How to translate sex without obligation into a serious relationship? | Psychology of relations

How to translate sex without obligation into a serious relationship?.

, How to translate sex without obligation into a serious relationship? | Psychology of relations
Today, the format of relations is becoming more popular, where people meet with each other without special obligations. But sometimes one of the two begins to want more. How to translate friendly sex into real family union? Simple rules in this will help! Sex without obligation is a frequent phenomenon today. In this case, partners satisfy their need for intimacy, sex, communication, without thinking about something further. However, at one point, one of the partners decides to think about a serious relationship, and then everything changes. How to change existing circumstances?

Tips for building serious relationships after sex without obligation?

1. Eliminate the reasons

In order to translate free relations into something more, you need to find out why the partner is afraid of serious intentions. To do this, you need to clarify the story of your beloved person better. Perhaps fear is associated with the unsuccessful past when he was caused by pain. Also, the reason for the rejection of a serious relationship may be a banal lack of responsibility. The couple will take time to eliminate all problems and smoothly switch to a new level. How to behave? Eliminate the cause of fear. This can be done by actions or words. When the restrictions of another are clear, it is not difficult to do it.

2. Be prepared for parting

If the partner is afraid of serious intentions, then titanic efforts will be needed to convince him to switch to a new level of relationship. It all depends on how much a person is ready to change his life and get out of the comfort zone. It is always necessary to be prepared for the fact that the partner will not be able to change a person, and he will have to be content with what is. How to behave? It is important to understand that attempts to change everything may not be crowned with success. You need to be ready for a break. The partner can perceive the desire more as aggression, and then everything will end. Without this understanding, you should not try to fix something., How to translate sex without obligation into a serious relationship? | Psychology of relations

3. Do not crush or limit

Do not too fiercely try to change a person, because in this way, you can scare him. For example, reproaches and constant arguments in favor of a serious relationship can radically bring down a person from this path, even if he wanted them. He might think that his freedom will be limited or even worse, completely taken away. Many heard reproaches from their second half, about friends, frequent campaigns with strangers, as well as calls from unknown people. If a person is afraid to lose his comfort zone, there is no need to limit it very much. Claims, claims can cause even greater fear, and they will only lead to the destruction of the union, and not its transfer to something more. How to behave? No need to be too persistent. Of course, you need to convey to your beloved or beloved that relations are interesting, and you can try. But it should be a proposal, not a requirement. And it does not include a restriction of freedom, because it is proposed to a choice – to agree or not.

4. Do not try to change someone

Each person has his own interests and hobbies, because all people are individual. Therefore, it is not surprising that there may be disagreements in the pair about this. It is important to respect each other’s opinion. Understanding and respect is the key to successful relations. How to behave? Do not change the habit of another. And it is not recommended to hope that something to change over time. If something in a person does not like something, over time it can only aggravate. It is worth considering once again, and with such habits, hobbies and features of a partner will it be comfortable to live all your life?

5. Call jealousy

You can also try a cunning psychological technique that is designed for jealousy from a sexual partner. It is enough to make a hint that free relations can end, since one of the partners has a new boyfriend. Seeing the opponent, a person will want to either do everything to maintain relationships and transfer them to a new level, or will break the remaining connection. How to behave? No need to immediately present another person, just hint that something is missing, there is a desire for something more. If the hint is not understood, then again it is worth talking about the mysterious friend. And only in extreme cases really talk about a new hobby. This path is very dangerous, the probability of the end of the union is great., How to translate sex without obligation into a serious relationship? | Psychology of relations

6. Change the status

Another psychological technique is to invite a partner to remain simply acquaintances. The very fact of such a decrease to such a status will cause a person to be a fear of losing everything that he has at the moment. He will begin to overestimate the situation, and this, in turn, will help to quickly decide on the further fate of relations. If a partner cannot make a decision for a long time, then do not put pressure on him and put the time frame. How to behave? Give the opportunity to overestimate the situation, and if he or she does not change anything, leave. No need to threaten actions that you do not implement. And if you declare a change in status, then this must be done really, and not just in words.

7. Talk about changing the rules

The most reliable way to translate free relationships to a new level is heart conversation. Only after talking with a person, you can find out what plans he has for the future, and whether they have a place for a loved one in them. Frankness will help the couple decide on the type of relationship, as well as to get to know each other better. In each specific situation, the approach to the conversation should have its own How to behave? Choose the right moment when there are no serious stress. And just say that it’s time to change something. It is worth talking about yourself, about your experiences, hopes and plans. And a person will have the opportunity to either join them or leave. With the help of the above tips, you can try to translate free relations into something more. It is worth stepping over your fear and start acting so as not to remain forever just a sexual partner.

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