Sex Records from around the world immortalized by Guinness Book

Faster, higher, stronger: sex records.

, Sex Records from around the world immortalized by Guinness Book

The Guinness Book contains thousands of the most funny, amazing and funny achievements of people from all over the world. For example, the Chinese woman Dzhanksia raised her eyelashes 12.4 cm long, and the German Andre Otolf was able to eat 716 grams of jelly for a minute without the help of hands. The world of intima has its own record holders, and their achievements are worthy to be noticed.

Intimate organs

, Sex Records from around the world immortalized by Guinness Book

It was in the Czech Republic that the first competition for the smallest cock took place. The applicants for the first place were invited to send a photo of their penis in an erect state with a ruler attached to it. The winner was declared a certain Pzhizbylovich, whose dignity was only 4 cm in length. A larger competition for the smallest member was held in the USA in 2015, where participants from around the world arrived. Among those who came to register for the competition, a man with a length of a member of only 1.2 cm was found, but the organizers refused to participate, motivating this by the fact that he deprives others of the opportunity to compete for the first place. And the winner in this competition was again Czech Pzhizbylovich, who got the title of the smallest member in the world and 20 thousand dollars.

The owner of the deepest vagina is considered a certain Anna Svan, who lived in the 19th century. The girl’s height reached 2.4 m, and the vagina was 15 cm in an unstressed state. On average, a woman’s vagina depth is 9.6 cm, so in our time Anna would have heard a joke about a black hole and the Mariana cavity.

Russian Tatyana Kozhevnikova is the title of the strongest vagina in the world. The former gymnast trained her intimate muscles in such a way that she was able to hold them with a weight weighing 13.5 kg.

Mexican Roberto Cabrera believes that the largest member in the world is. He has repeatedly demonstrated an impressive phallus with an attached ruler that recorded a length of 48 cm. Why, then, only John Falcon with his 34.3 cm in an erect state was included in the Guinness Book of Records? Kabrera tried to shift Falcon from his pedestal, but, as it turned out, the Mexican’s most caught the caveatous body is only 18 cm, and everything else is a very elongated foreskin. A man in his youth was obsessed with the size of his member and therefore hung a weight on the penis, which is why the foreskin was very stretched.

The Miss title is the biggest breast is a black American Norma Steuts. Each of her breasts weighs about 25 kg and helps his owner earn a living. The norm is a fetish model, she is proud of her outstanding forms and believes that he makes the life of men a little better.

Sexual intercourse

, Sex Records from around the world immortalized by Guinness Book

Porn actress from the USA Lisa Sparks is famous for changing the largest number of sexual partners per day. She had sex for a day, 919 men visited her bed during this time. But men cannot stay for so long – the longest sexual intercourse was recorded at the movie star May West and her partner Ted, it lasted 15 hours.

John do, porn actor, I was able to do a jack with 55 girls during the day. Not as impressive as Lisa Sparks’s record, but I must admit that men have to work as an example is harder.

Japan is an amazing country, and it was there that the largest orgy occurred in which 250 men and 250 girls participated. They had sex in the warehouse, and the whole action was shot on camera. True, there was no change of partners or triplets, the couple practiced classic sex together. But given the fact that lovers moved synchronously, the sight was probably bewitching.

Physiology of sex

, Sex Records from around the world immortalized by Guinness Book

Live Japanese Masanobu Sata in the world, he would be assigned the title of the main uprote how the world, because he mastered for 9 hours 58 minutes at the masturbation marathon in San Francisco. This guy is truly a connoisseur of his business, because the previous record at 9 hours 33 minutes, which he beat, belongs to him too.

Dail Deer, a US citizen, became known due to the fact that he experiences up to 100 ejaculations per day. True, not of his own free will – a man suffers from the syndrome of constant sexual arousal after the vertebral shift. The disease turned his life into hell – a spontaneous erection interferes with everyday classes, and sex has long ceased to bring any pleasure. By the way, women are most often affected by women: in 2012, a certain Gretchen Mlanen (USA) had a score of life because she could no longer take constant excitement and forced masturbation.

German Hors Schulz set a record, shooting with sperm as much as 5 m 71 cm, which was immortalized in the Guinness book. American Milli Cooper became the best prostitute in the profession – and at 98 the woman continues to work in the field of corrupt love. In men, the Japanese Shigoo Toku set a similar record, he found himself in the porn industry and, at 78, continues to act in adult videos.

So if you like to masturbate, change partners for one night and generally love sex in all its manifestations, you have a chance to beat intimate records and be immortalized in the Guinness Book of Records.

The main thing is to believe in yourself!

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