Sex services for desperate perverts: what gourmets buy

TOP strange sex services in the world of corrupt passion.

, Sex services for desperate perverts: what gourmets buy

Sex services workers are difficult to surprise with something: the girls are used to the most perverted requests of men-from sex with a man in female lingerie to blows on a scrotum. Human sexuality is a multifaceted phenomenon, and the world of paid passion is adjusted to it: to provide customers with prickly sweaters, flogging with a belt, bowel movements and many other strange desires are ready for experienced individuals. However, there are rare services that just physically cannot provide a standard brothel.

Prostitutes Sampan

Thailand is rightfully considered a country where the most piquant intimate desires are realized. In this tropical paradise there is a special caste of Putan, receiving customers not in cozy apartments, but right in the open sea. They work in tandem with a rower that controls the boat Sampan. A prostitute and a client move away from the shore at a decent distance, the girl hung overboard and plunges to the waist into the water. The man makes sexual intercourse with her while the woman is slowly suffocating. The fact is that from a lack of oxygen, the girl’s vagina begins to decline greatly, which brings a man a lot of intense sensations.

Such activities are prohibited, and the police catch prostitutes, but it is so well paid that women are ready to risk both their freedom and life itself. The boatman must be able to carry out resuscitation measures, because very often the girl loses consciousness and begins to choke.

Puppet Public House

Special brothels have gained popularity in the Land of the Rising Sun, where in the role of prostitutes-technological sex dolls. Japanese dolls are extremely realistic, as well as in that they can imitate the movements of a living woman during sexual intercourse. Sometimes customers bring clothes and change their doll to their liking.

It is interesting that spending time with such a confused costs more than with a living woman. Often, the dolls have the appearance of a popular person – singers or film actresses, and a man can embody his dream to fuck a star.

In addition, the popularity of such brothels is explained by the fact that customers do not experience constraint with the subject of their passion and can do anything with a wordless “partner”.

Surrogate partner

Sex therapist is another name of a surrogate partner. His goal is not to fulfill all the wishes of the client, but to solve certain problems in his sexual life. Virgins, men with premature ejaculation, disabled, or just people with complexes resort to the services of a surrogate partner.

In his revelations on the network, one of these therapists recalls the sex service provided to a girl with cerebral paralysis. He needed a lot of sensitivity and patience, so that their intimate interaction became harmonious and bring pleasure to the girl: it was difficult for him to evaluate her reaction and movement and understand whether his partner has pleasant sensations.

Women working in this field most often provide sex services to virgins, who needs self -confidence and at least a minimum intimate experience to find a permanent partner.

A surrogate partnership is not considered prostitution, because it is aimed at other goals: the first place is not a pleasure, but the desire to teach a client to receive joy from sexual intimacy.

Fetish for obesity

Lovers of full women are not as few as it is customary to think. Among them, feeders stand out – men who are excited by women with extreme obesity. Ladies with a weight of more than 200 kilograms quite successfully earn on the network, selling videos in which they absorb food. Fiderov excites the appearance of a chewing girl, as well as the procedure for her feeding through the hose – melted ice cream or cream is poured into a container and pumped into the throat of the bbw through a flexible tube.

In addition, fat women take a fee for flattening sessions on which they sit and lie on a man: feeders experience an erection and vivid emotions from a feeling of excessive weight of a woman.


Another type of extreme sex services is to rent specially trained males that are capable of vaginal and anal act with a woman. One of the owners of such an animal claims on the network that there is no shortage of demand for his dog, and even couples are rented by the dog: for example, some spouses used a male for a session in the style of sexwatheism-while the dog had my wife, the husband mastered the sight to this.

In many countries, zoophilia is considered cruel treatment of animals and is persecuted by law.

Sex with amputa

The amenmophilia is another deviation that only people with disabilities can satisfy. Realizing their attraction to a partner without a hand, legs, with amputated breasts, acrotomophyls are looking for Apmuti – girls with similar features. Such sex service is often criminalized – girls are involved in this sphere without their consent, and even cases are known when the workers of brothels were crippled to benefit. The night with such a girl is many times more expensive than a regular dachshund by a prostitute.

Whatever the addiction of the seeker of forbidden pleasures, it is worth adhering to the BDSM code adopted in the world: security, rationality, voluntariness. The absolute consent of the partner and safety for physical and mental health should be in the first place, and only in the second – sensual pleasure.

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