Sex for one night

Sex for one night.

, Sex for one night
Referee for one night: fell in love and forgot;He gave and ran into his mouth;Satisfied and washed off;Stop and walk;he loved and abandoned;drank and dumped;Business before pleasure;took off and faded;fun and ordered;clamped and fucked;chose (-s);Now take your man -to -shock.

“Hello, baby, how you are?” – hinting at sex, old womanizers say who want to remove young girls, but in different countries and cultures there are historically many completely unambiguous signals and hints of sex that men make women.
The representative of the people of the Tikopia of the Pacific basin who would like to sleep with the girl once, hints at sex, lifting her skirt slightly.
The North American Indians have a young man who wants sex with a girl should enter her hut with a cane. He must light a cane from the fire of her home fire, and if the girl smells of a lit cane, then the hint is approved and the man remains for her at night. If a girl holds a bedspread from the bed above her head, then the man will be rejected and must leave.
In the Jalites in the Marshall Islands, a man hints at sex, pronouncing the words “dick” and “vagina” and unequivocally rolling his eyes.

Funny hints of sex

  • I could lose my virginity, but I have a box where she hid. You don’t want to play with her tonight?
  • I would like to give you a lesson in mathematics, adding you to your bed, subtracting your clothes, sharing your legs, giving you your square root and multiplying your pleasure.
  • How do you cook an egg in the morning-in the form of eggs-gangstones or fertilized?

In the people of Siriono in South America, the couple hints at sex with each other’s lice;pulling out wood ticks from the body of a partner and eat them;removing worms and thorns from each other’s skin;adornment of each other with feathers and painting.

After all of the foregoing, whether it seems quite tolerant to you when they are approaching you with the phrase: “I have lost my phone number, can I take yours?”)))))))


A survey among 34 thousand Internet users (the age of half of the participants did not exceed 25 years) showed that:

  • 4% slept with more than 100 partners;
  • 3% had from 50 to 100 sexual partners;
  • 7% had from 20 to 30 sexual partners;
  • 14% had from 11 to 20 lovers;
  • 20% had from 5 to 10 lovers.well, night or even a few hours, not sparing strength to this.

Sometimes we only need sex for one night. And we, like real hunters for pleasures, track out our prey for a short connection – by OD

One -time sex is an integral part of our sexual culture, despite the morals. Both women and men, regardless of whether they love their life companions, have fleeting meetings. Some justify themselves with the phrase: “We had it really, sincerely and with a deep meaning, albeit for one night.”. Others admit that it was what was: just sex. We try to please the desires and needs of our body, never thinking about what will happen next. Sometimes we just want to surpass, without any conditions and complaints.

Traditionally seekers of such sex are considered men. The purpose of the search is to satisfy sexual passion, after which men quickly leave the “Field of Battle”. Such a seeker of fleeting adventures freezes every day in evil places, especially where you can drink. Regular drinking is the main “prelude” of such a man. Among other things, the seeker of disposable adventures alcohol adds courage.

Despite the fact that many women consider Sex seekers for one night by one -time bastards, who have one desire – to spread their legs and finish the women (as a rule, these are women with bitter experience, deceived by men, or muddy -owned at all), not all men are occupied only with an endless searchrandom meetings. Men are also sentimental, they also lack warm relationships, friendly communication and female attention. But no matter how sentimental and remarkable in life, during the search for one -time sex, they are only tuned only for quick pleasure. Do not try to identify this desire of men for easy sexual victories with some special life success or cunning. Men who seek to realize their biological need, these bitch are children, the best, who always pull on exploits with women, just fulfill their sexual mission.

The purpose of such sex is only to get pleasure. They only need random sex and physiological satisfaction. This is the essence of such contacts. There are exceptions from each rule, but each fleeting connection with deep mental contact accounts for at least nine random, random meetings only to satisfy the needs of the body.

Sex seekers claim that they are encouraged by the biological need to find random sex with different partners, that their animal polygamous nature is to blame for everything. If you speculate with this statement, then you should remember how the animal female hunting occurs – approximately as shown on the Discovery channel.

Why is it better to do it at home

  • You know how to go to the bathroom.
  • In the morning you brush your own toothbrush teeth.
  • At your disposal, pure underwear.
  • No “shameful path”.
  • You know where the condoms are, including NZ.
  • No need to pay for a taxi.
  • You go to bed on your own pillow on the “your” side of the bed.
  • Always at hand Favorite music.
  • You can set the volume of your orgasm at your discretion, since you know the degree of sound insulation of your walls.
  • You sleep on your own sheets.

Why is it better not to do it at home

  • Your address remains unknown, so he (she) will never find you, will never track you down, will never suddenly appear in the doorway with flowers and condoms and will never fuel with you.
  • You can always disappear from the house secretly, under the cover of darkness, without advertising.
  • If you live in the apartment not one (one), then doing this is not especially important at home in order to avoid the third degree of discussion of your adventures.
  • Anonymity is observed if you need it. No one should ever know who you were with and what you did

That, according to a man, a woman should know about sex:

  • This is just sex, not relationships;
  • He actually does not want to spend all night with you, unless he wants to quive it off in the morning;
  • He would like to do what the girls usually do not do with a long relationship: anal sex, position “69”, fantasizing in different roles, threesome;
  • He would not want to do what girls usually do with a long relationship, for example, hug, fall in love and sleep in a hug;
  • He would like you to make a blowjob;
  • When he says that he really wants to sleep, this means that he needs a personal place in bed;
  • He would like to conduct dirty conversations with you, or at least want you to tell him how hot and magnificent in bed;
  • For closer contact, he can talk, but a joint conversation does not mean a joint future.

Sex rules

  • If sex does not work, imitate an orgasm.
  • If you do not remember his (her) name, the words “cute”, “baby” or “baby” are motionlessly triggered.
  • Decent: go to the bathroom for massage oil;It is indecent: to delve into a personal first -aid kit (except when you really have menstruation or fungus …).
  • If the effectiveness of alcohol turned out to be too high and the erection or humidity does not occur, please, for your sex, tell me anything, just do not indicate it directly. In extreme cases, you can solve the problem using saliva orally.
  • If you do this not at home, try to do it on top of the coverlet, since you do not know who was still between these sheets and when he was the last time washed.
  • Speak. If you never even wanted to do this, decide for yourself. You will never meet your partner again.
  • At any cost, eliminate the DNSU (breathing “next morning”).
  • Carry condoms with you, not for happiness or for decoration, but for their use.
  • Imitate an orgasm, because all this nightmare will only prevent the training of your partner and improve his skill, will ruin the whole picture;But if you are never going to meet him again, this is not your problem, let him devote his next “campaign” to this.
  • Treated with respect to your random partner after sex – a rule of good tone, regardless of how good your sex was, and morning gossip with friends (friends), neighbors and close relatives always lead to a further reduction in the rating of your accidental sex, despiteAll your rehabilitation attempts. Is your sex really bad or really good, never discuss it with anyone.

Personal account

Pocket notebooks are very popular in men, but their secret “personal accounts” are much less famous and noticeable. Some men keep secret diaries of their victories with the rating of all fleeting friends according to the indicators important for the owner, including figure, attractiveness, sexuality, desire, quick wit, abilities and ability to have sex. It is unlikely that women will agree with the fact that men can be so objective and show analytical abilities in relation to their sexual adventures, but for some men sex is a hobby, a kind of skill that deserves special attention and accounting.

Sex hunter: Casanova, sex tanker, love machine, sex artist, male, womanizer, jelly, sexually preoccupied, sweet ass, sperm carrier, sex machine, fucking, gets wolled by any, handsome, tragogolic, stallion, rudeon, son of bitch, kitty, animal, animal, animal, animal, animal

Girl for one night: slut, prostitute, girl, wallet, girl of easy virtue, fallen woman, hut, chick, whore, rink, crush, nipple, easily accessible, girl with reputation, slut, girl, lightning, sex-bomb, confused, battered, girl, bat;what you need.

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