Tantric sex – what is it? | Practices

Tantric sex – what is it?.

, Tantric sex – what is it? | Practices
Tantric sex is an ancient spiritual practice, which is today popular today. The main goal of the tantra is the spiritual enlightenment of a person. In the understanding of this teaching, the interaction of the male and female body in sex, as well as the achievement of orgasm, are the highest point of disclosure of the spiritual basis of man.

However, tantric sex requires a special approach from sexual partners, because here the main task is spiritual enlightenment, not physical satisfaction. This type of relationship is ideal for couples with experience who have already tried a lot, but decided not to stop there.

Preparation for tantric sex

  • 1.First of all, you need Find a suitable place to solitude. The apartment with noisy neighbors is definitely not suitable, because it will be difficult to relax in it. It should be a convenient atmosphere where both partners can concentrate on each other. The light in the room should be muffled or completely turned off so that the couple can reject the whole world. Within this place, only two loving people should exist. For convenience, you can add pillows, candles without a pronounced smell, as well as water.
  • 2.Next is needed prepare emotionally and physically. Sex should not cause you to embarrass or discomfort. Throughout the session, you need to show interest to find new points of contact with your loved one. You can start tantric practice in clothes, which should be easy and comfortable. This is necessary in order for sexual energy to grow gradually. In Tantra, it is important to learn how to excite through internal sensations and touch, and not through stimulation of naked zones. Over time, partners will be able to transfer this focus to other areas of life, and not just use it during sex.
  • 3.The next step will be performing special tantric exercises, who will help to feel a sexual partner. A couple needs to sit out opposite each other and look into the eyes. It is important to put the left hand on the heart for the second half. Both people must create a single connection and try to breathe in one rhythm for several minutes. At first it may seem uncomfortable, but in the end the connection will be established. You need to hug a person, because it is tactile contact that brings hearts and souls together. With your fingertips should be driven through the body to arouse sensations. You can also do a massage to each other. However, you do not need to touch the erogenous zones. Tantric massage should not use those parts of the body that can greatly excite a partner.
  • 4.The last stage Maybe penetration, But at the same time, tantric sex does not have to end with this. The couple can also choose hugs in this blissful state, when all thoughts are set aside. If both people are strongly excited, and they can not be torn to have sex, then nothing prevents them from doing this. However, you need to choose a slow position in which frictions will be as sensitive and energetically filled.

During the process, you do not need to lose your partner’s eyes, because eye contact saturates sex with new emotions and brings people together. The more sexual energy develops during tantric massage and touch, the brighter the orgasm will be. While approaching the peak point of pleasure, you need to try to keep even breathing. Relaxation and controlled breathing will make an orgasm a longer., Tantric sex – what is it? | Practices

Who needs Tantra?

Tantra is not another type of sex, this is something more. People who are interested in spiritual enlightenment resort to her. This is a combination of several practices at once: bodily, emotional and spiritual. There must be a connection of two souls that is difficult to detect in our world. And you will also need a powerful preparation of the body, because it should not distract, disturb or deliver other inconvenience. To realize Tantra, you will have to devote several years of meditation, yoga or other physical exercises.

Tantric sex can last several hours or even a day. Some sensations replace each other, waves of pleasure mix with waves of awareness. Immersion in energy is so great that everything around us completely ceases to have at least some meaning. And all this may not contain a single sexual orgasm, the goal in unity at a different level, and not satisfying physical needs.

The greater the mutual understanding of partners, the more fascinating the tantra. Inclusion in the process can cause even a normal look. Experienced couples can enjoy the presence of a friend to a friend simply while in the same room.

Tantric techniques can be used in ordinary sex. Energy influences chat on special training and seminars. And only after trying something personally, you can understand whether such experiments are needed or not.

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