Standing sex – top the best positions

The best positions for sex standing.

Traditional sexual intercourse in bed, of course, is good, however, in any relationship the moment comes when it is worth bringing the variety. Then the partners begin to look for new positions, but do not forget about the change of provisions. The feeling of novelty can be added due to the change of locations or location. In this article we will describe the most popular poses for sex standing.

, Standing sex – top the best positions

Top best poses standing

Use beautiful poses standing can not be as easy as it seems at first glance. There are pitfalls that need to be taken into account at the very beginning:

  • manifestation of physical abilities. Such positions require partners of good sports training, especially from the guy. Not everyone will be able to hold their girlfriend in his arms for a long time, while taking penetration. In addition, both dexterity is required;
  • The ratio of their parameters. Delicate topic, but you need to look the truth in the eye. If your partner of a large physique, then not every man is able to keep her on weight for a long time;
  • attentiveness. Before starting, it is still worth studying the place where sexual intercourse occurs. Not every location can be safe, for example, you should not do it on the balcony, where there is a risk of falling out.

Just guide common sense and give up to instincts, they will easily tell you which pose for sex is better in your case. If all these points are taken into account, then we present to your attention the best poses for making love standing:

  1. Standing with one -raised foot

Despite the fact that everything happens in an upright position, both partners can confidently record on the surface. Due to the fact that the woman rests on the floor with one foot, while pressing the second leg to the body of the partner.

, Standing sex – top the best positions

It is very important here that the man presses her hips tightly, providing greater comfort. For safety reasons, you can also lean against the wall. If the girl has a good stretch, then the leg can be raised even higher and put on the partner’s shoulder.

  1. Personal position

The name of this position, as you can understand by the picture, is associated with the placement of a woman’s legs. This option enhances the sensation of both partners and increases the degree of pleasure, this is due to the fact that the walls of the vagina fit strongly to each other, clasping the penis stronger.

, Standing sex – top the best positions

The “Crossroads” is a sex retail on the table, but not only the table, but also a high bed can be suitable for execution. A woman fits on her back, the buttocks are at the edge. After that, she raises her legs, crossing them in ankles. The man at that moment becomes her from behind and penetrates. For greater eroticism, she can clasp the hands of her beloved. The situation is suitable for those guys who have the small size of the penis.

  1. “Rear”

It is worth saying right away that in this position for intercourse in a standing position from the girl will need flexibility. If you are not sure of your physical abilities, then you should not try, otherwise you can damage the lower back.

, Standing sex – top the best positions

The stronger floor will probably like this position, because it resembles a doggi-old, where men show a clear domination. Here, the penetration of the penis will be maximum, while the guy will control the degree and pace of everything that happens. The advantage of such a good pose of sexual intercourse is that it is suitable for anal intercourse. The method of execution is quite simple. The girl should bend to the floor as much as possible, holding her lower back and buttocks from above. To strengthen the sensations, a man can take his partner’s buttocks with his hands and press him.

  1. Sex on the edge of the bed or table

This option is very similar to the previous, but significantly simplified. It is suitable for those who have poorly developed flexibility. Here, too, all leadership belongs to a man, he controls the depth of entry, can show rigidity, holding the girl’s hands or fixing them in handcuffs.

, Standing sex – top the best positions

For execution, a table, washing machine or corner of the sofa is best suited. The girl throws over the horizontal surface, bending her lower back. Next, you can make vaginal or anal penetration.

  1. Position “Wall”

Kama Sutra Pose of sex near the wall is good that in this case both partners are confidently holding and fixing their position. It is suitable for those who first use such variations of intimate pleasures.

, Standing sex – top the best positions

If you have a small size of the penis, then this position is not suitable, since the penetration does not occur deeply here. To fulfill it, it is necessary that the girl turns her back to her partner and rests her hands against the wall. One leg can be slightly raised to facilitate the entry of a partner. Such poses standing against the wall are very convenient, movements and loads are minimalized.

  1. Pose for making love standing “69”

The most extreme and difficult position. This option is suitable for real extremes that have already managed to try out many techniques and have now decided something abruptly. You will remember such a pose for a long time, only you need to be extremely neat. In addition, good physical training and sports endurance will be required, so as not to get injured.

, Standing sex – top the best positions

A man must hold his girlfriend on weight, only head down, she helps him, resting his hands on his hips. At this moment, they are orally satisfying each other.

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