How to combine sex with food. How and what products can be used for sex

How to combine sex with food.

Before you plunge into the world of pleasure and sex using food, you should pay attention to some nuances regarding food:

  • Make sure that the food is cut into small pieces. You do not want to cut a banana during the prelude or break chocolate. Therefore, everything should be prepared in advance;
  • Food during sex should be easy and low -fat, t.e. Do not stock up on chicken-grille or fried potatoes.

As for food during sex, it is quite difficult to eat and have sex at the same time, especially if you have this in a difficult pose for sex. Therefore, it is advisable to use food as props for sex, only in cases where it is convenient and will deliver nothing but pleasure.


Cherry, strawberries, red or white grapes are excellent sex satellites, but you can also try more exotic and extraordinary fruits during sex, for example, papaya, mango, oranges or grapefruit.

Important: All fruits should be in advance under warm water and cut. Strawberries, for example, should be washed, cut and sprinkled with powdered sugar, and grapes must be separated in advance from branches and wash.

Whipped cream

Until now, whipped cream remain one of the most popular food details. During sex, you can lubricate your partner’s lips with cream with a finger so that he licks them erotically with the tip of the tongue (you can lick the cream from his lips). You can also lubricate the nipples, stomach, etc. places. Licking the cream from the body of a partner is desirable slowly and erotic.

Advice: It is advisable not to use cream in hot weather, as it is known that dairy products do not leave a pleasant smell.

Fruit syrup

The usual sex can be diversified using strawberry, banana, raspberry or any other syrup during it. True, during such sex, the sheet will most likely be spoiled, but the result obtained, t.e. pleasure, this is worth.

Advice: You can use syrup instead of massage oil, and then slowly lick the syrup from each other’s body. Believe me, such sex will give you unprecedented sexual pleasure.


If you take a small piece of chocolate and carefully run it on the hot and excited body of your partner, this will definitely become a bright and sweet adventure for both of you.

Advice: Do not forget to break the chocolate in advance to pieces so that you do not waste time in vain. It is advisable to use milk chocolate – it melts faster.


Oysters are one of the most powerful aphrodisiacs and raising products that increase libido. Men are especially pleased to watch their partner carefully sucks the oyster.

Advice: Prepare a lemon or lemon juice in advance (to pour the oyster), napkins (then to wipe your hands).

Fruit ice on a stick

This delicacy resembles the form of the phallus, you do not find? And for this reason, in the hot season of the year, you can use fruit ice on a stick, since with the help of it you can do amazing things. So, for example, while a woman makes a blowjob, a partner can carefully spend a ice cream on the body of a partner, drawing an alphabet.


Always keep just in case in the freezer of ice cubes. During sex, you can spend on the nipples and other erogenous zones of the partner, thereby exciting it stronger.

Using ice, in sexual games, avoid the interaction of female genitals and ice, as this can cause negative consequences.


Sex and alcohol are basically combined. If you know the measure, then alcohol can turn sex into a pleasant adventure, since because of it you can relax faster, relax and completely surrender to your fantasies and desires. By the way, a small amount of alcohol raises the level of testosterone (hormone responsible for sexual attraction) in both men and women, and if you sort it out a little, the effect will be the opposite, it will be very difficult to achieve orgasm, since the sensitivity drops. Everyone must determine this measure for themselves.

Advice: You can slightly water the partner with a liquor or any other alcohol to your taste and then slowly slowly lick the remaining drops of alcohol with your tongue.

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