How to choose an intimate toy for a man and a woman in a sex shop

How to choose an intimate toy for a man and a woman in a sex shop.

, How to choose an intimate toy for a man and a woman in a sex shop

How important it is for you, dear friends, diversity in sex? It is pointless to hide: monotony is boring to all of us. It doesn’t matter whether this food or work, a hobby or sex-a person always wants something fresh, unknown.

Once every married couple, for which an intimate life is an indispensable and very important element of happy relationships, will begin to think about how to experience the former passion again. And you just need to look at sex from a completely different side, without thinking about templates and stereotypical opinions. The most elementary way is to try toys from a sex shop.

, How to choose an intimate toy for a man and a woman in a sex shop

Which toys are the most popular and common in sex shops

How does the knowledge of the science of intimacy begins, which does not do without additional elements, but is able to give acute sensations? Thinking for the first time about the acquisition for a couple of sex toys, one should thoroughly approach their choice. Only the correctly selected gadget will open the curtain of sensual pleasure and relieve dullness and monotony in bed.

Preference to any of the intimate toys, it is important to consider the interests and tastes of both partners. But often the initiator of the use of objects from a sex shop is someone alone, and the second, referring pessimistic to the proposal of his half, there is nothing left to agree to the experiment. Before choosing a sex toy, it is advisable to carefully consider every detail that may even seem completely unimportant.

You can talk endlessly about the variety of intimate goods for courageous lovers. And yet there are categories that deserve special attention due to increased demand.

  • vibrators for joint use;
  • erection rings implying clitoral stimulation;
  • BDSM-fixation;
  • anal traffic jams;
  • Men’s straps.

Vibrators and erection rings: pleasure for both

Everything here is for every taste, but in short, you should still dwell on the description of the main toys. For example, paired vibrators are a new type of sexual entertainment, rapidly gaining momentum of popularity. Unlike classic vibrators used by a woman for self -satisfaction or additional vaginal stimulation, such a tool is used directly in the process of copulation.

Resembles a horseshoe consisting of two parts. One of them is introduced to the partner into the vagina, the second – covers the clitoris and pubis. The tool itself is not of interest, but as soon as the member penetrates inside, a woman can feel all the advantages of using this sex toy. Together with the vibrator, the male dignity enhances the friction of the vaginal walls, each movement gives a new charge of excitement and exposure to the ji point. Despite the fact that this device is intended for both, the real pleasure of a man is much harder to get.

, How to choose an intimate toy for a man and a woman in a sex shop

The following type of intimate goods is erection rings. The initial idea of creating this device was to solve the problem with an erection in a man. In addition, a ring of any kind is slight, but it helped to lengthen the penis. Then, remembering the second participant in bed games, the manufacturers expressed a desire to improve some models, equipping them with special stimulating processes, which during sex massage the clitoris.

BDSM-Fixing toys for hard sex with dominance

BDSM-Fixing to date are a demanded classic. Such sex toys are suitable for both men and girls. The craving for dominance in bed, the desire to rule and freely subordinate, probably sits if not in every of us, then in half. Others, on the contrary, attracts the desire to humiliate, submit and obey.

No matter how strange it sounds, but many women like it when they are raped, of course, in a good, game sense of the word. Such a game excites them, but many young ladies are embarrassed to admit his partner in this, afraid that he will not understand or condemn her “perverted” fantasies. Understand that the girl is not averse to becoming the prototype of the actress, who played the main female role in the movie “50 shades of gray”, by her reaction to hard rough sex.

Having noticed similar inclinations in one of the pair, you should carefully think and choose convenient fixing devices. For example, BDSM bandages, metal or leather fixing nets for the whole body, fastening to the bed and other variations. Since the game with fixation is not necessarily a scenario of violence, the benefits of using a sex toy depend on the fantasy of both partners.

, How to choose an intimate toy for a man and a woman in a sex shop

Intimate products for anal sex and double penetration

Many devices and gadgets for anal sex. Special anal traffic jams will help to develop an anal hole in just half an hour before the planned intercourse. Products are in high demand and acts effectively. In the assortments of sex shops, there are a lot of traffic jams of the very diameter, which help painlessly prepare the partner’s ass for the penetration of a member of any thickness.

Not knowing which toy for adults to choose to have unforgettable sex, you will not lose if you try a strapon. Recalling a realistic prosthesis of male dignity, this product can be suitable for any married couple. At the same time, many men can object, because they still cope without prostheses, and everything is in order with the erection.

First of all, such a sex toy can simply be needed for women. When there are no secrets between the partners, and the man knows that his lover dreams of penetrating a large member, with the help of a strapon you can realize her desires.

Interestingly, many use strapon for double penetration: after all, not everyone is ready to invite the third partner for such a home love experiment. An artificial phallus can be both with vibration and without it, easily attaches to the hips, which allows a man to feel a woman and wield a strapon as his penis.

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