Sex machine: Dear toy for demanding women and men

Sex machine: Dear toy for demanding women and men.

Sex machine is an automatic masturbator equipped with a motor and a rod with a dildo at the end. The mechanism works absolutely independently and is able to perform up to 300 frictions per minute. You can definitely say that this is the best lover, if we talk about the speed and power of penetrations.

As a rule, all models gather within a couple of minutes, have a control panel and are able to make frictions from any angle, that is, the poses in which you can use a sex machine are practically not limited. The design also dislocates quickly and in a folded state occupies a minimum of space.

Not everyone will be able to buy a sex machine, but now mini units have appeared in the catalog of an intimate store, which are available in price and at the same time perform the same functions. Of course, the difference in the force of frictions, their speed and quantity per minute, will differ. But then small -sized sex machines are easily attached to the wall, which allows you to use it in the bathroom, for example.

Why do you need a sex machine?

Those who have tried sex machine write enthusiastic reviews on the forums. The fact is that this type of masturbation, which feels much closer to full sex, almost completely replaces the partner. And it is worth admitting, in many ways seriously surpasses it.

Many women dream of having sex at a high pace for a long time. But the possibilities of a man are limited, but a giant toy never gets tired. As mentioned above, she can perform up to 300 frictions per minute, and this, believe me, is just a cosmic pace!

There may be such minutes as much as you like, high -quality units can work for hours. Some ladies shared the stories of how they combined sexual intercourse with their man and sex machine. You can make a blowjob, kiss and even hug, while the restless “lover” penetrates at the back with the desired speed.

Lovers of group sex note that they like the continuity of frictions when one man replaces the other. But this is useless when the house has a sex machine capable of replacing a dozen, even the most hardy, partners.

This is also a great opportunity to avoid betrayal in marriage, where the husband is impotent or does not feel strong craving for sex. The lack of intimacy is destroyed by relations, and not every representative of a gentle sex is ready for the role. Here the product from an intimate store comes to the rescue.

In BDSM, this toy is used even more often. Previously, we talked about torture by orgasm, which often use the top in relation to their partners. The fastest way, of course, clitoral stimulation. But here is the most sophisticated and unusual, certainly sex machine.

Setting the amount of frictions and managing the process using the remote control is quite simple, and then it remains only to fix the girl and observe what is happening stronger. Many models reach two meters in length and consist of the mechanism itself, which is located on the platform, where a girl is freely placed.

The so -called “uterine rabies” or nymphomania can also bring a woman to sexshop. When you want sex very often and more than one man does not cope with such requests, sex machine will come to the revenue. She wants and can always, and most importantly as it is for you. Wealthy ladies are the main customers of this product.

Too high requests lead to the fact that there are a lot of sexual partners and not everyone has a tongue behind the zoom. It is important to take into account the risks of the transfer of viruses, which also becomes a barrier before a random sexual life. Satisfying the lion’s share of your desires is much easier with the help of a mechanical robot.

And of course, fans of experiments. Hard irRUMATION, double penetration, rough sex and long sex, any fantasies are realized when the dildo moves at any speed and at any angle. And most importantly for any time. The main thing is that the girl herself can withstand this!

Buy a sex machine inexpensively or choose a better model?

In general, the choice is huge. Inexpensive toys can be purchased by aliexpress or limited to a small analogue. The principle of action for everyone is one – the phallimitator, which is held on a special rod, makes progressive movements, the speed of which is regulated from the remote control.

The size of the car itself is not so important. For BDSM, a large design with a place for a girl is more suitable, and the average will be made for home use. Many are quite enough and small, which are easy to attach to the wall or floor in order to masturbate with penetrations without making their own efforts.

However, there is a nuance. The main difference between all sex machines is the engine power. By air, the phalloimitator will move without problems, and with sufficient lubrication of the vagina, there will be no difficulties. But I want to experience something more and then the muscles of the vagina will be compressed, and at the time of orgasm a spasm is possible.

All this will become an obstacle to the phallus path and will have to push it with a vengeance. Powerful engines will cope with this task at a time, but cheap models sometimes slow down or stop at all. There is not enough strength to once again enter the girl’s body.

The situation is aggravated by anal sex. If you believe the reviews on the forum, then men quite often buy a sex machine for anal pleasures. They should take a closer look at the engine. It is to power that you should turn your eyes when choosing a model.

Everything else is a matter of taste. Stationary or portable, large or small -sized, with or without vibration, all these are trifles that are not as important as the ability to fulfill their direct duty. Powerful and fast backward movements.

Important details when choosing a sex machine

When the engine power has decided, it’s time to think about other parameters. There are not few of them, although they are not so significant. For example, a control method. Buttons can be on the car body, as well as on the control panel. It’s great if it is wireless, then you can manage the process yourself.

This is ideal for men and women who are going to use the unit alone. For BDSM sessions, the location of the buttons on the case is also permissible. Since the upper still will not allow the partner to change the speed of friction.

The phalloimitator itself is the only. Of course, the second option is much better, because in this way it becomes possible to choose the size and shape of the penis. Under the mood and for various needs, you can limit yourself to a small phallus or attach a giant to the rod.

Most sex machines work from the network, but compact models most often use batteries. There is nothing special to choose here, it all depends on what goals you are. It is much more important to take care of the methods of fastening.

Small -sized are equipped with suction cups, but serious sex machines are located on the supports. Read reviews and make sure that they are reliable, stable and strong. There should not be any jumps during intercourse.

The final criterion is the noise of the motor. When used in the apartment, I would not want to bother the neighbors. It’s okay with your moans, but the sound of the engine, as during the operation of a chainsaw, is completely useless. High -quality models are almost silent, and pay attention to them.

Masturbation sex machine: safety rules

Since most sex machines work from the network, it is important that the room does not allow water to enter the structure. The achievement of squirt is not considered! But in the sauna, the use of such a mechanism is unacceptable, this is perhaps and so it is clear to everyone.

Nozzles should be washed after each use and in no case use them together with other people. If during the session several girls find themselves on the phallus sex machine, then it would be reasonable to use a condom. In general, even if the toy is intended exclusively for you, the cond will not be superfluous.

As in sex with a man, you should start with a very smooth immersion. The minimum speed, convenient pose and adequate penetration depth is selected. With increased vaginal lubrication, you can increase the pace.

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