Sex and table: new places for pleasure

Sex and table: new places for pleasure.

Sex in bed sooner or later bothers, especially if it is the same bed and the same person in it. Time to make diversity! You probably saw passionate love scenes in the cinema, where the action was unfolding on the table, kitchen or office. Let’s repeat it at home!

Sex poses on the table

The girl sits on the edge of the table, spreading her legs, and clutching a partner to her. A man enters a woman, standing, thanks to which it will be very easy for him to move and control his own movements. A man with his hands can hold a woman by the hips or waist. A woman can hug a man by a waist or leg with her feet, with her hands can lean on the table or put them on a man on his shoulders.

For this pose to give pleasure, you need to sit right for a woman. She should sit as much as possible to the edge of the table, slightly putting the pelvis forward and spread her legs so that the man can penetrate her.

The second pose looks as follows. A woman approaches the table and lays breasts on the table, the man enters her from behind. It turns out such a pose option “Doggi-Stayl”. The pose gives pleasure to both partners, in this position it is convenient to influence the point G. With her hands, a woman can take the other edge of the table, and a man with her hands can hold a woman by the hips, conveniently controling her movements. If a woman is in contact with the surface of the table, this gives additional stimulation.

And the third pose on our list. The woman lies on the table on her back, so that her hips are as close as possible to the edge of the table. A man is attached between her female legs and enters a woman. The girl’s legs can be held with your hands, widely diluting them, you can put them on the shoulders – from different positions of the legs, sensations change during sex, since various muscle groups are strained, including vaginal.

A man, as in previous poses, occupies a standing position. As in other poses, he occupies a leading role, controlling the speed and depth of penetration.

Rules of conduct for good sex on the table:

The table must have thorough legs so that at the most interesting moment the couple does not collapse down.

The surface of the table has an important role, especially for a woman, because she has to interact with the table covering the most.

Glass tables – big risk for sex. If the table does not withstand the load, the couple has a chance to seriously suffer.

And the last – on the table near you should not have unnecessary things that may interfere with you, or that may suffer from your random careless movements.

, Sex and table: new places for pleasure

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