Sex on a water mattress

Sex on a water mattress.

Who did not dream of a water mattress? Delicate swaying, soft waves… Feel the power of water in your own bed is like a dream. But is the water mattress really such a highlight or just a beautiful imagination? And how to have sex? Whether this will become an unforgettable experience or rhythmic movements will rather cause acute marine illness? We will tell you about this.

Many people are interested in what it feels like to lie on a water mattress. Maybe you plan to purchase it? And if you do not spend the nights alone, the question arises of how sex on such a mattress occurs.

The experience of water mattress users varies significantly. Some love them, others hate. They even talk about accidents on water mattresses, but this is a rather rare phenomenon. The largest difference between the classic mattress and water is the surface. While the standard mattress, depending on the degree of stiffness, forms a solid base, the water mattress is very supple and sways with your movements.

Therefore, you need to get used to the transition from the usual mattress to the water, and you may also have the first difficulties during sex. Especially for the active part, a little practice may be required to follow the wave -like movements of the water mattress with shocks. Sex on a water bed can sometimes be a little tense, but it is definitely possible!

Before the first use, you should familiarize yourself with the water mattress. If you have never been lying on it before, you will probably surprise you at first how much the bed reacts to your movements. It also explains the assumption that you need to make a movement only once, and the rest of the work will do for you a bed. Move on the mattress to feel vibration and wave -like movements.

During sex, try to find out how much the mattress transmits your movements and try to do it your advantage. In the position when you are from above, the mattress should especially pleasantly bounce and enhance the pleasure.

Doggi Stayle is a very popular position, but it is not always easy to accept on a water mattress. Simple trick guarantees that you can have sex in your favorite position without motion. If the active partner rises near the bed, and the other moves to the edge of the mattress to take a position, you can feel the vibration of the bed, but at the same time be in a stable position and give great speeds.

Water mattress is a real dream for a calm sleep, but it can become a problem during sex. For sex on such a mattress, a little practice is required. You can extract some advantages for sex or just change the place of sex. In the end, no one should suffer from motion sickness during sex.

, Sex on a water mattress

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