How to have sex during menstruation

How to have sex during menstruation?.

, How to have sex during menstruationMenstruation and sex are compatible? From a medical point of view there are no contraindications. Most of women during menstruation are increasing the desire. And most of women refuse sex in "Special" Days of the month.On the one hand, it is all kinds of prejudices: from "I’m dirty" before "He will be disgusted". On the other hand, this embarrassment and self -doubt. You can and even need to have sex these days.

What day of your period can you have sex on

Honestly, on any. It all depends on the girl.

If you have no prejudices and complexes. Indeed, if you are not shy of your condition, you feel a sexual attraction, nothing hurts you, and you trust your partner and his health, then you can have a desire.

We recommend everyone else to choose a period with less abundant discharge, that is, starting from 3 days.

Many recommend not telling the partner about menstruation. But we are for maximum honesty. Relations are built on trust. And according to the results of a survey of the famous male magazine, the guys are basically not against. Talk to him, tell us that you are not against the proximity. If the guy agrees, his beliefs do not bother him, then enjoy.

Pros of sex during menstruation

  • These days take place with strong hormonal changes. Libido rises under the influence of hormones. Respectively, the sensitivity of erogenous zones increases. The vagina and the neck become somewhat edematous, filled and the sensations are new, unusual, bright. The neck may be lower than usual and during sex there will be a deep penetration.
  • The time of experiments. Even if you are not ready for vaginal sex, there is still a lot of everything you can do with a partner.
  • If menstruation is painful, then sex is able to alleviate this symptom. This does not mean that if you have pain before losing consciousness, you need to run into the bed. Everything should be reasonable. But the fact remains a fact. Caresses and orgasm contributes to the production of endorphins and oxytocin. And these are natural painkillers.
  • Due to the same oxytocin, and contractions of the uterine muscles during orgasm, the duration of menstruation is reduced. There may be an increase in the discharge, but this is temporary.

There are also disadvantages:

  • Pain can occur, during deep frictions. Solved – ask the partner to be less persistent and more tender. In this case, you can use the erection ring and slightly limit the degree of entry of the penis into the vagina.
  • Blood spots. Not like in a horror film, but the bed will definitely get dirty. Read the solutions further.
  • The probability of getting an infection with SPPP higher at times. There is no protective layer in the uterus – endometrium. He comes out of you with blood. The cervix is ajar. Solution – always protect.
  • From pregnancy will not save. There is a minimum, but still the risk of getting pregnant. Especially if the cycle is not regular and you do not track the date of ovulation.

Recommendations for sex in your period

They discussed everything with the partner, he does not mind, and most importantly you are for. Then a little rules that are better to observe.

  • Towel. To make both psychologically easier for you, and you can remove it less use a towel. You can several, depending on the abundance of liquids. Better to take dark and large. Bed for yourself in the process. If blood flows, but will remain on the litter. The mattress will be clean.
  • Use 2-3 the simplest and most proven poses.
  • It’s time in the shower. Invite your partner to move to a shower or bath. Change of scenery – once. Clean bed – two. More hygienic – three. A guy may get in behind, press you to the wall. Or an option to put it in a bath and saddle it (if you fit). Look for options yourself so even more interesting.
  • Contraception. There is always a risk of getting pregnant and an increased risk of infection with STD. It is better to play it safe.
  • It is better to leave toys for later. If you really want to, then of course you can, but the sex toy is immediately washed with soap and treat with an antiseptic. Blood medium for bacteria, so they multiply quickly.

That’s all the recommendations. You can also add that preliminary caresses will need to be a little adjust. It is better to postpone cunnilingus if your boyfriend does not have vampire inclinations. If the young man is not squeamish and decided to caress you with his hands, run your fingers inside, then prepare wet wipes or towel in advance.

Do not be afraid of experiments.

What sex can you have during menstruation

  1. , How to have sex during menstruationVaginal is definitely possible. But we strongly recommend trying a new, possibly unknown. Strengthen pleasure, feel freedom and unprecedented sensations.
  2. Anal sex. It’s quite an alternative. If both are not against. you can get pleasure and stay clean. Use a swab or menstrual bowl. Of course it is important not to forget about lubrication!
  3. You can do without penetration, For example, caress the heart friend with a mouth. Do petting.
  4. For owners of a lush bust – intramammaric sex. Squeeze your chest with your hands, and the partner pushes the penis between them, and you can also lick your head or combine with oral caresses.

We put the boundaries for bliss and a happy life ourselves. Urgently throw negative beliefs from your head. Menstruation does not impose a veto on a sex life, it expands it. Try the new, and you will understand that life is beautiful and in "Red days of the calendar". Bolder forward into the space of orgasm. And you can buy goods accompanying better sex HERE!

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