Sex after abstinence, how to return to an intimate life?

Sex after abstinence, how to return to an intimate life?.

, Sex after abstinence, how to return to an intimate life?

Sex after abstinence is often associated with many problems in both men and women. It is completely difficult to return to the usual rhythm of intimate life, limiting itself to it for various reasons, because the reproductive system adapts to the absence of the very hormonal bursts that give orgasms to every adult.

Often, the absence of regular sexual contacts is fraught with representatives of both sexes with the development of sexual dysfunctions, and this phenomenon concerns the guys much more often than girls. What Sex after a long abstinence, whether it has its own characteristics and how to return to sexual life?

Business trips for several months, spouse’s pregnancy, husband’s disease, etc.D. – the reasons why people have to lose one of the important and irreplaceable elements of full -fledged life, there may be a lot, but regardless of them, the need for physiological satisfaction does not pass by itself. During a long absence of sex, men and women in their imagination begin to draw the most vivid pictures of erotic content. And so, that voluptuous moment comes, the long-awaited intimacy, but for some reason everything does not go according to the scenario.

, Sex after abstinence, how to return to an intimate life?

Problems after abstinence in the first sex in men

In representatives of the stronger sex, common “complications” in sex after a long abstinence are:

  1. Premature ejaculation. It may seem that the skills to keep ejaculation, for the acquisition of which significant experience and efforts were required, are lost forever. In fact, this is one of the most insignificant consequences of the lived months without intimacy. Usually, after the first orgasm, a man needs some time to restore strength. With subsequent sexual acts, it will be kept ejaculates, controlling their sensations, it will be easier for him.
  2. Weak erection or its absence. For men this is a real blow. If, with sex after abstinence, it is not possible to get excited for a long time, you need to relax and try not to focus on failure. Often the reason for this phenomenon is the psychological aspect.

It is worth noting that the lack of an erection for men can be pathological in nature. Quite often, turning to the doctor with the problem, the specialist diagnoses stagnant prostatitis, characterized by changes in the functioning of the prostate gland.

Regular ejaculation – the best prevention of male health.

Violations due to sexual restrictions can be detected in the blood vessels of the penis. Their narrowing can cause partial impotence, but the guy’s chances of recovery are large enough, which cannot be said about the final complete impotence. For representatives of the stronger sex, it sounds like a sentence, but nothing can be done. It remains to continue to live on, without thinking about carnal joys with a woman.

Such consequences in sex, as a rule, do not occur after a monthly abstinence. For men with active sexual function, such a break is considered a slight. And, despite the internal sensations in the state, known among the people called “spermotoxicosis”, in fact, everything is not so scary. After the first two sexual intercourse, the previous ability to regulate the work of his penis is often returned to the guy.

, Sex after abstinence, how to return to an intimate life?

Sexual disorders in women after prolonged abstinence

Satisfying your physiology regularly needs to be women. Damian health suffers no less than that of men. But unlike guys, girls mainly have a psychological change in.

It is possible to return to sex after a long abstinence, but by this moment it is quite possible that in the body a woman has already had some negative changes:

  1. Hormonal imbalance. It can be explained by a decrease in reproductive functionality. Speaking in simple words, the body learned to do without sex.
  2. Sex after abstinence is unlikely to allow the girl to enjoy the process. Frigidity is practically not to be treated, experiencing an orgasm will become impossible.
  3. Psycho -emotional disorders caused by depression, neurasthenia often push ladies to the search for other sources of pleasure (alcohol, drugs).

As a rule, after a year of abstinence, most sexual functions can still remain “mothballed”. Sex, which used to be an indispensable element of a full-fledged life, becomes something unnecessary for the body, absolutely not causing interest.

Long -awaited intimate: health benefits and mood

In life, each person may have the most unforeseen circumstances. Sometimes restrictions on sexual activity are the only solution, but when it becomes possible to return to sex, it definitely needs to be used. The proximity should be as often as possible, but to oblige or force yourself by force is also not worth.

The first sex after prolonged abstinence in many women is associated with unpleasant and even painful sensations. But, as a rule, the restoration of the regular regime will return a positive attitude to sexual activity and give the body a sense of constant satisfaction.

Sex, which has returned to the life of men and women after abstinence, brings a lot of positive moments:

  1. Performance increases, the desire to do something good for their loved ones and others is waking up.
  2. Stable good mood, resistance to stressful situations.
  3. The body is stronger, its protective forces increase.
  4. Mental and intellectual activity improves.

, Sex after abstinence, how to return to an intimate life?

The activity and regularity of sexual activity is the key to the physical and psychological health of every adult. Abstinence in some cases may irreversibly affect the body and intimate side of the relationship.

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