Sex after deprivation of virginity: pain and bleeding, sensation

Sex after deprivation of virginity: pain and bleeding, sensation.

, Sex after deprivation of virginity: pain and bleeding, sensation

Defloration in the presentation of the majority is a painful process, accompanied by a girl’s cries, strong spasms and bleeding. The logic in such conclusions, of course, is present: the first sexual intercourse for a young woman is unlikely to end with an orgasm. But there are a lot of options for what every girl will feel during and after deprivation of innocence.

In this article, we will share useful information about how sex looks after deprivation of virginity, when it is possible to deal with, what nuances newly made women face after the first act. You will learn a lot of interesting things about the features of defloration, pain effects, and you will also understand whether it is realistic to bring the girl to orgasm at the very beginning of sexual life!

, Sex after deprivation of virginity: pain and bleeding, sensation

Sex after deprivation of virginity, what feelings of a girl

To deprive a girl of virginity is an honor for a guy who fell out, because not everyone manages to become a pioneer. And it has a large share of responsibility for the formation of sexuality in a young partner. Only an experienced person can cope with the upcoming task for 5 points, because knowledge will be useful to you.

After deprivation of virginity, it hurts to have sex, norm and deviation

If defloration has already passed, then you can track the symptoms that are usually manifested in girls after losing innocence. The following physiological manifestations are considered the norm.

  • Pain and burning in the area of rupture of virgin rods. It is usually painful not only at the time of the first penetration, but also after. Within 2-7 days, your girlfriend may experience sufficiently exhausting sensations that intensify at the time of urination and defecation.
  • Discomfort in the vagina. It can be felt inside the vagina. Of course, when trying to repeated penetration in the first week, everything is aggravated.
  • Blood. In each representative of the weak half of the population, blood discharge appears in different format. Someone notes that the rupture of the virgin rod was immediately accompanied by a certain amount of blood. Others have blood discharge the next day and last almost a week. They may not be at all – it’s normal. On average, bleeding of different intensities (sometimes they resemble menstruation) last up to 7-8 days.
  • The lower abdomen hurts. Also a completely normal symptom. The lower abdomen can whine for several days after the first sex.
  • The cycle is knocked down. In some girls, the schedule shifts are possible for 1-1.5 weeks ahead, and rarely, on the contrary, an earlier arrival of menstruation occurs than expected.

With too abundant bleeding for more than a week, strange discharge and sharp pains that interfere with the usual lifestyle, it is better to turn to a gynecologist to exclude pregnancy, infection and injury.

By the way, girls who have been involved in such sports for a long time, where the foot and hip muscles are regularly stretched, may not experience pain at the first sex, since the virgin feather could also stretch under the influence of exercises. This is not a pathology, as well as the complete absence of bloody discharge.

In young persons who suffer from abundant menstruation, accompanied by headaches, nausea, weakness and fainting, there is most often very painful defloration, and subsequent physical sensations are intensifying, for example, postcoite discharge goes abundantly and for a long time.

Pain and blood discharge after deprivation of innocence can be observed during subsequent sexual acts for several months. This is caused by a large member and too narrow vagina, a special arrangement of the uterus, too unusual the location of the pubic bone, psychological causes and inflammatory diseases that were transferred before the onset of sexual activity.

When to have sex after defloration

Many partners do not take any breaks after the first lady in the life of sexual intercourse. In fact, the second sex after deprivation of virginity is better to postpone for 5-7 days so that the wound has time to heal, and the girl get used to both psychologically and physically to new bodily sensations. Of course, all days before the next love intercourse, increased hygiene of the intimate zone must be observed. It is advisable to process the edges of the wound with a decoction of chamomile or miramistin (chlorhexidine). Glycerin ointment, which must be applied to the gap 2-3 times a day, can be an excellent assistant in the healing process, you can after each laundry.

How to understand that the tears have healed and you can already have sex after deprivation of virginity? Pay attention when the processed places stop burning when washing and using ointments.

So that after deprivation of virginity it is not so painful to have sex, it is necessary to choose the right and most convenient positions, given the female sensations. The choice of posture for intercourse was often the subject of a dispute between specialists, and in general this moment is very individual. But as practice suggests, a missionary can be considered an optimal pose for an act of defloration. You can improve it by placing a pillow-pillow under the buttocks of a partner, the girl should have a little legs apart and pull his knees to her chest. Such actions will ensure the most comfortable angle of penetration of the male organ and the maximum voltage of the river, in which it lends itself to a rupture faster. The pose is a “rider” pose, since all the girl herself will control the girl herself.

Sometimes repeated sex after deprivation of virginity can cause repeated bleeding – do not be afraid, this is quite acceptable. But you should not continue bedding. Let the wound heal completely and go to the gynecologist so that he does the first inspection of the internal reproductive organs in the mirrors.

By the way, a painless second sex after deprivation of virginity is real in the case when a break is done for several days!

, Sex after deprivation of virginity: pain and bleeding, sensation

How to behave to a guy after deprivation of innocence, orgasm for the second time

Never insist on a speedy repetition of sexual actions – your girlfriend actually hurts now! Do not rush, do not set conditions and deadlines, and also be extremely gentle and attentive. The angules that occurred in Plevu should heal, otherwise your girlfriend will form a negative perception of sexual intercourse as a whole, and bleeding may well resume. Averal that it controls the process verbally, and you react to its feet signals instantly.

Of course, frictions should be neat and unhurried, and penetration should not be too deep – so far it is early to experiment with images of porn sunk into the soul. This is a particularly important point for those guys whose member clearly exceeds the average size or has decent volumes.

Sometimes a man is faced with a casus situation, when the beloved one is not possible to deprive his beloved by the first time due to the increased strength of the film between the legs. You have two more attempts in reserve. If everything remains in its place, and the girl is virgin, as before, do not “tear” her crotch on her own – you can harm her. With this to an appointment with the surgeon.

Do not expect bright orgasms and some crazy drive in bed from a newly-made woman. Even in the second and third sexual intercourse, it will most likely be constrained due to the expectation of pain and discomfort. Often a girl sexually liberated in her manifestation, and having at least some experience (petting, blowjob), behaves modestly for the first time.

Want to bring the moment to orgasm as close as possible with it? Then your task is to liberate it, bring it to the highest degree of excitement and commit neat penetration, not forgetting about preliminary caresses and sexual effects on erogenous zones. Orgasm after deprivation of virginity is a rarity, but discomfort in the first sex is considered a more common and natural phenomenon. Some young ladies begin to experience regular orgasms only after a year of entry into an active sex life, but there are those who manage to know the sweetness of intimacy for the second time.

Due to fear and embarrassment, some girls cannot be used enough even with a normal psycho-emotional mood for sexual intercourse. Without enough lubrication, sex will be painful even at the fifth and tenth times. We recommend that you always have a high -quality vaginal lubricant on hand, which will facilitate the introduction of the penis into the vagina!

A lot depends on the situation and relationships in general. The severity of the pain is intensified if the girl is not ready to sleep with the guy because of suspicions that he does not like her, or external factors prevent her from relaxing. The main thing is not to injure the shaky female psyche of male misery.

Many sexologists advise bringing the girl to the clitoral orgasm orally or hands, and then deflora. A similar approach helps to brighten up the unpleasant sensations from the breakthrough of the rod and supplants negative associations with the first act.

Each subsequent, penetration becomes more sensual, the girl is liberated, sensitivity and sexuality increase with her age and acquired experience.

How long should the second sex last after the deprivation of virginity

Many guys believe that long sex, long at night, amazes women to the core. We already wrote that it is not the quantity at all, but the quality! It is better to have sex for 5 minutes of a day and give the real pleasure of your chosen one than a marathon to her 3 hours before the vagina and breathing spasms. A girl who has lost innocence a few days ago, sex is quite exactly 2-3 minutes, not including preliminary caresses here. Even 20-30 minutes in the first time it hurts! She has a wound between her legs, what are the races on the stallion???

, Sex after deprivation of virginity: pain and bleeding, sensation

It is very painful to have sex after deprivation of virginity for a long time

There are also cases when vaginal penetration causes pain and strong compression of the vaginal muscles even with 101st sexual intercourse. Here we are talking about the pathological process – vaginism. The reduction is so strong that the member can get stuck inside! The disease is psychological in nature and occurs against the background of injury in childhood or youth related to intimate contact. It is likely that the development launched an unsuccessful first act when the girl lost innocence with an inexperienced guy. Fear, fright, horror, pain – these are the main emotions and feelings that remained in associations of the unfortunate one regarding sex.

There is also pseudoneurosis, in which spasm is due to the abnormal structure of the rod, vagina, uterus and other organs participating in the process. Sometimes it turns out to penetrate the vagina with a penis, but normal movements are difficult and are blocked by muscle contraction. The girl writhes in pain. The gross and ultimatical behavior of the partner enhances spasm with real vaginism and pseudoneusiasis. This is a compensatory protective function of the body, and it is useless to fight it with violent methods.

The prognosis for unreasonable forms is favorable, and the girl manages to defeat the ailment by taking soothing agents, relaxing massages, exercises to strengthen muscles and even attending hypnosis sessions. It will not work out in another way to agree with your own body, and the partner has no chance at all.

In therapy there is such a thing as treatment of fears by approaching what causes it. Together with the exposure method (building fears according to the hierarchy of their increase), this gives an excellent result! We buy phalloimitators of different sizes, and try to enter them into the vagina! Before that, try to enter a finger. It is important for us to find out what exactly you are afraid: penetration in general or the introduction of a male member!

Is it possible to get pregnant during sex after deprivation of virginity

The best method of protection at the beginning of the sex life of a girl will be a condom. It will protect from the penetration of infections and unwanted pregnancy. Even if your man is healthy, there are microbes in his discharge, strangers for you so far for you. Their entering your flora can cause inflammation. Moreover, not all representatives of the stronger sex are distinguished by thorough hygiene: often they poorly wash the head of the penis (and the remains of urine and sperm often accumulate on it), and with its help they bring certain types of bacteria into the sterile vagina.

In the discharge of a partner during sex, spermatozoa can skip-one or two is enough for pregnancy. So do not hope that he will pull the penis in time. The effectiveness of candles and lubricants is also much lower than that of rubber products at number two. Drinking pills at a young age is completely useless. The calendar method is even less reliable than an interrupted act.

If sperm gets inside, the girl can fly even into the first sexual intercourse during the deprivation of innocence! The number of sexual contacts does not affect the ability to conceive a child.

Whether it will be possible to show the girl all the charm of the world of great sex, or she will be afraid of even six months even to approach a penis within a kilometer radius – it all depends on your efforts. In order for the girl to open up and develop her sexuality, the guy needs to “wake up” the activity of her erogenous zones. If immediately after the deprivation of virginity, continuing to have sex, the partner will be able to bring his beloved to orgasm, you can safely consider him a skilled lover, and his chosen one is lucky and lucky!

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