Love for plush toys and sex | Practices

Love for plush toys and sex.

, Love for plush toys and sex | Practices
In an effort to bring fresh notes into sexual life or just experiment in bed, some couples choose a soft toy in their partners, well, of course, a toy, but a growth costumes depicting plush bears, Zaky, elephants or Cheburashka. This fetish was called Ursusagalmatophilia, its essence is the desire of a person to have sex with a unique character, which causes sympathy or was a beloved animal in childhood.

What is Ursusagalmatophilia?

According to sexopathologists, ursusagalmatophilia is a kind of sexual feature, which consists in getting pleasure from intimate contact with a partner dressed in a suitable toy costume. Often, Ursusagalmatophilia is confused with zoophilia, but this is fundamentally wrong, since in the latter case there is an attraction to real animals.

How sexual contact is about amateurs to have fun with your favorite little animal?

Any of the partners can put on a suit of a beloved character, it all depends on the situation. Sometimes a girl dreams of taking a teddy bear, sometimes a guy is not averse to getting a bunny. There are times when the stalls change places and then the girl in a suit or without him with a strapon or dildo with straps pleases her man. Again, it all depends on the fantasy and wishes of lovers, perhaps the girl would want to master Cheburashka.

In stores of intimate supplies, a wide range of plush growth costumes for every taste is presented, so there are fans of experimenting with suites where to walk around.

What is the difference between plusheofilia and ursusagalmatophilia

Plushiophilia is one of the varieties of ursusagalmatophilia, but its difference is that intimate contact occurs with a soft toy. Those who were now thinking that only men who are trying to put the penis in a bear, an elephant or a bunny are doing this, are deeply mistaken, the girls also do not deny themselves to sleep with their favorite toy, for this you need a teddy animal more and strap -on with ties or straps., Love for plush toys and sex | Practices

How the Ursusagalmatophilia originated?

There is an opinion that love for animals, only in a slightly distorted form, arises from childhood when the baby observes the act of love in cats, dogs and other animals. Having seen enough of a similar debauchery on the street or in the zoo, the child experiences a sexual impulse and after 15-20 years, he himself is not averse to having sex in a costume of the New Year’s bunny or play the role of a pony that is shut up and saddle.

Do not be scared, pseudozofilia occurs in 0.01% of people, for other children observation of sexual players of animals passes without a trace. Yes, and if such a desire arises, it is harmless, does not harm the one who wants, nor to the surrounding people.

You can not have a pardon to treat?

Is Ursusagalmatophilia a sexual deviation? Probably not. There are no standards in sexual behavior between two close people. Sexual deviations of this type are not considered mental disorders and do not require medical or psychological assistance.

The only exception, perhaps, are those situations when people experience psychological discomfort from realizing their own sexual characteristics. In this case, you can talk with a psychologist, he will help stop being shy about his needs.

Making love, Ursusagalmatophophils do not cause bodily injuries to each other, do not interfere with neighbors and do not violate public order, but what is happening behind the closed door to the bedroom is a personal business of everyone.

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