How to enjoy sex in a standing pose

How to enjoy sex in a standing pose.

, How to enjoy sex in a standing pose

Sex in the standing position has many advantages and pleasant moments for both partners, but in this post a lot of effort and energy is spent. Porn actors play their roles passionately and at ease, but do not forget that they are professionals in their field. Special preparation, delay and endurance are needed.

More and more often I want to experiment with the poses, and many couples are not shy about trying something new. Having sex standing, you need to learn to feel a partner in order to deliver him pleasure, and not the moments of discomfort or even pain. Show attentiveness, tact and take a hurry in your actions.

, How to enjoy sex in a standing pose

Preliminary preparation

In this position, in a fit of passion, you can even get an injury, in case of loss of balance and fall, not to mention unpleasant sensations. To get pleasure from the posture of standing, you must properly prepare. To avoid unpleasant incidents in the process of intimacy, you need to discuss all the moments of the upcoming intercourse with a sexual partner.

  • Standing sex should not be spontaneous And anywhere. You need to choose the right place. The presence of additional stops is necessary, at least for one of the partners. Therefore, for sex, the doorway, window sill, table or wall are ideal. The ability to lean on an additional interior item will allow the pair to maintain balance and not fall.
  • Partners growth also is of great importance. Most perfect if a man is slightly higher than his half. For balancing the difference in growth, you can use stable objects: chair, ottoman or book.
  • Physical preparation and flexibility an ordinary couple is far from sports, so you need to choose a vertical pose so that none of the partners will cause discomfort.
  • Use high -quality lubricant, to eliminate the painful moment from dry vagina of a woman. In this pose, a member does not always enter an angle pleasant for a partner, and a good lubricant will soften discomfort.
  • Can Apply intimate toys In the position of standing. High -quality strap -on will give pleasure to both partners. Rastless and strapons on panties from a sex shop are perfect. Use toys only with proven lubrication.

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