Sex in the shower

Sex in the shower.

When it comes to sex in the shower, the only place where even without a lubricant is slippery – this is underfoot. This creates a potential danger associated with injuries. How to have sex in the shower?

Use the following tips to get out of the shower without broken bones and wounded pride after sex.

1. Increase the temperature. It is difficult to get excited and completely relax when you are cold. Shower watering can cover only a small area, so heat the temperature in the bathroom in advance.

2. Use the lubricant. Yes, the water is wet, but it only interferes with the glide. Reduce friction and facilitate anal or vaginal penetration using a silicone lubricant, which is not washed off with water.

3. Think about acquiring a non -slip mat. Non -slip mat is simply necessary if you plan to have sex in the shower. Such a rug sticks to the bottom of the bath or shower, and it can also be easily rejected for cleaning.

4. Rinse the floor thoroughly. Taping his partner can be the embodiment of romance in films, but soap, shampoo, and especially air conditioning can make the floor very slippery. If you are going to soap together, rinse the floor thoroughly so as not to slip. Also thoroughly rinse everything from the body, especially from the genitals.

5. Take toys with you. Bath toys are needed for adults. You may think about taking a waterproof sex toy with you to the shower, which will help make sex more pleasant and impressive.

6. Do not get hung up on penetration. Penetration is not the most important, and also should not be your goal. Shower is well suited for other types of stimulation, including oral sex and study of each other’s erogenous zones.

Advice: In addition to the legs rug you can purchase a bath or shower handle, which to ensure additional safety during sex in the shower. Such a pen can be used many times and it is much stronger and safer than a curtain for a bath. Just imagine what will happen if you slip and grab the curtain.

In almost any position, you can have sex in the shower if you are decisive enough. But this does not mean that all poses are safe and perfect for this.

1. Doggi Stayl standing. This position option will allow you to confidently stand on both legs, and use your hands for additional support.

What to do? Attach your palms to the wall, and bend your legs slightly at your knees. This will allow the partner to penetrate behind the penis, sex toy or finger. He can also additionally stimulate your clitoris, crotch or other erogenous zones.

2. Sitting. This method is well suited for penal-vaginal sex, but can also serve for anal penetration if you are right.

What to do? Let your partner sit on the floor of the bath or to elevation (for example, a bath seat). Sit on it in any pose that allows you to comfortably penetrate, and press tightly.

3. Raising the leg. Although this is not entirely necessary, but in this position you will come in handy for a legs rug and a handle, which we mentioned.

What to do? Stand facing the partner and put one leg on the elevation (you can also on the edge of the bath). If you have nowhere to put your leg, ask your partner with one hand to hold it during sex.

4. With your back to the partner. This pose looks like the previous one, but only from a partner you need to turn away. It is suitable for vaginal and anal penetration.

What to do? Stand facing the wall and rest your foot on the elevation, which will be a support. Let your partner get up right behind you and holds your leg during sex.

5. Stula. This position is similar to “reverse rider”, Suitable for anal and vaginal sex.

What to do? Let your partner sit for an elevation. Sit on his knees, turning away from him. Put your hands on your partner’s knees or reduce your palm in a wall for equilibrium.

What to consider?

Sex in the soul can be dangerous, and it is not only about falling. Along with the non -slip rug and the need to hold onto the wall, pen or other strong support, there are several more things that should be remembered about.

1. Use condoms. Water will not protect you from SPPP. Use condoms with penetrating and oral sex. The condom can also be cut to use it as a latex napkin for cunnilingus or rimming.

2. Consent is very important. Not everyone likes sex in the shower. If one of you does not agree to him and is not enthusiastic about this idea, then you will have to find another way to diversify the intimate life that will arrange both of you. Communicate with your partner and find out what he prefers.

3. Outside the shower is also slippery. Be careful when you leave the shower or bath. Due to the greater, than usual, relaxation and wet sex can be easily stumble or slip.

4. Too long staying in a humid environment can lead to the reproduction of bacteria. I would not want to overshadow your pleasure, but wet genitals are a nutritious environment for bacteria and fungi. Be sure to wipe your dry after sex in the shower.

, Sex in the shower

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