Morning sex: pros and cons of

Morning sex: pros and cons of.

It is traditionally believed that the night is the perfect time for sex. But not everyone prefers to indulge in carnal joys under the cover of night. Sex in the morning has a lot of advantages:

– Excellent awakens even after a short sleep.

– Charges a positive mood for the whole day.

– The relaxed organism reacts more to caresses, and the orgasm becomes brighter and longer.

– Gives his face a blush, and his eyes – shine.

– Tones better coffee and energy.

– A man is also in a great mood. Which in itself is extremely important in the framework of maintaining love and harmony in the House.

But in the morning sex there are also their disadvantages.
First, you have to come to terms with uncleaned teeth.
Secondly, as an option – to be left without breakfast and in general, getting to work in a hurry.
But what is a couple of bacteria (which you are already alone for two) and coffee, drunk on the go, compared to the prospect of starting the morning of some boring Tuesday with violent love? Right, such little things should not spoil the pleasure.

Of course wake up, you have to early, but what will be the effect! By evening, our body gets tired of daytime loads, and we have almost no strength for sex. Maybe you feel great and fresh, but your body has your own view of things. He worked, he is tired, he wants a rest. The sensory organs and sensations become less acute. A completely different thing in the morning. Rested and full of strength, the body is still slightly relaxed and therefore more susceptible to caresses and tenderness.

If you woke up early and do not mind starting the morning with a bright orgasm, wake it with careful, but tangible caresses. Oral sex is ideal for this. Show a man who would not dream of waking up from such "an alarm clock". Just be careful. Try to avoid sudden movements. Everything should be smoothly, affectionately and neatly. But you should not hit the extremes either, light and invisible touches are unlikely to wake your partner.

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