TOP 10 – The most ridiculous and original places for sex

TOP 10 – The most ridiculous and original places for sex.

, TOP 10 – The most ridiculous and original places for sex

When it comes to sex, I want to try something non-banal and not in bed. But some couples go too far and have sex in completely unsuitable places. I present a list of ten most ridiculous and original places for sex, where the couple were caught, indulging in love joys.

On the floor of the toilet in McDonald’s

In the UK, a loudly moaning and sighing couple was thrown out of McDonald’s when they had sex right in the catering restroom. The spectacle is not entirely appetizing, I want to pick up my potatoes and run away. Sex in the restroom McDonald’s? Absolutely unbearable.

In the back seat of a police car

Texas couple did not come up with anything better how to do it right after they were arrested for an offense. Being in handcuffs, the suspect unfastened the fly on men’s pants and began to satisfy it orally. Yes, right there.

Under the supervision of Google Earth

Seeing the Google Earth car next door, the Australian couple drove closer to get the camera’s sight, and had sex… To the public or not – Unknown. The photo was released – And quite classic.

In the bank

Although deposits and banking transactions few can act excitingly, one French couple is ready to argue with this statement. However, their horizontal «mamba» On the floor of the bank was interrupted by a group of adolescents who began to shoot the whole process on camera.

In the parking lot of fast food

Once in February, an elderly couple caught frolic in the car right in the fast food parking lot in one California town. The funny thing was that the elderly gentleman turned out to be a regular visitor to this institution.

On the bridge (very crowded)

One couple in Estonia reached new unprecedented heights in sexy joys, engaged in the embodiment of their fantasies right on the arched bridge. Their love games were captured by a random passerby, and now the photograph is the property of the public in the world network.

On the cable car

In China, because of a couple who took up love joys right in the booth of the cable car, the authorities were forced to hang a special warning. Now, before entering the booth, all passengers are met by a sign that says: «be careful! Intimacy on top – risky».

, TOP 10 – The most ridiculous and original places for sex

In the toilet of the basketball stadium

The couple decided to discuss the game account in the toilet cabinet of the stadium. Video of their love are in a half -naked form leaked to the Internet and «The eye pleased» all over the world.

In the public pool

The noise of a frolicing guys and their screams are not a completely suitable soundtrack for love pleasures, however, one couple so «Saturated», that they had sex right in the local public basin. Yes, of course, they were arrested.

At the top of the skyscraper

The cleaners were shocked, discovering female underwear on the highest site of the London ball, the highest European building. And, although no one was able to catch, the fact remains, and the evidence is evident and, accordingly, the guards got. (Consider this warning guys!)

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