How to live if sex is needed every day? | Questions about problems in sex

How to live if sex is needed every day?.

, How to live if sex is needed every day? | Questions about problems in sex
The need for a large amount of sex is found in both men and women. But it is difficult to satisfy her, to find a person who is interested in the same amount of proximity to not everyone succeeds. How to cope with the situation without changing your beloved people? There are several ways to get satisfaction, but without coercion or deception.

Great desire – reward or punishment

Hypersexuality, increased libido – this is the name of the need for a large amount of sex. It occurs only in 2-4% of the inhabitants of the Earth. And such people want sex every day, they are ready to do it very often. And most importantly, they can do it.

Do not confuse love for carnal joys and hypersexuality. For example, many men claim that they are ready to have sex daily. But as soon as such an opportunity appears, they stop such activity. After 2-4 weeks, they “exhale”, and the amount of proximity is reduced.

The period of love cannot also be considered as indicative. New partners spend a lot of time in bed. But this is a temporary hormonal violation, and after 1-2 years they will return to the previous rhythm.

Hypersexuality – This is the need for a large amount of sex constantly. Regardless of love, the presence or absence of a partner. This often causes discomfort, since the lack of sex leads to a deterioration in well -being, a decrease in concentration. If there is no proximity, a person cannot think about anything else, and this greatly interferes with work, communication.

Physical and emotional needs

It is important to understand that the physical and emotional need of sex are different things. All this is always associated with hormones, and may be a consequence of a violation of their balance. But the problem in these cases is solved in different ways.

Physical need for frequent sex easily removed by masturbation. Orgasm, no matter how he is achieved, soothes a person, relieves tension.

But it happens in a different way, when self-satisfaction gives maximum sensations, but does not give a feeling of “sufficiency”. After such an act, I still want sex, the need is not satisfied in this way. In this case, masturbation is not enough, it is important to understand the reasons., How to live if sex is needed every day? | Questions about problems in sex

Sex and emotions

The attitude to sex is formed in different ways. And there are situations when precisely proximity replaces the expression of feelings. For example, with the help of sex, a person tells the partner “I love you”, “I feel good with you”, “I want you to stay”. He cannot say this in words, but expresses with the help of touch.

And if the situation is just that, then the lack of attention of the partner, his behavior is of the desire to tell him something. This cannot be expressed in words, the partner can only manifest itself through sex, so he has a strong need for this form of communication. He constantly wants sex, although in fact longs for communication and expression of certain feelings.

Often a person himself does not understand why he needs so much sex. But the reason is that some kind of communication form is replaced by sex. What exactly is there, you need to deal with the psychologist.

Realizing the essence of the substitution, it will be possible to reduce the need. This normalizes the desire, allows you to live in a more even emotional state.

What if a partner does not need a lot of sex

The problem of different temperaments is often found. When one partner wants intimacy more often than another, there are many disagreements.

Change the physical need for sex is impossibleO. Temperament is an innate thing, it is not controlled by a person. Increased libido manifests itself in the adolescence and accompanies a person until the end of life.

When marriage, you need to choose a person with similar needs. But what if the union is concluded, and only after that did the features of desire manifest?

The main advice – Discuss it. Only an honest dialogue will come to the right decision.

Scandals, claims – this is a consequence of the dissatisfaction of one of the partners. No need to allow them, you need to discuss everything, start looking for the right decision. You need to do this together., How to live if sex is needed every day? | Questions about problems in sex

Ways to resolve the situation with different temperaments

There are several options for solving the situation when one person needs more sex than another:

  • Using masturbation. There are thousands of sex toys that will make such an interesting stimulation. For men, these are masturbators, sex dolls, massagers. For women, vibrators, wave stimulants, vibration -yields, etc.
  • Mutual masturbation. The second partner is involved in the process of pleasure. He may not have sex, but is present, and sometimes helps. Again, it is more convenient to do this with sex toys, using vibrators, massagers, masturbators.
  • Free relationship. Partners agree on the possibility of making love with other people. The rules of interaction can be different, they are indicated in advance. Someone starts on the side of regular lovers or lovers, someone uses the services of professionals.
  • Swing. Exists in various forms, and is not always an exchange. Sometimes this is an invitation to a couple of third people. It may be a meeting with group sex. Both spouses participate in such entertainment, but only one can make love, all this is discussed.

There are still other methods – to secretly start a lover or mistress, but this is not always useful for the family, and everyone knows about such opportunities, but they rarely solve the problem, and often add new.

How to persuade more frequent sex girl

If a man wants more sex, he rarely goes immediately to a psychologist. First, various methods of “persuading” it to the proximity are used. They can actually work if they perform them correctly:

  • Devote more time to her sensations. She should also like sex, she should always enjoy, and then there is a chance that her desire will appear more often. It is important to try to give her an orgasm every time to find new erogenous zones. You need to learn how to listen to her desires, to fulfill them as far as possible. If sex for her becomes a holiday, there is a chance that she will want it more often.
  • Give her a sex toy. Any intimate object expands sensations. The appearance of a vibrator will help her learn to get more pleasant experiences. But it is important to give her the opportunity to test the device both in pairs and alone. Sometimes masturbation stimulates the desire very hard.
  • Create a diet that raises libido. Salads, seafood affects intimate experiments. It is important to stop overeating, exclude fatty products from the diet. The feeling of lightness more contributes to sexual experiments than heavy nutrition.
  • Take part of the duties from her. The reason for the lack of desire may be fatigue. If you facilitate to live a girl, she can begin to look differently at mutual affection. It is important to give her sleep, help around the house and with children, to exclude the reasons for her irritation on laziness and failure to fulfill male duties. This will definitely improve her mood, and this can already cause an increase in desire.

It is important to understand what prevents her from wanting sex. And then try to eliminate this reason. Sometimes you still need to try and improve relations, and this is not the easiest task., How to live if sex is needed every day? | Questions about problems in sex

Exciting drugs to enhance its desire

Today there are a lot of drugs promising to increase desire in women. This is all kinds of cosmetics and dietary supplements. Their use gives an effect, but not quite the one that is expected from them.

All means enhance desire and sensations. For example, they cause a rush of blood to the genitals, and this makes any touch more pleasant. But If there is no desire at all, then the drug will not work. He increases sensations, but provided that interest in sex has already arisen.

The woman’s desire It is born in the head. And tablets, powders or drops do not work if she has a bad mood, she is upset or angry. It is important to first create a special mood for it, and only then add drugs.

Cosmetics and additives will not work if there is no desire to have sex with a certain man. If there is no sexual attraction, then it will not be able to call him anything.

Exciting drugs are designed for couples who want to experience something new, try something unusual. But they are not able to activate sexual desire.

How to persuade more frequent sex man

To stimulate it on intimacy, it is important to show imagination. Firstly, men “love their eyes”, and secondly, they are flattered by them that they want. This must be used for seduction:

  • beautiful image. You can meet a man from work in a piquant outfit. It can be beautiful underwear that allows you to emphasize the figure. Put on a stocking on the body, elegant peignoir or outright set can be before bedtime. This form will not go unnoticed. It will be perfect if the clothes are supplemented with stockings and high heels.
  • Flirting. You can start them long before the meeting, when he is still at work. It can be a piquant correspondence, photos in the style of “nude” that will cause his interest. You can just promise him something incendiary to steam curiosity. For those men who love surprises, you can leave a slight mystery, others better tell that an erotic adventure is expected.
  • New sex toys. Buying any device is of interest. It can just be a mask on the eye or an erective ring, but he will definitely want to try it. Sometimes it is appropriate to buy a whole set of accessories so that its West does not pass. New sensations usually attract a man, and he does not refuse experiments.

There are men who are not inclined to show the initiative. Only at the beginning of the relationship do they try to win the lady, but then the first to initiate sex at all. In this case, it is important to either come to terms with such circumstances, and all the time try to somehow encourage him for marital debt, or change his satellite., How to live if sex is needed every day? | Questions about problems in sex

Exciting drugs for men

Preparations for men who cause a desire to do love, exist. But if a woman needs sex every day, then feeding a man is constantly not worth the additions. It is important to carefully study the instructions so as not to encounter side effects.

There are drugs for excitation with different effects:

  • Short action. A dripping tablet or powder causes an erection. Duration of excitation from 20 minutes to several hours. A man can make love, experience orgasms. But the action takes place without a trace.
  • Long action. Drugs are drunk regularly, which causes an improvement in blood circulation in the pelvic organs. This stimulates an erection, a man more often feels a desire. The effect does not appear immediately, since there is a cumulative effect of the drug. But after the course, he feels more confident in bed, wants intimacy more often.

Use exciting agents openly so that it knows about taking the drug. It is not recommended to pour into food in secret. After all, it is necessary to track well to prevent deterioration of a state if a side effect manifests itself.

Questions about the frequency of proximity in pairs

It is important to understand why he is not interested in sex. Maybe this is a disease? For example, with inflammation of the prostate gland, sex can even be painful. It is important to ask him what the reason is. And then try to eliminate it. Dialogue is the first step towards the decision, and divorce is the last remedy to resort to. If we speak together, contact a sexologist or psychologist, he will help.The first year after the appearance of a child for a woman is very difficult. Her world is completely changing, and this applies to both the way of life and the processes occurring in the body. The hormonal system is restored for 1-2 years. The lack of desire at this time is not a pathology, but a frequent phenomenon. In order not to destroy the family, you need to look for a general solution. Start talking about your needs, offer different options for satisfying both.A person in life has different periods, and there are times when sex is not needed. It’s not scary, no need to be upset. But such sensations can be associated with impaired hormones production. Therefore, it is important to take tests to exclude various diseases. And if everything is in order with the body, just wait out. Usually, the abstinence period rarely lasts more than 2 years.

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