Sex in mud – new world hobby | Practices

Sex in the mud – a new world hobby.

, Sex in mud – new world hobby | Practices
In the West there was a direction in sex, which can appeal to lovers of intimate experiments. This is a style Wetandwessy (WAM). The direction implies the opportunity to enjoy sex in mud! Of course, sexual consoles are possible in other liquids, but it is important that they are viscous and rather dense.

Pleasure in the mud

Many fans of such an unusual intimacy like packet and partner different products. For example, chocolate, condensed milk, sauce, mayonnaise. By the way, a similar passion in most manifests itself from childhood and youthful years. In Western cinema, the actors throw cakes, and then have passionate sex.

According to sexologists, today many prefer WAM-reinforcement. In the world, this Western sexual direction also becomes popular. Intimate is often called “Dirty” or “wet”.

Sexual games are held in mud or water, in wet clothes. There are directions of fetishists who prefer to conduct Intimate events in reservoirs, where they have sex in evening dresses and costumes. Also, women and men undress and frolic in the mud, indulging in love joys. Beautiful young ladies receive an unforgettable pleasure from touching the body of wet underwear, clothes, as well as a partner soiled in mud.

Quite often, unusual love is practiced in simple dirt or in a swamp. Especially exciting men when Women fight in mud. Representatives of the stronger sex love to watch the smeared bodies of girls. Similar intimate amusements worry and young ladies. In water or dirt, you can embody the most unusual sexual fantasies., Sex in mud – new world hobby | Practices
Why wet outfits or dirt bring sexual pleasure, fans do not know, but they really like it. They discovered the opportunity to enjoy dirt or wet clothes in different ways:

  • Some learned about WAM-Review from acquaintances.
  • Others accidentally fell into mud.
  • Ran in the rain without an umbrella and excited.

Sometimes people have sexual dreams or such unusual fantasies excite them in youth. Extraordinary desires remain in memory, and then there is a desire to experiment and have sex in the water, staining in the mud.

Where to have sex in the mud

If you want intimacy in the mud, go Outside the city after the rain or at night, but be sure to stock up on water. You can hide from prying eyes in a deserted place, going to the country, going to the camp site. It is not difficult to find other unusual places for a spicy erotic adventure, showing ingenuity.

With a partner there is an opportunity to go to a lake or a pond. There is not only water, but also dirt. This excites, gives an unforgettable impression. The main thing, then it will be possible to wash after passionate caresses.

In Russia, on the Black Sea coast, you can plunge into healing mud. There are excursions even in real mud volcanoes, for example, Tizard. Visitors plunge into a sleeping volcano, where a mud puddle is placed. The depth reaches 11 m, but a person cannot even plunge by 1.5 meters, as the slurry holds the body afloat.

Of course, in the volcano to make love will not work. This is a public place where hundreds of tourists come. But after bathing, people in the mud go to swim in the Sea of Azov. But it is already much easier to give a carnal joy in it., Sex in mud – new world hobby | Practices

Safety rules for swimming in mud

Mud experiments are not always safe. In the process of erotic pleasures, Particles of slurry fall into the body: in the urethra of a man and in the vagina of a woman. And this can cause dysbiosis. Violation of microfolores – This is a minimum violation that can be expected.

After mud experiments, it is important to remove all particles of dirt from the body, paying attention to the genitals. Sometimes even douching is required to wash all the remains of substances.

If there are small wounds on the body, in them An infection may come. And then inflammation occurs. That is why it is impossible to have anal sex in Georgia, since with it injuries are almost always present, although they are not noticeable to the eye.

How to safely embody bathing in mud?

The dirt is quite viscous, dense, it makes it difficult to move, makes them smooth. A similar effect can be obtained with special sets from Sunga. A special gel is added to the bathroom, turning water into dense jelly. Pleasant texture and magical aroma give very vivid experiences. In this composition you can make love!

After a sexual experiment, the following composition is added to the jelly, it again turns the mass into water.

In this case, you can adjust the temperature of the mass, choose a more pleasant aroma and use such a composition at any time!

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