Preliminary affection. Small tricks | Entertaining sexology

Preliminary affection. Little tricks.

, Preliminary affection. Small tricks | Entertaining sexology
Most men and women, of course, know About the need for preliminary caresses, The fact that for high -quality sex before you need to excite a partner, prepare his body and configure the soul in an erotic way. Here will help not only the desire to give pleasure to the partner, but also some knowledge.

Erogenous zones

Touching, biting and stroking erogenous zones do not always work, because a person is not a car and such an approach as "Here he rubbed, lubricated there" – Not suitable. Everything is a little more complicated.
It is necessary not only to find erogenous zones from a partner, but also Learn to feel the right emotional moment, when these zones can be influenced.

Eastern erotic treatises divided the love intercourse into four stages associated with four mental centers in which it accumulates and transformed Sexual energy.
The initial stage is a smile, then a draft erotic look, hugs, and as a final – intercourse.
We will miss a smile and languid look, we will start with a hug – what and where to hug, kiss, touch Women and men have.

Erogenous zones in a woman (from open and ending "hard -to -reach"):

  • lips, oral mucosa
  • Behind the ear, the auricle itself and the lobe
  • scalp and hair, nape, neck
  • palms, fingertips
  • chest, nipples
  • Lower abdomen, navel
  • back, more often between the shoulder blades
  • hips – their inner and rear surface, feet of the legs
  • buttocks, area near the anus, perineum, small labia
  • clitoris, vagina – its front wall, cervix

Erogenous zones in a man:

  • lips, oral mucosa
  • Behind the ear, the auricle itself and the lobe
  • scalp and hair, nape, neck
  • palms, fingertips
  • chest, rarely nipples
  • Lower abdomen, navel
  • back, more often between the shoulder blades
  • hips – their inner and rear surface, feet of the legs
  • buttocks, area near the anus, perineum area
  • penis (penis head, bridle, ustra ustra), scrotum

From the above it is clear that men The same sensitive, Like women, all erogenous zones coincide, well, except genital. Preliminary affection, petting, will be pleasant to men and women, will help you tune in an erotic way, get excited. And the more excitement, the stronger and more acute pleasure!

Brain is the main erogenous zone

The main erogenous zone of a person is a brain, it is there impulses from each point of the body.
Therefore, it is also worth paying attention to such erogenous zones as smell, hearing and vision.

Eastern women very skillfully use this fact, creating a train of aromas around them, dancing the belly dance And caressing the man’s ears.
Moreover, men more often excites the smell of a woman than vice versa.
And here we can note not only the smell of spirits, but also hair, armpits, intimate zone.

To the smells, exciting a woman, The aromas of the reseda, roses, musk, jasmine, violets and flowers of homemade chestnut can be attributed. The latter resembles the smell of male seed.
To male smells The aroma of incense, Mirra, rosemary, cinnamon, vanilla, verbenes can be attributed.

In the east there is a kiss not with lips, but with noses.
A subtle erotic meaning is laid in this kiss, and it is the sense of smell that is called upon to wake passion in the partner. To ordinary perfumes to enhance the sexuality of your smell, you can add spray or Perfume with pheromones.

Of course, beauty is the embodiment of love, so ancient thinkers said. Flirty dress, neckline and Stockings They can excite stronger than frank erotic lingerie, since men not only love their eyes, but also They know how to fantasize well.
Male eyes literally in the first seconds of dating will appreciate silky hair, smooth skin, beautiful nails, white teeth.
A woman needs to pay more attention to her external beauty, be attracted to a man.

External beauty is impossible without the health of the whole organism, eat correctly and do not forget about Vitamins.
By the way, a fit, well -groomed body equally likes both ladies and gentlemen. High -quality hygiene And a little sport They will contribute to your sexuality.

Ears – an erogenous zone with great potential.
The ears are possible not only to caress, bite a lobe and whisper all sorts of insolence.
For example, in India there is such a practice as Dan Banji, And this is nothing but coitus (genital contact) in the auricle. When creating an intimate environment and tuning in to make love, do not forget about music, it can also have a strong exciting effect. In this regard, Wagner is very praised, calling his works erotic brilliant.

Preliminary affection

, Preliminary affection. Small tricks | Entertaining sexology
When sexual interest is awakened in the partner, the brain enjoys aromas, music and pleasant pictures, it’s time to go to tactile caresses.

It is not worth starting a prelude to the caress of an intimate zone.
Give each other time to relax, tune in, Feel your desire, Try each other.
Slow caresses will make you exhausted from temptation. Ec accompany the stroke of the neck and back of the head with kisses.
Kiss – Ancient Erotic affection. The Indian book of Kama Sutra describes more than 20 types of kisses on the lips.

Massage will help to move to more intimate caresses.
You can start both below with fingers on the legs, and from above from the inside of the palms. Massage is the easiest way to get closer to a partner, relax it, overcome many barriers.
Determine several techniques of erotic massage, buy a special Massage oil with a warming effect, And you will not be prices.

You can master Nuru-massage – Naked body in the body.
This Japanese technique is very interesting erotic entertainment. You will need massage creams or gels, and a special vinyl sheet.

Well, hands and lips got to the chest.
The woman has it Strong erogenous zone. Especially nipples and areola around them. There is even such a thing as Scrap orgasm. With your hands you can do kneading, sipping, kissing your lips, sucking, licking, and very excites both touch of the penis to the chest. There is a practice sexual intercourse between breasts, Narvasadat on Kama Sutra. When the male penis is clamped between the girl’s breasts, while the girl can also Caress a member with a tongue or lips.
In men, breasts are also very sensitive, but you need to be careful with the nipples – their irritation can be painful.

Do not forget to cover your back and lower abdomen with light kisses, Add the kiss "butterflies" and soft circular movements. A woman can use her claws, only without fanaticism – you don’t need to tear a man, not everyone likes it.

Well, if the back and neck are stroking, then The ass is passionately compressed or patted.
Moreover, someone is enough to lightly slap your palm, and someone loves harder and harder. Take a hurry to go to the caresses of the intimate zone. Let your partner sweat, play with him, tease his feelings.
Get down to the abdomen, and then again up, stroke the inner surface of the thigh, but do not touch the genitals.

Little tricks

Point G of a woman, or Grefenberg spot – A special intimate zone.
To find this zone, a woman needs to lie on her back and ask her partner to enter a finger in the vagina with a pillow upward.
Slowly stick a finger along the upper wall of the vagina, the woman will immediately feel when you get to the very point.
The u called for urination will be replaced A sharp sense of pleasure.
Stimulation of this zone will lead to vaginal orgasm, and possibly even to ejaculation.
During ejaculation, contrary to the common opinion, the woman does not stand out urine, but moisture, in chemical composition resembling male sperm.

Those who have problems with the search for "manual mode", can help Vibration massagers to stimulate the point g., Preliminary affection. Small tricks | Entertaining sexology
Men also have their own "Point G".
A small seal is located between the anal opening and the testicles – prostate, You can act on this point as outside, and inside, through the anus.
Moreover, stimulation through the anus will lead to an incomparable orgasm.

Another sensual technique that enhances blood flow and an erection is an eight.
This is when a woman describes the circles around the base of a penis and scrotum with a tongue or fingers, which looks like an eight. Instead of a language, you can use Thin silk scarf.
From the base in the center of the scrotum there is a seam, which is a clock of the nerve endings and excellent zone for oral caresses.
Well, about the head of the penis, the bridle and urethra are known to everyone who practice blowjob. There is a slight trick – before oral caresses, hold hot liquid in your mouth, you will see an amazingly pleasant reaction of your partner from a warm and wet mouth.

Another strong erogenous zone is the anus.
In India, a man during sexual intercourse additionally stimulates the area of the anus, to achieve more pleasure, he can introduce fingers there.
Nowadays, you can purchase for these purposes Anal plug, which will enhance the feeling of a woman during intercourse.

For sensations, there are more Anal traffic jams with vibration.

Another interesting accessory – Anal chain.
Several balls are placed in the anus during the prelude, as the orgasm approaches is gradually removed, this manipulation enhances the orgasm several times.
These things Used Japanese geisha To deliver the highest pleasure to their partners. Such a game can be liked not only by women, but also to men.

In general, on the female, that on the male body – there is where to walk around.
Therefore, you never need to dwell on the achieved, Search and experiment – Here is the motto of a good prelude.

In ancient civilizations such as India, Nepal, Tibet, China, Japan, sexual relations have always been considered as art, as a science that deserves a detailed study and practical application.
In these countries, sexual intercourse is considered a pleasant way to cleanse the body and soul, be fed up with vital energy and force.
In Chinese traditional teaching "Taoosum" And "Tyra" It is written that the correct activity of love can cure both a man and a woman from a hundred diseases, the necessary poses, the frequency of breathing and frictions are described "Therapeutic" sex.
Oriental religions and teachings – Taoism, Tantrism, Hinduism and Islam, obliged a man take care not only about your pleasure, but also to completely satisfy the woman, because through her happiness universal harmony descended on the man.

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