It is worth trying: sex in front of the mirror | Practices

It is worth trying: sex in front of the mirror.

, It is worth trying: sex in front of the mirror | Practices
The mirror at all times for people was considered a mystical and mysterious subject. But did you know that it was able to diversify sexual life and improve the technique of movements? Sex with reflection is a fascinating sight that excites. But it is important to choose the right poses.

Advantages of sex in front of the mirror

Why do many couples love to make love next to the mirror? Reflection creates several positive things that help to tune in to the proximity.

1. Strengthening excitation. Many people are exciting watching porn videos! So why look at other people when you can look at yourself?
2. Imitation of sex in a public place. In some people, the reflection in the mirror causes a feeling of tracking. As if someone is looking at them from the side. It also enhances excitement, and makes sex the most passionate. Therefore, if you dream of sex in a public place, but you are terribly shy, just try to make love to the mirror.
3. The dimensions of the penis in the reflection seem much larger. At the same time, a man begins to feel confidence, and sex becomes the most passionate and pleasant.
4. You can improve the technique of movements. Looking at yourself from the side, you will see all your mistakes and you can fix them. But not all people are suitable for sex in front of the mirror. Those people who do not like their appearance and body do not need it. Looking at themselves from the side, they begin to feel embarrassed and uncertain, and as a result, instead of pleasant sensations, they receive negative emotions. Therefore, in order to make love in front of the mirror, you need to love your body and appearance. But at the same time, observation of himself can stimulate the exploits: playing sports, changing the wardrobe and so on.

If the appearance causes you complexes, but you want to try sex in front of the mirror, then you can drink a little wine. This will help you relax and not pay attention to your embarrassment. Or get a large mirror, and spend every day in front of it, looking at yourself without clothes. It will also help you get used to your reflection, and will no longer cause such a feeling of embarrassment as before., It is worth trying: sex in front of the mirror | Practices

What poses are most effectively reflected in the mirror?

  • Pose “Doga Style”. For this pose, the mirror should be in front so that both partners see sex. A woman stands on her knees, and a man is attached from behind. When looking at the mirror, a man can see the emotions that a woman experiences and understand at what pace is most pleasant to her. With such a pose in front of the mirror, you will establish eye contact, which will cause trusting relationships while making love.
  • If you have a mirror ceiling, then the pose will look most impressive when the man is on the side.
  • The pose of the rider Suitable for a mirror, which is located both on the ceiling and on the side. Thus, you can see the emotions of your partner during sex and orgasm.
  • Oral sex. If you are a man, and you are tired of seeing only your partner’s head during a blowjob, then try oral affection in front of the mirror. In the position of standing, you will need a side mirror. And then, in addition to the head of your partner, you will see how she caresses your cock with your lips and tongue. Such a spectacle will unrealistically arouse you, and the blowjob will bring even more enjoyment and positive emotions. The girl, in turn, oral sex in front of the mirror will help to work out the blowjob technique. In the reflection of the mirror ceiling, it looks spectacular and greatly excites the pose “69 on the side”.

In addition to a large mirror, you can use a small. For example, in the Dogi Style position, it should be put on the bed. Thus, a man, looking down, will be able to observe how a member enters and leaves the vagina, increasing the feeling of excitement.

And also do not forget that in front of the mirror you can masturbate and perform an erotic dance. This will diversify your sexual life and bring great pleasure.

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