Marketplais or sex shop? Where to buy a sex toy anonymously

Marketplais or sex shop? Where to buy a sex toy anonymously.

, Marketplais or sex shop? Where to buy a sex toy anonymously

Purchases in a professional sex shop are anonymous. Choosing any sex-tovars, you will definitely get them in neutral packaging. And even in the discharge on the map it will not indicate that you bought something in the adult store. And here On marketplaces, anonymity is impossible, And when you buy a vibrator, employees of the issue point, transport companies and many more people know about this.

If you need to buy something confidentially, you need to go either to ozone or Waldberis, but to professional sex shops that guarantee anonymity. For example, has been working for 20 years, and all customers know that Business information never fell into someone else’s hands. And purchases in this store are safe.

, Marketplais or sex shop? Where to buy a sex toy anonymously

Inexplicable cases

When orders on marketplaces, it is impossible to observe anonymity. To buy, you need to enter your data. And the system will reflect that you bought. For some, this is a huge minus. The order list will always be «hang» Goods for adults.

On marketplaces There is no special packaging for sex-tovars. They are packed in the same way as a watch, food, clothes and other products. The packaging can be transparent, and the contents are visible. Or the packaging is soft, which also allows you to understand what inside. In professional stores, this is not allowed. They always have purchases in a neutral box by which it is impossible to understand something about the contents.

The contents may be reflected on the box from the marketplace. They write on the stickers that inside. And on the package there are often phrases: «dildo», «vibrator» or «Sex toy». And it raises a lot of questions.

Wherein The packaging, and transporters, and people who issue orders at the issues of issuance are known about the contents. At each stage of delivery, employees know that inside. And this is a serious violation of confidentiality. But the marketplaces never promised anonymity.

Irina, 32 years old

I came a vibrator from ozone. The box was in the film. And a sticker was located on top, on which it is written that inside the vibrator. I almost burned out of shame when I saw it. After all, at the issuance point, everyone also knew that I bought a vibrator!

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