle men with practically absent sexual experience are ideal for a girl who wants to enjoy Platonic love. He will give her flowers, drive her in various romantic places, colorfully talk about various life areas. But in sex will be shy and careful. Most likely, the partner will have to show the initiative, starting from kisses to sex. But in return there is a chance to get a huge amount of tenderness and trepidation.

Some of the fair sex well honed the ability to determine the type of man before they find themselves in bed with them. But even in the absence of such an experience, the division of potential partners into these four types will greatly make life easier and relieve unnecessary problems.

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