How to make sex varied? – About sex and not only

How to diversify sex?.

, How to make sex varied? – About sex and not only

The sooner you think about how to diversify sex, the better. No matter how sad it was, but it is necessary to work selflessly over intimate relationships, as well as on the usual. Otherwise, they will elementarily reduce to a complete absence and, most likely, will become the main of the end of the destruction of family relations. In the event that you feel that the craving for each other has cooled or is completely absent, it is too early to worry.

Today there are a large number of options for improving an intimate life available to every person. For some, special devices will come in handy, but for others, it’s enough just to get on the Internet or get out of the house.

How to diversify sex with wife?

Before moving, directly to the leadership, it must be borne in mind that your partner will not agree to every recommended innovations. Therefore, you need to perform some preliminary preparation. It is subjective in some cases, but has common features. Sometimes, you can’t immediately start a conversation with your wife, how to diversify an intimate life. You are lucky if your second half agrees and supports experiments and something new, but this rarely happens. In order to strictly lead to success, it is necessary to take into account some rules.

  1. Start from afar. Openly, but carefully discuss the difficulties you have. If passion is not enough between you – remember your companion about how it was previously.
  2. Do not be silent about how you miss the moments when you spent all the time in the arms of each other all the time, naked, and what is upset by today’s situation. Bring the conversation to ensure that your companion shares your opinion.
  3. If you strongly want to try anal sex, sex with a strapon, or even intimacy in the central square of the city, group sex, etc.D., You should not immediately declare to her about it, but you also do not need to renounce it either. The main thing is not to rush in the discussions of what has not previously been accepted in your intimate life. First you need to place the chosen one to the idea to change something in sex, try new, after which, little by little you can proceed to the details. She will be extremely pleased with your general experiments if she likes them. If not, try something else in this area. Sex should like both partners.
  4. Giveled your companion. Let her come up with what new can be introduced into your intimate life, the more unusual the proposal that you divide will be, the more difficult it will be for her to refuse your request. Start with light, not too depraved pranks, but not standard desires, so you will manage to liberate your beloved, which will prepare it for a more frank experience. Sometimes this method seems to be more preferable.There is nothing difficult to achieve the planned mission. Only patience and readiness for mutual concessions are needed. Ultimately, even the most stubborn woman will surrender.

How to diversify sex with husband?

Here the situation is much easier. In many cases, men themselves are prone to experiments and infinitely happy when proposals come from a partner. The initiative of the woman says that she will not counteract bold experiments and is ready to go around previously set boundaries. It’s absolutely different when your chosen one of conservative views, who excludes the possibility of any innovations and considers them indecent. In this case, dialogues about any variety should not be started. Most likely you will be responded with a rigid refusal, categorically not having the desire to listen to any of your arguments.

But there are no hopeless situations. It is elementary to show cunning. Oddly enough, these people are more beneficial to such sentences when they themselves are the initiator. Together watch the feature film on the relevant topic. As if by accident, put him several articles so that he did not understand that the initiative was behind you. If you have no doubt that this is permissible, let him “notice” your search notes on the computer on how to revive the former passion in a relationship, how to make a pleasant erotic surprise to a man, persuade her husband to try something unusual in bed. It is likely that now he is “secretly” from you, he himself will begin to search for methods of the variety of your intimate relationships.

And finally, another difficult situation is the one where the chosen one is elementary “tired”, he is not interested, and he does not want to try anything. Remember, in any case, the male gender is so arranged that he will not stand when he saw a sexually dressed girl in front of him, who herself “goes to a meeting”. Beautiful outfits, erotic linen, for the most daring, even masturbation in front of the lover’s eyes. Use any tricks in order to excite and excite it. After the passion lights up with renewed vigor, he himself will be ready to participate in experiments with pleasure.

How to make sex better on its own?

Those to whom all these tips seem excessively frank, or to those who like various poses and have the desire to improve them, you need to know that there are still options that will help to make the process itself better, without requiring any revelations.

  1. Lubricants, creams and gels. Never immersed in this topic, a person has no idea how diverse the properties that these things offer. Lubrication and creams that excite and make sexual intercourse longer, with tastes, aromas, etc.D. The process becomes many times better.
  2. A huge assortment of sex toys is incredibly stunning the imagination. It will take many years in order to try all the options. This guarantees enthusiasm and give fresh sensations. Another good plus is that intim stores are possible to buy the right product absolutely incognito.

But you need to remember that before choosing an option that will bring innovations to sexual life, you need to properly prepare the second half and be sure of its support. Exclusively mutual enthusiasm and general actions will lead to the desired result.

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