Is it possible to have sex every day? | Psychology of relations

Is it possible to have sex every day?.

, Is it possible to have sex every day? | Psychology of relations
Sex is good for health, this is proved by many scientists. But daily sex is not too much? Will such a frequent occupation of love will be useful? What will happen to the body if proximity will happen every day?

Pros of daily sex

Love making positively affect health. Firstly, Hormonal balance changes. Serotonin gives a feeling of relaxation, good mood. Estrogens in women improve the condition of hair, skin, nails. Testosterone in men helps to maintain a ligament, muscles and even bones in the form of. Oxytocin changes its view of the world, relieves stress, reduces the importance of problems.

Secondly, sex is sport. The load can be compared with a run or walk at a fast pace. The work of the cardiovascular system improves, muscles are strengthened, breathing accelerates, which improves the functioning of the lungs. This is a great prevention of any heart disease. And sex reduces the likelihood of obesity.Sex brings partners together. Daily caresses help to “let go” the difficulties of the past day. Partners in this intimate process are exempted from thoughts about household and working issues. A loved one seems to help to be distracted, which is very valuable in the active world.

Sex Fighting with depression. It reduces aggressiveness, makes a person more stress -resistant. And also removes the pain syndrome, as it relaxes spasms immediately in different parts of the body.

Cons of daily sex

But there are also negative aspects of daily sex. For example, satiation. Partners stop wanting each other, as the process is annoying. Caresses cease to be so desirable, other things attract attention more., Is it possible to have sex every day? | Psychology of relations
Frequent sex can lead to exhaustion. If the body is not ready for daily loads, it just gets tired and ceases to perceive it as a joy. Proximity may seem a punishment or severe service.

Physical consequences are also possible if the loads are very large. The body is weakened, And not strengthened. Apathy arises. As a result, not just the unwillingness to be with a partner, but possibly aversion to the process for a long time.

Daily sex is not shown to pairs that They plan to have a child. Such frequent ejaculation in a man leads to the fact that there are few spermatozoa, and their activity falls. For restoration, it is better to practice proximity every 2-3 days, no more often, then the probability of conception will be higher.

Who should have sex every day?

So is it worth making love every day or not? It depends on personal preferences. If there is a desire, and sex gives joy, then it is worth doing it. But it is only important that it is mutually, and the partner was also glad to daily intimate contact.

It is worth having sex every day for the sake of the experiment. For example, arrange such a marathon for a month. 30 days of sex will allow you to understand whether it is necessary to do it so often. After all, for someone it will be a magnificent alternative to an physical exercise, and will cause only positive emotions. Others will understand that this is an excessive voltage that is not relevant. The optimal amount of sexual intercourse per week is 2-3 times. Doctors claim that this rhythm allows maintaining a hormonal background without exhausting. But for every pair everything is individual.

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