Sex with mature women: why do young guys want older, pros and cons of

Sex with mature women: why do young guys want older, pros and cons of.

, Sex with mature women: why do young guys want older, pros and cons of

Today we’ll talk about a very interesting topic of sexual preferences of some men – oh sex with mature women! For society, the intimate relationship of the girl with the “papik” is considered the perfect norm, but on the contrary, the tandem, on the contrary, more often comes the negative and even condemnation. In general, discrimination of women in a male mentality prevails, as well as a normal perception of latent pedophilia themselves. However, the craving of young guys for sex with women is always older and does not get less! Even porn sex of boys with mature ladies exceeds the facet of reasonable if you turn to the statistics of views of such videos. So, a deviation is difficult to call such preferences. Let’s figure it out!

So, today we will discuss all the pros and cons of sex with a woman in age, the reasons why young men are drawn to ladies 10-15 years older (and sometimes more), and find out what mature women want themselves. Without hesitation, censorship and age discrimination! We press on the gas!

, Sex with mature women: why do young guys want older, pros and cons of

Mature women want sex and men

You actually think that sex can not have sex after 40? Well, only with the age husband and then – on holidays, so? As the ladies call in years: wallets, old women, illiquid? They can slowly crawl towards the cemetery and pay extra to men. You can still have 40 cats, go to church, knit boots with grandchildren and watch TV shows. Dear, you are very mistaken in the sexual appetites of adult ladies and their self -esteem. Women who crossed an excellent line with a mark of 40, want intimate relationships stronger than young fele. Yes, and what can interfere with them? Menopausa is still far away, the children have grown, everything is tired in life – the very heyday!

Let’s take into account the fact that with the current capabilities of cosmetology, plastic surgery and medicine in the general beautiful half of humanity, a chance is given 10-12 years younger. Therefore, do not be surprised that at 40-50, women are looking for men for sex, engage in them with great pleasure and continue to build a full-fledged intimate life. Therefore, leave outdated stories about the short Baby of the eyelids! The question is different, what attracts an adult woman in a man much younger?

What mature women want in sex with a young guy

In most cases, sexual contact of a woman aged with young “pepper” is due to a combination of circumstances: a party, working situation, business communication, accidental acquaintance, etc.D. The ladies themselves do not seek intimacy with young people-after all, women are by nature creatures more shy and notorious by virtue of social foundations, composed of centuries. If sexual intercourse still occurs, the basis can serve:

  • The desire to prove to herself that she has not yet “entered into circulation” and is in demand in the world of “big sex”;
  • an attempt to avenge her husband for treason with a young girl;
  • sports interest (how is it with a young guy?);
  • the search for new sensations due to intimate boredom with their peers;
  • persistence of the boyfriend himself;
  • Feelings (yes, yes, an older woman can also fall in love).

The unequal sexual union arises precisely for these reasons, if we talk about the desires of the most mature lady.

Of course, among older women there are lovers of young “cockerels” who have neopariced to the end, who want sex only with this layer of the male population. They are excited by a young body, young temper and inexperience. They like to teach everything a boy, give him some benefits, and material including. Often they take a young man for maintenance, and after his formation in the image of an adult man finds a new boy for themselves.

Many older women like to just flirt with a man younger for a certain number of years – this allows you to feel younger and more confident, physically still attractive and interesting. It does not always come to sex. Guys know how to porch their youthful enthusiasm, energy, passion, lightness – what is so lacking with men of their age.

Why mature men do not attract adult women

In no case will we say that peers are not found, do not build relationships and do not have sex. There are couples where the man is older, and the two is far from the “for”. No, we are a little about something else. It simply happens that after 40 years a woman remains alone and tries to build a new relationship, both human and bedding. And you know what such ladies say about older men? They:

  • Callouses, cold, too straightforward. The feeling that a woman is not a person, and, before laying her on the shoulder blades, it makes no sense to even take a pacifier. It seems that with “Hello, how are you” an adult uncle immediately switches to a test drive of the body and crotch.
  • Lose enthusiasm, manners, humor. Why humiliate and care if you have an aunt of your age, which will understand everything as it should? We are adults – we just have to eat.
  • Difficult to change and do not want to adapt. If he loves a blowjob before vaginal sex, then you must. He does not make Cooney, because they are lowered in the zone, and on the drum that you only end up with it. Strengthened rams.
  • Too high opinion of yourself due to age complexes. You think only women see their wrinkles and cellulite on the ass? Oh, do not tell me))) men are afraid of their bald heads and beer abdomen, like a line of incense, but they try to mask it with the help of show. Like, he is in demand – how much young people want to go to him, and you, “dried fruit”, rejoice that you showed you a member (though sluggish), after all, you brought the chocolate bar. Hallelujah!

Dear men, you are beautiful with bald heads, and with an abdomen, and 1 tall.50 m, just do not take out your complexes on women! We all want sex – both men, women, and at 40, and 50 and even older! Remember what Sophie Loren said about older women? Let her decide how old she is and where is she has a waist!

Young sex with a woman older, reasons, first experience

Old traditions assure that a woman is older is a deviation and shame. She’s good in her mother! And the unfinished chigles still sleep with adult aunts and want them with such force that all their lives they later remember their sweet experience of the young years. Many young guys who had high -quality sex and relations with a mature woman, in the future, even choose a wife or cheer up for a young clue with adults. Why is sex of men with mature women so attractive?

, Sex with mature women: why do young guys want older, pros and cons of

The experience of sex with a woman aged why it happens

Everything is quite corny and prosaic – physiology is all to blame. And feelings flare up, and sexual intercourse occurs between a guy and a woman with a big difference in age-all sorts of situations have a place to be, and the main reason is the nature of the prima.

The flowering of female sexuality falls on the age of 35+, when the lady already knows her body well, it is perfectly aware of her preferences and needs of men. As they say, you can’t drink experience. She is ready to have sex in all its manifestations at least all night – in the back room, on the floor, in bed, on the back row of the cinema – where she will take a sink, and there she will take. Note, will not give. In guys, spermatoxicosis beats a gray substance from 18 to 27 years old. And it is at this age that the needs of good good coincide with the appetites of an adult body.

And it turns out that there is a difference in the passport, but as such it is not at all. If sexual needs coincide, it erases all the boundaries. Her experience, the number of sexual partners, achievements in life and the ability to give themselves, and at the same time silently understand you, only excite you even more.

First sex with a mature woman

Are we rarely meeting the revelations of men sounding like “my first sex was with an adult woman”? Many men get the first sexual lesson with women aged or just older. This can be a teacher who wore a stunning pencil skirt on tight lecherous hips, or a mentor at work, so sweetly introducing into the working course. And how many stories about girlfriends of a mother or older sister, bored neighbors and sellers from a neighboring store ..

At first there is neutral communication, turning the eyes – at this time the young man is already expiring with saliva, and the member is standing for a day for a day. The whole idea of sexual intercourse to this period is based on porn and the stories of the same pimple jerkers. Girls in the class do not give and take out the brain with some confusing requests. Whether the case with adult aunts – no troubles in the head! Everything is clear and specifically. They teach the language of the female body, sexual hygiene and literacy, quench teenage-youthful sexual hunger. Their presence in life is like a sip of water in the heat. And everything is so delicate!

Someone considers the first sexual experience with a woman older a trauma for the psyche, but this is a great misconception. The psyche of young boys and girls is different. For a girl, sex in a teenage or youthful period with a mature man can injure, but the guys are experience, warm and vivid memories, as well as gratitude to the woman who taught him not to be afraid of the opposite sex.

Men are often attracted to women older. In the youthful period, this situation is lost without exception. Young people are often focused on the satisfaction of physical need, sex while acts depersonalized and cut off from other spheres. The main thing is not to be fixed on one erotic image and not try to repeat it for the rest of his life. As a rule, an emotional-sexual dominant of this type is temporary.

Sex with a woman older, pros and cons of

We all understand perfectly well that to transmit the best genes and nurture healthy offspring, a man needs a young female that can fertilize and give birth to feed. But unless men think about the birth of heirs when they enter into sexual intercourse with a woman? In the human environment, different options are possible, and for a young man there are many advantages in sex with an experienced adult woman.

Sex with an adult woman, advantages

As already mentioned, The main advantage of sex with a mature woman is experience. Of course, not all ladies aged have it fully, but most of them can show the highest aerobatics without any tension. That in addition to rich experience, an age -old woman will give a young man?

Ability to enjoy and give it

Adult aunts know the taste of sex! You do not need to look for her erogenous zones and lick the clitoris for two hours in the hope that she may finish. She knows how to take from you everything she needs. She will give no less in return to the man, because in the know where at least the head of the penis is, and how to caress it.

Does not build a short -term and quickly gives

Young girls sometimes fill up their price too much, grimaced, and on the exhaust – sex with them is not worth a penny. They do not know anything. Some show -off, and only. Well, the body is still elastic and fresh, but not always in bed we pay attention to the product’s commodity, because I want drive, high, sensations. Adult women do not break, although courtship is also pleasant to them. They just enjoy. In the lips of such ladies, the word “yes” has no other connotation. Less meticulity, more conspiracy.

No prohibitions

You want a deep blowjob, high -quality anal, double penetration, pose from kamasutra? Contact those who are older. They themselves love experiments! In addition, at the age of the lady become more sensitive and responsive to the partner’s caresses. For many, sexual intercourse is perceived as the last (old age is not around the corner), and they enjoy it to the last drop both in the literal and figurative sense.

There is no template

Young people often focus on erotica and porn, trying to portray something like that in bed. Sometimes it creates that you are not a virgin, but a sewing machine that acts according to the program. Sex with a woman older is the lack of dogmas, rules and templates! Everything is spontaneously and unpredictable, as in nature.

Attention and condescension to the partner

For a quick “drain” or “sluggish hero” after the first “battle” you will not get a moral slap and the title of impotent, because such clams in the life of an adult aunt have happened more than once. She perfectly understands that men have misfires in bed, and humiliate for a weak erection or fast descent is stupid. With its sensitivity and the ability to raise the “morale”, an adult woman earns a huge plus in karma.

Non -standard desires

The young girl rests longer if the man has unusual desires. But the same anal sex with a mature woman is easier to organize. You would like sex with a hairy woman in stockings? It excites you? Tell the older lady about this – she will perceive your fantasies than an installer with a completely shaved crotch and bald knees.

Invite an older woman to a toys for adults in our sex shop, experiment with phalloimitators, vaginal balls, vibrators and other intimate goods. She will be happy to support you, because she has long been tired of pink-tied vanilla with rose petals!

Interesting interlocutor

In the process of seduction and after sexual intercourse, people sometimes talk about whether so? Even people who meet only for sex have ordinary human communication. An experienced woman, as a rule, is a good interlocutor with whom you can bother on any topic. And it is interesting for guys to take a course of a young fighter not only in bed.

Lack of obligations

Whether she is married or not, a mature woman will not dream of a wedding, children and eternal love to the grave. If she has a husband, then, most likely, she plans to live with him until the end of the harsh days, and with a young man is looking for diversity. There is no husband – just does not want to get bored, but understands that there is no future with a big difference in age. Even on condition that the young man inflamed with vivid feelings for the one who is “for”, and has decent intentions of the gentleman, she, saturated with passionate intimacy, cools his ardor and send to look for happiness for the same age.

Maternal care

There are times when a young man is looking for in sex with an adult woman the replacement of maternal love and care. Perhaps this was not enough for him in childhood, or, conversely, he was so used to receiving female heat in full that in a more adult period he searches for this analogue. It is such men who make serious relations with women aged and even marry them.

Good kick under the ass

For some guys, relationships and sex with a woman is older is a kind of educational program in adulthood, and not only sex. She will straighten her brains, tell you how to build her happiness, which girl to choose, where to direct her potential, and how to tear off the ass from the sofa to become a man.

Good health and well -groomed appearance

Not only young girls can be slender, beautiful and sleek. Having married and giving birth, these more often turn into greasy cows with big claims. A mature experienced lady carefully monitors her elusive youth and wilting beauty, plays sports to preserve the graceful bends of the body – does everything in order to correspond to the concept of “beautiful”, albeit slightly “for”. And tell me, please, who is more pleasant to fuck: a young man with a dirty bundle on the head and an attached body on swimming fat or older woman with preserved feminine shapes, beautiful makeup and in erotic lace underwear, which such a person has a whole closet and even more?

, Sex with mature women: why do young guys want older, pros and cons of

Sex with a woman older, disadvantages

Sexual relations with women are older, of course, there are minuses. And there are enough of them, alas. If she takes her playful spontaneity and a sweet smile, this does not mean that she is young, like you. Unfortunately, wrinkles and earthly gravity will prevail over her slender body and so well -polished cosmetologist face.


If now it looks quite good both “cancer” and “sideways”, then soon you will notice that the chest is sagging, the priest is not so elastic, and the face was slightly wrinkled. Of course, high -quality anal will not spoil this, but it will not add joy either. Such a mistress is unlikely to trumped to friends or bosses. What can I say, a young girl sex with an old barn will also get bored quickly. Only a monetary issue can extend her “lust” to a decrepit body.

She sees you through

No matter how much you do not grin in front of her and do not build yourself an adult smart man in a tuxedo, she will immediately determine that yesterday you did not sell beer in the next stall. You can’t deceive an adult woman and you can’t spend. Experience, dear, experience ..


If you are “stuck” into a mature lady, as they say, by your ears, then it will not be easy for you. She, most likely, has high demands for a potential candidate in sex and other areas. To satisfy it and not fall into the dirt face, you have to work hard.

As you can see, sex with mature women is a completely normal phenomenon. He can be cool, taken away, unforgettable and bringing vast experience to young guys. An older woman can be compared with sustained stroke wine, from which you get drunk slowly, and you feel its rich taste in your mouth for a long time.

You had sex with women older? What you liked and what is not? tell us! Maybe your first sex was just with a mature lady, and this influenced further sexual preferences? Write, comment and share experience with other readers!

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