Sex with a prostitute – is it worth buying a surrogate of passion?

Sex with a prostitute: all for and against.

, Sex with a prostitute – is it worth buying a surrogate of passion?

Selling love will probably exist as long as humanity itself. The attitude towards her over the centuries has changed from respectful to extremely contemptuous: in the ancient centuries, temple prostitutes and hetors were quite respected members of society, in the present women of commercial sex are condemned by society, even if prostitution is clothed in a brilliant wrapper of an elite escort.

Prostitution in tsarist Russia acquired a wide scope: the state controlled the state, obliging the owner to pay taxes, conduct an inspection of the girls for the syphilis and make sure that the unfortunate do not go to exhaustion (the latter, however, was not very fulfilled). It is interesting that the personnel replenishment of brothels occurred mainly due to the lower classes – peasant women and philistines, noble women among prostitutes were no more than 1%. But the clientele flocked the most diverse there – students, solid gentlemen, modest employees, merchants.

Dear courtesans, sophisticated geisha, roadside prostitutes on the highway – regardless of the era and degree of respectability, the demand for the services of corrupt women has always been, even in the time of universal decline and devastation.

Arguments for”

An interesting moment is noted by customers sharing impressions on the Web from visiting a prostitute: it is comfortable to talk to her, to share the sore. You can not worry that she will consider such a whining unworthy to a man – after all, he sees her for the first and last time. Some visitors do not even have sex with her, preferring to spend all the allotted time in conversations.

An obvious plus, of course, is that between the desire for sex and its implementation, the path is recordly short. No need to spend resources on gifts, campaigns in cafes, flowers – all that is considered a mandatory point of courtship ritual.

With a corrupt woman, you can realize bed practices with which men do not dare to approach their wife or permanent girl. Intimacy, role -playing games, strapon and much more cause a campaign in the brothel. In sex with a prostitute, a minimum of prohibitions that dominate a man in a constant relationship – you can call her dirty curses, not bother with a prelude, think only about your desires and pleasures.

Some types of sexual deviations are much easier to satisfy on a paid basis than to persuade and configure a permanent partner for a long time. For example, the services of a paid mistress are one of the most popular in the field of corrupt love. There are exotic services such as household slavery – a man pays a woman to live with her, do all homework on her orders. It happens that a household slave sleeps in a cage and a collar – a chance that a permanent friend will agree to such games is negligible.

Why not go to a prostitute

Of course, in sex with a prostitute enough and minuses. The most obvious – their services are expensive, although most men already admit that they spend more on courtship. Some believe that the high price guarantees a high class of a girl, although in fact this does not promise anything: even with a large price tag, a lady can come for a meeting ten years older and 10 kilograms of thicker than in the photo.

Fear of infection with sexually transmitted diseases is most often voiced by those who want to visit a prostitute for the first time. And these fears are justified: in different regions of Russia, the percentage of infected HIV among sex workers ranges from 13 to 16%, while among other women – no more than 1%. However, the risks will be minimized if you use a condom and not insist on unprotected minerals – the most commonly voiced request of customers.

In fact, the main claim to sex with a prostitute is a lack of unique emotions, tenderness and human heat, which give an intimacy a special mood. In the slang of experienced customers, heter is a special term – “digital”, it denotes an amplified passion. Unnatural groans and screams, an open desire for the client to finish faster and leave – all this impoverishes or comes to nullifies all the pleasure. Therefore, the most welcome whores are those who suffer from nymphomania, their insignificant percentage among prostitutes, and if they appear on some brothel or on the site, the glory about them spreads very quickly.

A prostitute can deceive money – fraud is common when a girl asks to transfer a prepayment from the site, and only after that he says the address of the apartment, where, of course, no one meets a man. One of the popular bloggers said that his acquaintance prostitute simply spoke – being a good psychologist, distracted the guy to a comfortable conversation for him, but still had to pay.

Ethical aspect

Feminists of all varieties break spears in pickets against prostitution, as it cripples the bodies and souls of women. According to statistics, prostitutes are attacked 7 times more often taxi drivers, rude and cruel treatment-everyday life of sex workers. The owner of the capital’s brothel of the middle hand admitted that prostitution does not pass without a trace for the psyche of girls – many of them begin to get carried away with alcohol and drugs.

Do not flatter yourself, there are practically no marshmanding marmalades among women – they go to this sphere for easy money to pay for study, buying an apartment, just for a beautiful life. But still, men cannot but understand that a prostitute has sex with him not because she really wants him. Crossing herself, the girl loses her integrity and is overgrown with neurosis.

Sex with a prostitute can hardly be recommended, but still it is worth recognizing that the atmosphere of extreme debauchery itself can be incredibly attractive.

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