Sex dolls. Will they once replace women?

Sex dolls. Will they once replace women?.

, Sex dolls. Will they once replace women?

The assortment of sex dumpings today is very wide. Cheap inflatable solutions, which have a minimum of similarities with a living mistress, have long been left behind and do not use particular popularity. They came to replace Realistic silicone models, which look almost like living. Why the demand for them is growing and whether they will replace real people in the near future?

Dolls are sold with hair and with manicure, with a model appearance, with the ability to penetrate any holes. Moreover, talking models have already appeared. Surely soon in a sex shop it will be possible to buy not only a speaker, but also a moving android, programmed for sex in any poses of the Kama-Sutra, and who can (or who can) entertain the game of chess between business. It would seem, after such a breakthrough a real partner will not be needed at all. Is this so, and will the era of living partners ever leave?

, Sex dolls. Will they once replace women?

Pros Sex dick

Everything in the world has its pros and cons, and sex dolls — including. So, of course, they turn out to be the most meek friends who They will never refuse in a miner or anal. This is very pleasing, especially against the background of the fact that realistic technologies and modern materials allow you to completely imitate the sensations from all types of sex.

Moreover, a woman — The doll never He will not suit a tantrum, She will not begin menstruation, there will be no undesirable pregnancy. She will require money once — only at the moment when it will need to buy it. And she will not at all against the company from several more of the same beauties — Its owner can have at least a whole harem doll for sex.

The pluses of real friends

Yes, sex dolls are largely lovely. They will not go to another man, they will not gossip with friends and spoil the nerves to their owner. But on the other hand, they cannot give a lot — And they will never. Perhaps every man stores in the heart the moments of delicate endless kisses with his beloved girl — then lungs, as if lovers carefully taste each other, then demanding, almost rude, with an immediate demand for sex. Everyone remembers the eyes of the eye in the eyes during the proximity and at her very peak. It is hardly possible to give all this even after a hundred years of progress. Breathing, a drop of sweat flowing down the chest, elusive, but wildly The smell of women

, Sex dolls. Will they once replace women?

The more complex practices a person uses in sex, the more important the presence of a real woman, vividly reacting and responding to them. Hardly anyone will practice the bondage, fisting or flogging on the doll — It’s just not interesting. A living person needs here, or rather, a couple of living people. Do not play role -playing games with a doll either — either a person will feel like someone like the heir to Tutti from a fairy tale about three fat people. No matter how perfect the toy is, it is still not alive. And this is its main minus.

So dolls are dolls, and a living girlfriend, emotionally reacting to touch, constantly changing her behavior due to mood and for other reasons, and therefore not fully solved, still remains indispensable. After all, it is a living girl:

  • Will be able to call love without which even sex is bored.
  • Will answer emotionally.
  • Support and delight.

The toy is good for quick sexual discharge, for a period of loneliness, when there is no beloved woman, but I don’t want to contact anyone for one night. An artificial vagina or a whole doll may be a moment of diversity, not allowing to get bored or change to a woman at a time when banal sex was bored, and she is not yet ready for experiments. But to live all your life surrounded by toys alone — You can’t wish such a fate and the enemy. So to dream that people for sex and robots can replace people, early.

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