Sex with two girls – waiting and reality

Sex with two girls – waiting and reality.

, Sex with two girls – waiting and reality

One of the most common male fantasies – have sex with two beauties at once. But in fact, in reality, everything may not be as beautiful as it seemed in dreams. You need to understand that such sexual intercourse will need a lot of effort, and there may also be a conflict with one or two women at once. What can be problems?

, Sex with two girls – waiting and reality

It is very difficult to deliver The pleasure of two girls at the same time. Most likely one or both will be upset by the results of group sex. There can be several factors at once:

  • The man did not devote enough time to one of the partners;
  • While he caressed one girl for a long time, the second disappeared;
  • The partners were not ready for interaction with each other;
  • The partner could not bring the girls to the finish line;
  • a feeling of jealousy arose;
  • The partner involuntarily begins to compare herself with another, complexes and discontent appear.

It will be difficult to change the impression of such sexual intercourse, so when planning «Triple» it is necessary to carry out preparatory work.

, Sex with two girls – waiting and reality

How to turn WMW into a cool experiment?

First of all, it is necessary to responsibly take the choice of participants. They must sympathize with each other, they should be pleased to be nearby. Already at the dating stage will be visible – is it necessary to continue communication. If jealousy appears, there is no interest in each other – So you need to change your partners, or at least one of them.

You need to prepare sex toys. A man will not have time for relaxation, and in the absence of an erection, you can use intimate gadgets. It is best to choose a device with the vibration effect, it will be convenient in the process of preliminary caresses. You can also take a vibrator in the form of a phallus. The use of a variety of stimulants for the clitoris will be the advantage.

While you have sex with one partner, another should not get bored. It is worth remembering that this is not a film for adults, and she may not want to caress a second girl at the same time with a man. That is, a partner needs to distract something. Vibrators can come to the rescue, which will support its excitement at the right level. But it’s not enough just to give the girl a sex toy, she needs to manage a man.

It is impossible to do without oral caresses. If the partner is not located to do cunnilingus, an entertaining sexual experiment in two girls may not work. Sometimes the pose is one partner «Drinking» on a member, and the second sits on your face, helps out perfectly. At this moment, both are busy.

, Sex with two girls – waiting and reality

Additional accessories

To strengthen endurance, you need to purchase Erective ring, which will not allow sexual intercourse quickly. It will be more long with him. And also the ring gives a guarantee that the member will not fall at the right time, and this is very important in group sex.

Exciting lubricants and creams for women – Great choice for such an experiment. Exciting lubricants are applied to the genitals, causing blood flow to the erogenous zones. Use will not let the excitement disappear, and the girls will stay longer «hot little things».

Male Vacuum pump It may be needed if necessary again «Raise» penis. It works only if there is an erection, but it is inferior. This gadget helps to bring to the desired point and start active movements again. It is best to use with an erection ring.

, Sex with two girls – waiting and reality

Condition of ideal group sex

What can turn WMW into perfect sex? When two are trying to satisfy the other girl as much as possible. In this form, almost all actions are concentrated in one impulse. And this is much more interesting for all participants in the process. It turns out that one partner helps a man to do very well the second.

But when everyone seeks to enjoy only for himself, it is almost impossible. Maybe such that the man will be «The third extra». If the girls are very fond of each other, then the penis is no longer enough, and WMW becomes just paired sex with a third -party observer.

Men’s stories about sex with two women and reality are not always true. And dreams arise not in reality, but on porn films. And deciding on group sex, you need to correctly plan your actions and calculate the forces. Otherwise, everything can end very unpleasant for everyone.

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