Sex in unusual places – 25 worst of them

25 of the strangest places where people have sex.

, Sex in unusual places – 25 worst of them

Never allow the monotony in sex if you want to maintain a passion in a relationship. While many people prefer to have sex exclusively in bed (proven classic), others have become more creative.
What has this creativity have come to? To answer this question is very simple, because a survey was recently conducted, where more than 2000 people called their most risky place where they had sex.

Statistics of places for sex

These studies show that 69% of respondents had sex in places where they risked being caught. And 23% said they were caught at the “place of crime”.

In addition to the bed, the most common places for sex were:

  • car (68%);
  • kitchen (48%);
  • Cinema (9%).

76% of respondents said they had sex on the street. The most popular places for outdoor sex:

  • back yard (62%);
  • beach (46%);
  • pedestrian trail (31%);
  • Stop for relaxation on the highway (27%).

Such extreme places open new facets of pleasure: 58% of the survey participants said that sex outside the bed makes them happier in relations. And 70% said that sex in an adventurous place makes them feel closer to their partner.

The most strange places for sex

And if you are interested, here are 25 strangest places in which people really had sex, according to the survey:

  1. Telephone booth (finding them now is very difficult, but if you succeed, then do not refuse to have fun).
  2. Toilet in a cafe.
  3. Parking for a round -the -clock store.
  4. The new table of their boss.
  5. Shower cabin in the gym.
  6. Dentist chair.
  7. While driving in a car at a speed of more than 50 km/h.
  8. Library.
  9. Museum.
  10. On railway tracks.
  11. Sarai surrounded by animals.
  12. Under the scene during the concert.
  13. Toilet in a court building.
  14. In the car. On a car wash.
  15. Schoolyard.
  16. Inside the House with Ghosts (attraction).
  17. Metro.
  18. The ruins of the old castle while traveling.
  19. Parking the stadium before a football match.
  20. The dean of their university.
  21. The top of the Eiffel Tower.
  22. Moving American slides.
  23. Foye of the office building
  24. Ferris wheels.
  25. On seats during a football match.

If sex in an unusual place sounds like a good idea, then ask your partner if his similar thought visited. Enjoy, but do not fall (and if it does not matter, then enjoy!).

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