Sex without obligations – about sex and not only

Sex without obligation.

, Sex without obligations – about sex and not only

Pros of sex without obligation

The first plus is that you don’t have to spend time building a personal relationship, this is such a “hemorrhoid”. In the modern world, when you plow ten hours a day, you study, work, you are so exhausted that sometimes to spend your hand at somehow contact with another person, you just don’t want it. And in this case Sex without obligation can become a real outlet.

The second plus, you really do not owe anything (a) to this person. You don’t need to call every morning and check. Sex This is in any case useful and pleasant. Of course you were insanely lucky if you have found your soul mate until twenty or even up to twenty -five, you have someone to spend hot summer nights with.

But now many are lucky at all. And everyone needs to satisfy some of their physiological needs. You know very well what women look like with a tough “unnecessary”.

, Sex without obligations – about sex and not only

A woman with an unnecessor

Nevertheless, despite these advantages that are large, solid, important, there are still a whole bunch of minuses.

Cons of sex without obligation

The very first minus, the largest and most global minus is the likelihood of infecting some kind of disease. It’s just obvious when you have a large number of sexual partners in a short period of time, the probability of catching some trouble is much more than when you have one permanent person for a long period of time, so do not forget to use condoms.

The second minus, no less global than the first, is an opportunity unwanted pregnancy, Of course, such a probability exists when you have one permanent partner, but when a proven person has a tested person may not seem so undesirable.

Minus number three, of course we are all brought up on magic films, we all know that Sex without obligation Most often ends that one of you begins to make some requirements, and the obligation eventually appears. Therefore, why fool each other if you can immediately start some normal relationship. The more you have this sex without obligations, the more likely it is that obligations will eventually appear.

Why fool each other?

Why score with empty requirements and not demand anything, if you can immediately start normal relations, immediately start building something, immediately navigate the future and not live by fleeting real.

Men are more likely to seek easy sex, t.To. This does not oblige them to anything, purely to satisfy their desires. Women often go to this after some painful distance, long-term loneliness, or to take revenge on the spouse, who constantly changes. And if a woman agrees to one-time sex, then deeply in her soul she hopes for some further relationship may be about a marriage proposal.

With such sex, women are completely invested in these sensations, hugs, kisses, and men just doing their dirty business – it turns around and leaves, completely satisfied. We see a person, he attracts us sexually, we want him, we get it and do not know about his problems, we do not delve into his life at all, we enjoy one single moment, sex, orgasm, and on this we run away from our corners, everything is wonderful and good.

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