How to relax during sex?

How to relax during sex?.

, How to relax during sex?
For some, it may seem amazing as a lesson that gives a lot of pleasant sensations and fantastic pleasure is accompanied by tension, unnaturalness, excessive concentration. How to relax during intimacy? The case, it would seem simple, but very cunning. Using the tips, you can forget about the complexes, constraint and other things that do not make it possible to get all the joys of sex in the arms of a loved one.

The maximum excitement will help to relax

Turn off the brain will help to turn off the prelude to sex. You can turn on an erotic video or frank porn videos, caress a partner, kiss, focusing on his erogenous zones. Play a little by introducing yourself to the heroes of an erotic film. This will help to relax and get excited. No need to immediately move on to active caresses, Do everything slowly, Gradually, heated passion and desire.

You can diversify the prelude massage, role -playing games, a warm bathroom, a beautiful striptease or mutual undressing. The more trust in the partner, the easier it will be enjoying what is happening and turn off the brain.

Comfortable atmosphere for relaxation

Sometimes for relaxation, it is enough to turn off the light or move to a cozy, comfortable place. Others do not want to be completely exposed, wanting to stay in their favorite T -shirt. If this is important for a partner, it is worth making concessions, over time, he will learn to disconnect and enjoy sex, his charms, not feeling stiffness and tightness.

Special lighting, silk sheets, sound insulation of the room helps to stop thinking about their forms surrounding people. Sometimes you just need to find out, What are the reasons prevent to plunge into intimacy, and then eliminate these reasons.

Alcohol – Great assistant

What is sin to hide, alcohol is a proven way to relieve voltage. This is not quite good, but it helps many. No need to get drunk, just Drink a glass of wine. Excessive consumption of strong drinks not only relaxes, but also reduces sensitivity, getting an orgasm of a prying is much more difficult. Therefore, open a bottle of your favorite alcohol with a partner, but do not get very carried away, just a little fuck., How to relax during sex?

We don’t think about the appearance

This is mainly of women, but such thoughts are not alien to men. The thoughts are in the head that suddenly a beloved or beloved will see an ugly stomach, cellulite, full legs or even count a partner by Tolstoy. For the most part, these complexes are invented, but even if you have flaws, it is worth remembering that a person is perceived entirely, and not in parts. Passion and excitement, strong feelings, the desire to give pleasure, this is what leads a partner, and not a desire to consider the roundness of the body or birthday spots on the buttock. Enjoy sex with your loved one and just love yourself, and Do not compare With models in magazines and advertising.

Use lubricants to excite

Intimate gels and lubricants that can be purchased in an online store will help relax. To use lubricants – a great idea for prelude, it starts, helps to relax, get excited. On sale there are gels without smells and with pleasant delicious aromas. Exist exciting lubrication, warming or cooling.

Apply a little gel that increases the sensations on the genitals. And after a few minutes you will feel warm and light tingling. Each touch will seem very exciting, and there are already up to several orgasms nearby.

Sex toys for relaxation

There are many toys in sex shops in order to diversify intimacy. This can be a gaming set for a couple, vibrators, anal stimulants, masturbators, phalloimitators, vibrorsers, anal traffic jams, pumps. One of them will definitely relieve voltage, and enjoy intimacy. Suitable handcuffs, masks on the eyes, outfits for role -playing games, lashes, leashes.

Most intimate goods can be used for prelude. For example, use a mask on your eyes to stop seeing for a while. Put it on yourself or on a partner? Decide for yourself. And use it Catsuite. He will cover the body, hide all the shortcomings, but at the same time it will look very exciting. And you do not need to remove it during sex, special slots are made in the right places so as not to interfere with sex.

Follow your breath for relaxation

The first one where the tension occurs is breathing. Therefore, breathe deeply. Excellent if charging is combined with relaxation of the vaginal muscles. The process allows you to get rid of tension, throw aside anxious thoughts., How to relax during sex?

Massage oils

Make a partner erotic massage using special oils. They have a light texture, are perfectly absorbed, gently fit on the skin. The body becomes excitingly smooth, the skin of silky. Thin aromas create the right mood for sex, increase sensitivity, relieve stress. But prepare a massage place in advance so that you are not afraid to stain the surface. And do not forget to warm the oil in your hands before use.

Games for excitement

Play before sex, turn a prelude into frank flirting. The online store has in the assortment Fands. Partners carry out tasks indicated on the cards, they can be very innocent or rigid. This will definitely relax and excite a couple, direct their energy in the right direction, the desire to have passionate sex will relieve any tension.

Still use cubes with the image of different poses. What will fall out, then embody! Or try reincarnation using role -playing costumes. And in a new way, start a new sexual life without hesitation and stress!

Super Spoons to relax

There are ways that always help to have fun in sex. But they require some training.

  • Extreme sex.
  • Role-playing games.
  • Take a shower or bath together.
  • Romantic date.
  • Removing room in a hotel.
  • Unusual places for intimacy.

Relaxation is a state when sensations are more important than thoughts. Stop thinking new circumstances, a cozy atmosphere and complete confidence. These methods will help to feel better in bed, and sex toys will complement the sensations with new pleasant experiences.

What other goods can help relax?

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