Sex on the Web – why so many emotions from contactless intimacy

Sex on the network – sensuality of the new time.

, Sex on the Web – why so many emotions from contactless intimacy

In 2006, America was stirred by the story of an unusual love triangle: the 47-year-old employee Thomas Montgomery was carried away by virtual sex on the network with an 18-year-old blonde Jesse, who was about to graduate from school. They discussed their desires without hesitation and fantasized how their sex could be, the girl even sent her linen by the man by mail. But Thomas found out that Jesse was not working with him alone, and so he was jealous that he tracked and shot one of his rivals. During the investigation of the case, the police found out that under the name of Jesse was 46-year-old Mary Schiller, a fat, flabby and early-aged woman who used in intimate correspondence with Montgomery photo of her young daughter.

Sex on the network sometimes provokes stronger emotions and passions than in real life. The scope of fantasy, the ability to finish the details to their liking, the unattainability of the partner excites and ascends excitement to new heights.

Sites for quick intimate contacts without obligations, chat rooms on adalt topics, webcam modeling, hot correspondence in messengers-all this is increasingly capturing the minds of seekers of sensual pleasures.

Virtual sex in messengers

Classic virtual – correspondence or communication on video communication can diversify an intimate life, especially if the partners were caught unexpected separation. In general, sexologists do not evaluate this as deviation, unless the dependence on virtual intimacy becomes painful.

One of the conditions for successful sex on the network is to pronounce your sensations. In the dialogue, you can not hear rapid breathing, feel the smell of a heated partner, there is no tactile contact. The only resource is words, and they must be made as exciting as possible. The phrases “I am so pleased when you click on the clitoris” or “Don’t stop, I am almost ending” can bring a partner to explosive climax, much more emotional than in real life, because it has long been known that a person’s most erogenous organ is a brain.

Toys will help to diversify sex on the network – a clitoral vibrator, for example, will help to free his hands for correspondence, and in a video communication to a man will give a lot of pleasure to watch his partner introduces a dildo.

A type of intimate communication on the Web was a Dikpik – a photo of a member sent to a girl. The British agency YouGov, specializing in public surveys, announced that 40 % of women at least once received a photo of a member, and most of them did not ask about this. This behavior is characteristic of infantile men who have not been too fed in communicating with a beautiful sex – in general, women react very negatively to a dicp. Many guys are aware that it is unpleasant for girls to receive such photos, and their reaction of disgust and indignation provoke some satisfaction in men, similar to what exhibitionists receive in dark parks.

Webcam Modeling

The ignorant webkammodeling is presented as ordinary undressing and masturbation into the public, but this is only partly true. The girl is little attractive and young – for constant earnings, she needs to be able to masterfully communicate, interest the audience first of all with her personality. There are models working in the Hot Flirt category, where the ban on exposure is generally applied, the girl and participants only communicate on intimate topics – for example, discuss self -satisfaction, favorite caresses or their first sexual experience.

User requests can go far beyond the scope of joint masturbation. One of the webcams of models recalls how one of its donators in a private chat asked to put on white socks, grit them on the floor and demonstrate it dirty soles. Another expressed the demand for the girl to masturbate with soft toys. Another lover of oddities began to be flattened in the frame with something like excrement, after he sent a certain amount.

Earnings of girls are growing if she shows fantasy – so, one of the webcam models said that her affairs went uphill after she acquired an interactive vibrator, whose work depends on her money balance: the more donations, the stronger and longer the device vibrates longer.

Of course, it does not do without extreme practices: an employee of the webcam of the studio is frankly, how she performed play-ringing at the request of the client (skin punctures with medical needles).

The studios are more focused on Western consumer, so girls with knowledge of English are welcome. Russian participants, in the general opinion of models, are not inclined to utter where you can contemplate for free, and behave more aggressively.


Having sex on the network, it is worth remembering that this is a rather risky activity, especially if the partner is not from the category of well -known and constant.

The Moscow teacher underwent blackmail and persecute on the Internet after she took up virtual intimacy with her new acquaintance. The man recorded all the sessions of their connections and subsequently threatened to publish the video if she did not pay him a certain amount.

The Japanese webcam model was the victim of the attack of one of his obsessed fans, who calculated her place of residence to repel the landscape outside the window.

Sending intimate photos to the interlocutor, it is better to hide the face, and also take care so that the details do not get into the frame by which you can open personal information – for example, a sign of a supermarket outside the window, family photo on a shelf, etc.D. It is even desirable to engage in joint masturbation in video chat with a regular partner, because the risk of Deanon is close to 100%.

Sex on the network is an exciting adventure that, with the right approach, can diversify an intimate life and give a lot of unique emotions, but safety is the first thing to think about is to lower the wiping of the bra in the video chat.

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