Introduction to medical sex

Introduction to medical sex.

It will seem to an ordinary person that we are talking about the simplest role -playing game, where one partner is a vulgar medical worker, and the second is a patient who did not resist the temptation of frank white outfits. But in reality, real medical sex is a big world of Sado -Mazo, in which everything is not so simple, and surprisingly interesting. We will tell you a little about the preferences of people in this world.

What is real medical sex?

It all starts simple and understandable – one partner really plays the role of a health worker, the other is a patient, but this is only a small fraction. Further in the game, medical instruments, devices, decorations, as well as smells and sounds must be present. In the world of medical sex, people with real medical skills are appreciated by the weight of gold, which are able to perform real procedures, such as installing a catheter or acupuncture.

Varieties of medical sex

For an inexperienced reader, the description of the varieties of sex can cause very unpleasant sensations, so we lowered all the details and tried to state the general essence.


One of the simplest and most popular types of medical sex. Rinsing the stomach, intestines and rectum is performed as part of a common game in order to obtain and enhance sensations from stimulating the erogenous zones of a person. As you can guess aesthetically, this is not the most pleasant sight, but for fetishists and it causes wild delight.


During sexual fun, a catheter is introduced into the urethra of a man or woman. This procedure requires accuracy and attentiveness, which is achieved with experience. At first, unpleasant and strange sensations quickly turn into excitingly pleasant when the body adapts and relaxes. Particular pleasure – oral sex with an introduced catheter. Such specific fun is not suitable for everyone, and even among adherents of medical sex, it occupies a special position.

Electric Sex

Connoisseurs of electrical sex adapt ordinary medical devices, such as electric shock for their fun, as well as use modern specially designed sex toys. A person receives an unforgettable sensation either from direct exposure to the current on the genitals, or from the current effect on the entire body or some special erogenous zones.

Prostate massage

Men with irregular sexual life, men over 35 years old, and just those who care about their health should remember that the state of their prostate can be improved using direct prostate massage. But this procedure is not only useful, but also extremely pleasant. The direct effect on the prostate causes excitement and ideally leads to a stunning orgasm. The technique of execution is very simple – a finger or a special stimulant is introduced, with which they affect the prostate.


An interesting type of bondage, only instead of fixing ropes, real gypsum bandages are used for fixing. After the part of the person’s body or completely person has sex has sex. Such a restriction causes some more excitement than the usual bondage, and as everything that is in the medical fetish, this is associated with some memories from the past, fixed such a strong connection in the human head.

, Introduction to medical sex

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