Sex without penetration for special occasions – about sex and not only

Sex without penetration for special occasions.

, Sex without penetration for special occasions – about sex and not only

For loving hearts, there are no barriers in any field of life. Especially in sexy. Every adult at least once in his life came across a situation where everything is ready for sex, both partners are excited to the limit, but there can be no penetration. There are many reasons why this can happen.
What to do? How not to burn out of passion and enjoy sex without penetration?

Sex without penetration can be relevant in the following situations:

  • Critical days for a partner.

Critical days should not cancel intimacy. To date, there are many devices that will be invisible to use (special bowl or sponge) and will allow you to have fun. And orgasms can slightly reduce the period of menstruation and remove pain in the lower abdomen.

  • Restoration of a woman after childbirth.

Return to sexual life should start gradually, without force the events. This will help a newly made mother to feel like a beloved woman. As a result, only positively affects the relationship in the family.

  • The absence of any contraception.

Yes, this is a serious reason not to have sex with penetration, especially if the couple does not plan children.

The desire to bring something new to sexual relations. If ordinary sex has become boring, you should try something new!


  • Oral affection

The first thing that comes to the mind of flaming lovers is to satisfy each other orally. And this is a great solution, because oral affection, along with classic sex, are the highest degree of trust in a loved one. You can enjoy in turn, or you can immediately remember about the pose 69. So that both partners feel comfortable, you can take a joint shower. First of all, this will help to wash yourself elementary and not lose excitement.

  • Mutual masturbation

If trust reigns between lovers, then mutual masturbation is a great alternative to sex. And if they did not have such an experience, then the time to try. In addition, most people are engaged in self -satisfaction, there is nothing shameful and terrible in this. The process of obtaining such pleasure will help together even more relax and know each other.

  • Manual sex

This is similar to mutual masturbation, only in this case is pleasure exclusively to the partner. Mutual manual sex will allow you to relax and become even closer, and partners will be able to find (in the literal sense of the word) new erogenous points on each other’s bodies.

  • Imitation of sex

Everything here looks like ordinary sex, only a partner can rub on the genital organs of a partner without penetrating. In general, the breasts of a partner and buttocks can act here as a genital organs.

There are varieties of sex without penetration, when a partner can be rubbed against the ear or even the wings of the nose of his lover. Here, fantasy is limited only by the body of a woman. In imitation of sex, you should stock up on a decent quantity, this will facilitate sliding and make the process more pleasant.

  • For fans foot fetish

If the word foot fetish is well known to both partners, then of course, instead of sex with penetration, you can resort to the help of beautiful female legs. The woman’s feet wrap the genital organ of the partner and make neat movements, which leads to an inevitable bright orgasm.


Sex is not necessarily penetrating. Enjoy the process and complete the action of an orgasm in completely different ways. So do not be shy, be afraid and disconnect your imagination in bed. Let everything go enchanting!

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