How to have sex three, how to persuade a wife to MWM

How to have sex three, how to persuade a wife to MWM.

, How to have sex three, how to persuade a wife to MWM

Almost all men in secret fantasies scroll scenes where they are engaged in gangbang. Threesome or triolism is its simplest combination and dream of 80% of guys. Yes, and women sin with such thoughts, although there is a bottomless abyss between them and reality, and only units decide on an experiment in life. Unfortunately, in the modern world, a sexual desert is a scourge of recent decades. Couples miss married and want a stormy intercourse with fireworks, which eventually disappear.

This practice of sexual relations can revive them and fill them with new notes, or, conversely, aggravate all the available problems and finish off the control shot in the head. Trust and mutual understanding will suffer the first. Deciding on such a serious step, you should carefully consider, how to have sex three, especially with trio-experiments with his wife.

We hasten to please with the fact: in most cases, bisexuality in women is more pronounced than in men, so persuading a wife for sex threesome is not so difficult. You will have a WMW in all its glory. Men – conquerors and owners, bisexuality in them manifests itself less often, so the option with two men and one girl meets a little less often. But the craving for new sensations in males exceeds all reasonable faces, so you will not have to persuade for a long time! Couples who want to try threesome sex should be ready for a number of difficulties in the process.

, How to have sex three, how to persuade a wife to MWM

How to prepare for sex three, what you need to know

How not to burn on new sensations and what should be taken into account when planning a sexual trio? Why generally introduce diversity in this way? Let’s say this: someone does not help some intimate toys and new poses-I want pepper, one-time. Those who have lived together for more than 5 years understand what we are talking about. It is not easy to maintain sexual appetite in each other, and the threesome explodes its informality. A new penis, other breasts, another vagina, other people’s emotions, unusual caresses ..

Features of sex three, what to take into account in preparation

Keep in mind, this is a real test for both, because no one has canceled jealousy, rivalry, sense of ownership, etc.D. Before sleeping with a third party, you need to talk a lot, a lot! Speaking all the features of such meetings, find out the reason why group sex, determine who expects and other moments from meetings in a new format and other moments. Be sure to discuss your feelings, tell each other that you love as before and even more.

As practice shows, every second woman agrees to the persuasion of the spouse or decides to conduct an experiment with WMW or MHM, and then remains disappointed. No moral satisfaction. Most often the reason for the discontent of the partner is certain points.


Remorse and self -flagellation on the topic “I am a pervert”. The desire of the gangbang is not a sign of perversion. Since ancient times, triolism has been practiced, and today the threesome is almost the usual way to diversify the bed life. Modern society learns to embody its erotic fantasies without looking back at dogma. Relax, do not whip yourself with a whip on your cheeks for your desires. You did not rob anyone or killed anyone! Just need stormy sex)))

Mutual desire

The initiative should come from both partners! Persuading his wife to have the three of the threesome of MHM or WMW, the man must remember that a woman can change her decision in the preparation process or after the first meeting with a new partner. I like such an intimate should both be alone, and not one. You will insist, get a side effect in the form of a disgust for your person and sexual relations or a mental disorder of your beloved wife.

The role of the third partner

Many people do not think about the role of the third partner. Be sure to decide such moments as the meeting place, the format of the intimacy itself, who begins to caress whom, what is permissible, and what is not. Women are jealous when the spouse determines her attention on a new girl, and she remains miserable crumbs. Then it is difficult to knock out the picture from the head of the picture, where the beloved passionately fries another chick with big tits, and the wife is somewhere on the second roles.

Perhaps it is worth gradually introducing a third party into your intimate. To begin with, get down that the threesome will be in the form of introductory petting, where only mutual caresses are allowed. Husband and wife accept a new partner and caress him, then one of the spouses with him caress the second. If there is a bisexual among you, you can choose a bisexual station wagon – and will lick and put up the ass)))

In the version of sex three MWM with his wife, a bi man will become the ideal. Hetero will immediately mark many caresses and poses, where there will be contact with the body of another male. This is disgusted with them. For sex, the threesome of WMW Bisexuality of both Hs solves an important problem – jealousy and competition of heifers. If my wife likes a new girl, then she will want her and satisfy her instead of considering who has more boobs and her ass is slimmer, to whom her husband awarded deeper and who did Kuni better. She herself remembers these boobs with pleasure, and the vagina licks and still scakes. No awkwardness, jealousy, etc.D.

We agree on the shore

Before you have a three of your wife, discuss everything to the smallest detail in terms of partner selection. A person from your environment is an option, but doubtful. There may be conflicts, resentment in the future due to unforeseen situations. The relationship is spoiled. If a person initially refuses your unique proposal to sex, then embarrassment will come out in general. Have sex with someone’s acquaintance in the case when you have long lusting for his/her person. You all should like each other.

You met only at a time, you are just bored here and now, and what will happen after – it doesn’t matter if you don’t give a damn if all participants will like the trio, you have never discussed the threesome with your wife (husband) before and do not know the reaction? Do not start with such initial data any experiments, nor WMW, nor MHM. The consequences for the family can be unpredictable.

Stop words

Come up with some kind of stop-word that any partner has the right to say when, in his opinion, the orgy plunged the wrong steppe. Each participant must respond. Determine initially which situations are unacceptable.

The territory of the meetings

Many practice threesome with home format, but it may not be very convenient for the invited side. Like it or not, and the norms of behavior be constrained by the guest! And he will not allow himself some extra movements. When you meet for a trio in a hotel or a rented apartment, all participants are in an equal footing – there is no psychological framework.


A more complicated option from the point of view of protection from any sexuallycemic vesexus and unnecessary spinogryzes – threesome of threesomes. One man and two women are a constant change of vaginas and transferring one flora to another, whether it be a cooney, caressing hands or penetration of a penis. Of course, vaginal sex is only in the preside! When changing a partner, youinami condom is always! With cunnilingus and manual stimulations, miramistin processing is necessary. But all this fuss with elastic bands and grounds spoils the overall impression of the process a little.

The situation is much easier with the threesome of MHM, where men initially in “spacesuits” and process one woman. A change of contraceptive, of course, is necessary in cases where there is a series of vagina/anal sex/vagina, or with bisexual games of two men with each other.

Threesome with wife, how to persuade MWM

Wife wanted sex for three times and persuaded you to the “strawberry”? You had sex all the weekend and almost did not sleep, because stormy orgasms overshadowed all other needs … With a good morning! Wake up. It was your erotic dream. In fact, women rarely act, even if “polynomial” is present in their own fantasies! You will have to work hard to persuade his wife for threesome In one or another format.

, How to have sex three, how to persuade a wife to MWM

Within the framework of this article, we will discuss the threesome of MWM, and the topic of how to award two “foxes” under fluffy tails we will consider in others. By the way, there is an opinion among the experienced ones that to persuade the girl to copier according to the “man-woman-male” scheme is much more complicated. Some supporters of non -traditional sexual relations assure that the result can not be expected, so you need to act radically.

If a woman is pure, conservative in her reasoning regarding fidelity in marriage, devoted to her husband and soul and body, then in almost 100% of cases the spouse will receive an offense in response to the rest of his life. Here almost without options. Wife will not agree to threesome!

A woman who does not have complexes, relaxed in her desires and loving diversity in sex, will agree. If she showed interest in group sex (porn, conversations), then push into the arms of another man will be much easier. Follow our tips, and threesome with your wife in MHM format will be very soon!

Psychoanalysis lesson

First, rummage through yourself and find out why you want sex with your wife and other man. If you expel your internal experiences and anxiety in this way, you can stumble at a bend. Sexual experiments will appear, but the problems will not disappear.

We share sex and family life

We need a high -quality study of the brain to persuade his wife for sex threesome with another man. Correctly built dialogue runs sharp corners beautifully. First of all, convince her that you love madly, but want to experiment, make it pleasantly to her, this will excite the imagination. Explain the sweet that this will not affect family relationships – flies and cutlets separately. It’s just that the question immediately arises in this format whether the husband loves his wife, so be prepared for any reaction.

If the sex trio you are trying to solve the issue of lack of understanding, then only aggravate the situation. Quarrels, reproaches, accusations – this is what you get instead of interest and consent.

Tell us about the advantages of sex three MWM

Your task is to assure her that she will receive a lot of pleasure. You can try double penetration, Cooney from two men, affection four hands, new poses, etc.D.

Porn MWM

Look together porn or erotica, where there is sex girls with two men. Speak your impressions. First, choose lighter variations, which brightly shows partners’ caresses and less sex in two trunks. Women are vulnerable and tender creatures, and two males on one female can visually frighten her.

Massage and sex in front of the mirror

There is a very interesting technique for those who want to persuade their wife for sex threesome. Make love to the mirror! This liberates, visually stimulates you both, but most importantly – creates the illusion of the presence of third parties. It seems that you are together, but it seems that someone is watching you on the other side of the mirror surface.

If she is shy about abruptly move to a new format of sexual relations, offer her massage in some intimate salon. Options for the current sea:

  • You are present and fuck it in breaks, the masseur is in the visibility zone;
  • You leave the scene in English;
  • The masseur takes part in your orgies, but has the right only to caresses with hands and tongue;
  • Massage therapist and you spit your wife for a couple;
  • First, an intimate massage, then the contractor is removed, and you have sex together with your wife.

The purpose of these events is to prepare morally and physically a wife for a meeting in MHM format.

Consistent sex

To persuade your wife for threesome, promise that sexual intercourse may not be at the first meetings. This is called consistent sex. The third party is present, watching, perhaps, takes part in the prelude, but without intimate contact of the genitals. Assure her that with a sharp aversion to this process on her part, you quickly turn the entire combination and no longer repeat, at least in the near future.

The right to choose a partner

In theory, give her the right to choose a partner. If it is shy, help. You can choose together a pleasant man or completely take this duty on yourself – let it be a surprise)))

To understand whether it will be possible with another man for sex three, talk in correspondence or by video. Arrange virtual communication passing into sex!

All your persuasion by? She said that she would never agree to the group? Promise her to buy a fur coat or diamond ring – the wife will soon bring a crowd of men!

Even diamonds and fur coats do not act on your faithful life partner? Well, it remains to visit a good sex shop and buy new toys for adults so that dreams of the second partner become real!

, How to have sex three, how to persuade a wife to MWM

Threesome with wife, unplanned intercourse

Wife wants threesome, but does not want to do everything according to plan? She does not like the idea of a hotel and a classic transition from acquaintance to sexual intercourse? Get her unscheduled fuck!

  • A preparatory action should take place at a party, among guests, mainly, of course, men.
  • The wife looks stunning, liberated and frivolous. Be sure to make her compliments with an accent at how seductive she looks in candid outfits at the time of the fees and at the party, how her other men want her.
  • Not the slightest hint of jealousy – otherwise a woman will not be able to feel free. Let it flirt and end up in the epicenter of male attention. Free the potential partner.
  • A little alcohol and intimate touches will help your future MWMshik in the right way to tune in. As soon as it loses control of the situation, being a passionate for the search for a partner for sex, get into the void and do not shine.
  • The husband noticed that his wife had already noticed another man and showing interest in him? Get drunk or go for a walk.
  • If you found a wife in the process of copulation, you can join. Your dream has come true, and threesome with his wife became a reality! Our congratulations!

In what position is it convenient to have group sex MWM

So that all participants of the trio are pleasant and convenient, we choose the right poses. Typically, in such a “triangle” there is a desire to have anal sex, therefore, a double penetration. So, a small educational program on how to have sex MWM.

The so-called vaginal-anal sex is the following:

  • The first man fits on his back, and the woman on him on top, face to face. His cock enters the vagina.
  • The second guy is attached from behind to penetrate the anus.

It is worth considering that the disadvantage of this position of MHM is a dense contact of bodies. Heterosexuals do not always accept these conditions.

Pay attention to a pose for a grouping based on “Doggi-Stayl”. A man and a woman stood “cancer”, the third participant loves a lady a member in her mouth. Behind translational frictions in a vagina or anus, in front – blowjob. Euphoric ecstasy is provided to her! Read about other poses for sex in our previous article – draw interesting ideas and use for the good!

The experience of group sex with your wife is unforgettable if you are ready to share your loved one with others. When non -standard sexual intercourse is so desirable for your half, at least once she give a gift for the embodiment of passionate fantasies! This is not a betrayal – Just Sex! Write, comment, do not hesitate! You know more ways to persuade your wife for threesome?

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