How long you can’t finish the guy top the best ways from the leading sex trainer

Premature ejaculation in men – what to do: exercises from a sexologist.

Harmonious intimate relationships are very important for the couple. Both partners should receive satisfaction in them. But literally every third girl declares – my boyfriend quickly ends. For obvious reasons, such haste cannot but grieve her. Still would! A woman needs much more time to achieve a peak of pleasure. In addition, you can not always replace ordinary vaginal sex cunnilingus or petition. Sometimes it is very pleasant to feel like a filled man to capacity. So the problem of quick ejaculation really exists.

Of course, from the point of view of evolution, this is not so important. To continue the family, it is enough to enter the penis into the vagina of a partner, perform several frictions, wait for the ejaculation, and the case is done. But we are not animals. “Put us, took us out and went” somehow does not suit us. Therefore, it is important for girls to know why the guy quickly ends to be able to help his beloved to cope with the problem.

As for the men themselves, they perfectly understand that the problem “quickly end” becomes a real threat to harmonious sexual relations with the second half. Therefore, it is so important for them to understand the causes of quick ejaculation and eliminate the problem. In most cases, this is really possible.

We will give you clear recommendations that will help you understand – how to learn how to quickly not finish during sex. Using them, you can very soon enjoy prolonged sexual games!

What is ejaculation and sperm

To understand the reasons for the rapid ejaculation, you must first understand what an erection and ejaculation are in principle. You think that you know everything about it, because thousands of times have seen how a seed is thrown out of your proud erect member? In fact, this is a very complex reflex process, which is responsible for the so -called paracentral shares in your brain, and also the nervous center located in the lumbar spinal cord. So they give your body a team to ejaculate. The process consists of two main phases:

  • Removing sperm from the appendage of the testicle to the urethra
  • Seven release.

The brain is just responsible for the first phase of the process, and the spinal.

The seed is erupted using contractions of the bulborous muscle. Moreover, if this same muscle has already decreased only once, it will not be able to stop until it throws out the entire portion of sperm.

This usually requires 10-15 contractions. Sperm consists of seed fluid and sperm. At a time, a man throws out 2-5 ml of ejaculate. For comparison, the wild boar pours 250 ml of this miraculous fluid.

As for the erection, it occurs due to a rush of blood to your dignity during excitement. As you know, the brain is also responsible for this process. He thus reacts to various stimuli – taste, visual, auditory and others. Most often, a fast erection in a man, especially spontaneous, is observed at a young age, later – with close contact with an interest in an interest partner.

What is the duration of sex is the “norm”?

 So that you can understand how real the problem is, it is important for you to imagine what the norms of the duration of sexual contact. In fact, among sexologists, disputes on this topic are still underway, since all men are individual in their psycho -emotional and physical characteristics. Their conclusions are based solely on polls of men, and your brother loves to give up slightly when it concerns sexual achievements. And yet some conclusions were drawn.

From the beginning of frictions to the moment of ejaculation on average passes 5-10 minutes. Urologists are more loyal in their statements. They consider the norm for a healthy man 2-6 minutes. Then there is premature ejaculation occurs from 30 seconds to 2 minutes. There is also an absolutely accelerated ejaculation that occurs in less than 30 seconds.

Why a man quickly ejaculates (reasons)

Now you have an idea of whether you really have a problem. If you continue to wall, I finish quickly, what to do, try to understand the reasons for such an unpleasant phenomenon.

Very often the cause of fast ejaculation is the psychological factor. This includes:

  • Spontaneous sex
  • Excessive emotionality
  • First time, fear of ridicule
  • new partner, lack of trust
  • Complexes and fear of disgrace.

No less often, purely physiological reasons become the cause of quick ejaculation:

  • sedentary lifestyle
  • The failure of the hormonal background
  • A long absence of sex
  • Frequent masturbation
  • high sensitivity of the penis head
  • overwork.

Understand what to do if you finish quickly, awareness of the cause of premature ejaculation will help you. It is better to consult with a specialist on this occasion.

The cause is in the disease

If you cannot find the reason yourself, it makes sense to undergo a physiotherapeutic examination. Sometimes the cause of premature ejaculation can be such diseases:

  • Harful injuries
  • spinal cord damage
  • large intervertebral hernias
  • renal failure
  • venereal diseases and infections
  • Inflammatory processes – balanopostitis and vesiculite
  • phimosis – excessive narrowing of the foreskin
  • Bekhterev disease
  • multiple sclerosis.

Sometimes there is such a disorder as the syndrome complex of the paracentral shares of the brain, however, it is found in newborn boys.

As you understand, the matter is quite serious, because it is better to conduct an examination by a specialist. With timely treatment in most cases, it will be possible to quickly get rid of the problem.

Ways to eliminate the problem

So we figured out. If fast ejaculation is supplemented by any other ailments, you certainly need to see a doctor. It can be a urologist, andrologist or sexopathologist. It is these specialists on the basis of comprehensive research that will answer you the question – why you will quickly end and help you cope with the problem. In some cases, it is necessary to combine physiotherapeutic procedures with psychological help.

If the reason lies in low mobility, your complexes or increased emotionality, you can get rid of the problem thanks to our recommendations. There are many ways to improve the situation, for example, with the help of special training. They can really change your intimate life, as they have a direct effect on the muscle responsible for the ejaculation. Specific techniques will be given below. Also, it will not hurt you to watch our video tutorials “Erection Management Techniques” and “LKM training”.

How to quickly not finish: recommendations and tips

So, we will dwell on the fact that the cause of quick ejaculation is the mental reactions of your nervous system, as well as not a very correct lifestyle. Based on this, recommendations will be given here that will help you understand how to learn how to quickly not ejaculate.

Of course, in adolescence, it is useless to do something. The first sexual contact is often unsuccessful, because the guy is shy and is afraid to disgrace before the girl. But you are already a big boy and have enough experience, so let’s work.

To begin with, several recommendations:

  • Go in for sports, this will help you get rid of excess energy
  • More often have sex, preferably with a permanent partner
  • adjust your menu – let it be smaller, fried and fat
  • Take care of special exercises.

Now the tips immediately before intimate contact:

  • Your dinner should be very easy
  • Shortly before sex, do masturbation
  • Use condoms with anesthetic
  • During sex, think about how to delay the finale;All your thoughts should be about a partner and to give her maximum pleasure. Watch our video tutorials “The art of vaginal massage” and “skill of cunnilingus”.

If you follow our recommendations, your wife will not have to complain that the husband began to finish quickly. She will be satisfied and happy. You wanted this?

Physical techniques, how to prolong sex

In fact, the same muscle is responsible for the ejaculation as for urination-LKM (pubic-cocchic muscle). Its scientific name was indicated above.

Therefore, it will not be difficult for you to determine its whereabouts and start working. Imagine that during urination, someone pulled the toilet door. Your reflex reaction is to stop urgently urging. The muscles of the perineum are compressed, and you stop the process. I remembered these sensations? Now, during the day, squeeze the crotch 30-50 and work out this muscle. If you take the process seriously, then in a couple of weeks you will not be confused to make excuses to the woman and tell her – I’m sorry, I will quickly ejaculate.

Here you have the simplest training technique.

Exercises for training male intimate muscles

If you couldn’t feel the muscles of the pelvic floor or you are not very clear the results of the sports load, it is best to get this information from our video lesson, which is called “LCM training for men”. It will give answers to all the questions that may arise when reading the material.

Exercise 1

  • Clearly determine the location of the muscle that you need to train by delaying urination;
  • Relax and deeply breathe for a couple of minutes;
  • Squeeze it, that is, strain your lkm for about 5 seconds;
  • Relax the muscle for 3 seconds, making a couple of deep breathing cycles;
  • Make 5 approaches.

This is a simple basic technique, but for it to really work, do it 2 times a day, gradually bringing each process to 5 minutes. The criterion of readiness – you do not get breathing in the process, you can breathe deeply and evenly.

Exercise 2

Start rhythmically reduce the paintwork – strain and release. Do not linger in one of the provisions – make the equipment as many times as it turns out, applying maximum efforts. First you can stop 20 times, but ideally bring their number to 100 or more. During the day, do 2-3 approaches. It is very convenient that you can do it even at work, sitting at a computer, or when walking.

Exercise 3

Slowly strain LKM – the voltage should increase by increasing, but not sharply. Reaches the limit, when a pleasant trembling occurs in your body, linger for a few seconds and then let go of the muscle just as slowly.

Remember: in this exercise it is very important to do everything slowly and smoothly, otherwise it will not work!

Exercise 4

Kegel exercises for men (from video on them below) are based on the gradual complication of techniques. Therefore, having completed the previous one and learning how to make it well, you can go to a complicated option. Slightly tensioning the paintwork, reaching a slight tension, stop for a few seconds, again increase the voltage level and stop. The bottom line is to climb the stairs of stress without releasing LKM. Usually enough 5 or 6 steps, after which it is no longer possible to increase the voltage. Feeling this, start the reverse process – let go a little and stop, then a little more and so until completely relaxed.

There is another simple practice that can be used directly during intercourse.

To prevent ejaculation, it is necessary to tightly press the penis at the base, transmitting a convex vein located from the part of the bridle. After everything calms down, you can continue frictions.

Will help to delay ejaculation and proper deep breathing. Surely you have noticed more than once that before the finish, your breath is quicked and becomes superficial. If you consciously make breathing slow and deep, you can delay the moment of ejaculation and orgasm. By the way, using this method, you can extend pleasure for an hour, or even longer. You can learn more from the video tutorials “LCM training” and “Erection Management Techniques”.

Preferred poses and affection, so as not to ejaculate

Poses also have a huge impact on the speed of an orgasm and ejaculation man. The fastest you can end in a position that gives a load on your lumbar back, as well as on the press and buttocks. That is, the missionary pose or the one in which the partner has to hold in his arms, using the press – not for you. The easiest way to control the speed of the onset of orgasm you will be able to sit on the side behind the girl or in the position of Doggi-Stayl. You can still lay a woman on the table or put a “cancer”.

You can also practice the pose of the “rider”, but ask your girlfriend simultaneously with frictions to caress your body, for example, stroke your chest and stomach, bite your earlobes, kiss your neck. At this moment you must completely focus on your sensations from her affection. Of course, she should not rush. Frictions should be slow and deep. This will allow you to enjoy the process and delay the finale.

, How long you can’t finish the guy top the best ways from the leading sex trainer

You can also conduct a very interesting experiment that will allow you to tune in to each other and stretch the pleasure. The partner should understand – if the guy quickly ends, what to do to her in such a situation. This is something akin to meditation. You and the girl should undress and sit opposite each other, creating a previously romantic atmosphere, muffled the light, turning on slow music and filling your bedroom with pleasant aromas. Let it begin to stroke herself in the most sensitive places, without touching her genitals. You must mirror its movements and focus on the sensations. Then change places. Later, when you get sex directly, you will be concerned about how to deliver her pleasure and stop worrying about the delay in ejaculation.

You should also develop your signal system. For example, if a man quickly ends, he can send the girl a signal to slow down using some kind of stop-word. If you are a passionate motorist, you can use speed readings. When you feel that it’s already close, scream – 40! Or even 20! Do you want a friend to add to gas, orient it accordingly. It will be fun and will help you feel each other. Perhaps our video tutorial “Scenarios of an unforgettable night” will help you.

Other methods of lengthening sexual contact

Each man has his own techniques for increasing the period before ejaculation. For example, the so -called open eyes help a lot to a lot. Nature arranged in such a way that before the onset of orgasm, the man’s eyes are closed by themselves. A reverse reaction is also observed – if you keep your eyes wide open, and the inguinal muscles are tense, you can tighten the time well. Just do not overdo it so as not to frighten your partner with your appearance.

By the way, it helps to delay the finale and switch thoughts to something else. Instead of dissolving in your pre -corruption sensations, think about the upcoming conversation tomorrow with the boss. Believe me, it will work like a cold shower. True, there are fears that at the same time an erection will disappear with ejaculation, unless of course the boss awakens erotic fantasies in you.

If you have a permanent partner whom you trust, it makes sense to talk to her on this topic. Tell her – dear, you know why I quickly finish? And of course, explain to her the reasons for your quick ejaculation. Next, you can agree with the girl that the first time you finish how it turns out, and after restoration you will fully engage in her satisfaction. Let your sensations be not so bright for the second time, but you can enjoy a high -quality orgasm, and then satisfy your beloved.

The braking method works great. When you are approaching the point of no return, that is, just about, urgently take out a member from the vagina of your girlfriend, take the vibrator in your hands and continue its stimulation. At this time, try to calm down, after which you can continue the process again.

And yet, so that your girlfriend gets satisfaction, pay more attention to preliminary caresses. Try to start it as strongly as possible, then it will be much easier for it to achieve orgasm. Enter a member when your beloved is already on the verge. Perhaps even you will be able to experience discharge at the same time.

Tablets, creams and products, how not to end quickly

Since the problem of fast ejaculation is quite common, of course, the means were invented to help it cope. Even a schoolboy today knows that a condom is needed in order to protect himself from infection with bad diseases. However, the condom is the same capable of reducing the sensitivity of the penis head and extend sexual intercourse. There are even condoms with lidocaine created specifically to solve this problem. So, if a woman quickly ends her husband, let her make sure that there is a reserve of condoms in the house.

, How long you can’t finish the guy top the best ways from the leading sex trainer

Pjur Med Pro-Long Serum

In specialized stores, there are always so -called prolongators – gels, creams, ointments, sprays and lubricants that reduce sensitivity. You can try ORGASMUS Stopper or EROFHARM creams-Penix Active, DELAY-GEL and PJUR Med Pro-Long Serum, Retard 907 spray and so on. They are applied about 15 minutes before intimate contact.

, How long you can’t finish the guy top the best ways from the leading sex trainer

Corrige Tabblets

You can try special Corrige prolonging tablets from the German manufacturer Milan. They have a slight sedative effect, therefore slightly reduce excitement, without affecting an erection.

, How long you can’t finish the guy top the best ways from the leading sex trainer

Pjur Superhero

German manufacturers, as always, were on top. This excellent prolonging spray will make you a real superhero in bed. The product guarantees you high -quality and prolonged erection. You can fully enjoy passionate sex without worrying about premature ejaculation. Thanks to the ginger extract included in the spray, he is able to reduce the sensitivity of the penis and give you the opportunity not to ejaculate for a long time. Apply the spray a few minutes before sexual intercourse.

, How long you can’t finish the guy top the best ways from the leading sex trainer

MaxVataly Performance Max4Men

This American gel will give you a real superpower. Thanks to the Arginine, the extract of honeysuckle and ginseng root, as well as menthol, he will provide a tremendous blood flow to your penis, increase it in girth and help to extend your sex games. It directly affects the level of libido, provides an incredible erection, makes you sexually active and very hardy.

, How long you can’t finish the guy top the best ways from the leading sex trainer

Hot Marathon Cream Long Power

This is a product of the famous Austrian company Hot. The prolonging cream is amazingly affecting your penis, making it strong and confident. It includes Kayensky pepper, ginkgo-bilobe, paprika extract. Such a set is able to give you a delightful erection. Campara also has an exciting effect, but at the same time it makes the surface of the penis less sensitive due to the easy cooling effect. The cream must be applied 15 minutes before sexual intercourse and gently rub it until completely absorb. Believe me, enchanting sensations, prolonged sex and incredible power orgasm await you.

Such prolongers can become a real salvation for you. They will help if you have regular sex with your wife, or after a long break you dream of going through a super male in front of your new girlfriend. Prolongators really help to improve self -control in bed. With them, you will not constantly worry about not ending ahead of time, but you can fully enjoy your feelings in bed, delighting your girlfriend with long frictions.

No need to worry that lubricants or condoms with a prolonging effect will somehow affect your erection. Believe me, it will not suffer from their use at all. Just pay attention to what substance is part of the preparations or condoms. It is important that you do not have an allergy to him. By the way, your wise girlfriend can independently purchase one of these means to offer you the next intimate date for you. She is no less interested in you in a long love act.

Ways to solve the problem at home

If you work too much and move a little, you don’t have time to have lunch normally, but you are content with snacks, you sleep little and bad, because you are late at the computer, then you can explain your problem with premature ejaculation. For obvious reasons, your body has no strength for sex, which means that he seeks to finish this energy -consuming test as soon as possible. Most often a man quickly ends precisely because of the above factors. So draw conclusions.

If you are a person with a mobile nervous system, experiencing and impressionable, you will probably help you with yoga and meditation. These practices will allow you to balance the energy flow in your body and will lead to a slowdown in ejaculation.

If you are a confident person in yourself, but you are not a too mobile lifestyle, you will help you control the processes in bed regularly visiting the gym. Here you will throw away the accumulated excess energy, and during your sex you will not be such an overexcited.

Particular importance of giving food. The main thing is not to overeat and do not make big breaks in food. Just eat normally so as not to overload the body and keep it hungry.

Regarding the restrictions in the diet, we have already said above. If you adhere to all our recommendations, you will not have to think – what to do if a man quickly ends, because you will no longer have this problem.

Exercises in order not to finish quickly

If you are still lamenting, I finish very quickly, we are ready to offer you a few simple exercises. Performing them daily, you will soon train the muscles of the pelvis.

So get ready.

  1. Stand straight, put your hands on the belt and slightly beat your legs in your knees. Strain and then relax the gluteal muscles. Try to feel them well. Repeat 30-50 times.
  2. Now you can just walk with bent knees or even run. It will warm up and work out the gluteal muscles well. Perform exercise 2-3 minutes.
  3. Stand straight and make walking movements, pulling your knees high to your stomach. Do it 20 times.
  4. Stand straight. Place the feet shoulder -width apart, and hands on the hips. Take a deep breath. With an exhalation, start slowly tilt the body forward. Stopping in a horizontal position, hold your breath, drag the abdominal muscles. Then slowly inhaling the initial position. Do it 5-10 times.
  5. Lie on the rug and score a little legs in the knees. Raise your back slightly and go back. This will allow you to work out the muscles of the perineum and the press. Perform exercise 15-20 times.

This complex is best done in 2-3 approaches, then the effect will be noticeable very soon. Also walk more and take care of swimming if possible.

Be sure to look at the video tutorial posted on our website “LCM training for a man”.

Folk recipes to not finish for a long time

Many women are puzzled by the question – why the husband quickly ends. They have a hint from us that will help a man to cope with the situation. This can be done with herbal decoctions that have a beneficial effect on the state of male health.

So we offer several effective recipes.

  • Will help to cope with premature ejaculation of oak bark.

It contains thiamine, therefore it affects the sensitivity of the nerve endings of the genitourinary system. The course of treatment is 1-2 weeks.

It can be used in two ways:

  1. Make a bath for a penis (2 teaspoons of raw materials pour a glass of boiling water, withstand until cool, hold for 20 minutes)
  2. Drink a decoction (pour 20 g with a glass of hot water, boil for half an hour, strain, add boiled water to the original volume, drink a third of a glass between meals.)
  • Fresh leaves of currants and raspberries

You can finely cut the leaves in salads, brew them and drink like tea. They contain Feliamin, which strengthens the nerve endings and makes them more resistant to irritants. The course of treatment is 1-2 weeks, although they are also useful for constant use.

  • A decoction of the rhizome lover

1 tbsp. pour a spoonful of raw materials with a glass of boiling water, cook in a water bath for 20 minutes, then insist and strain. Drink three times a day a third of a glass.

  • Infusion and hop cones and cones

You need to take 3 parts of the grass of the motherwort and 1 part of the hop cones. 1 tbsp. pour a spoonful of the mixture with a glass of boiling water, let it brew, strain and take 1/3 cup three times a day. Continue treatment up to a month.

  • Pepper juice

Immediately before sexual contact, you can lubricate the head of the penis with fresh mint juice. Menthol contained in it has a cooling and sedative effect.

Another fairly common method is to drink a little alcohol before sex. This will not finish quickly and extend bed games. A little – it is a glass of dry wine or a maximum of 100 g of a strong drink. It is important not to overdo it, since erections can not wait at all.

What should not be done

It is clear that you really want to bring closer to the moment when you can fully control the process of ejaculation. However, always remember that excess vanity and haste can lead to negative consequences. Because before applying some remedy, be sure to test it preliminarily. If you use tablets or decoctions inside, always follow your condition.

If you notice any negative changes, a feeling of inhibitory or vice versa, excitement, you began to sleep poorly, nausea or dizziness appeared, immediately stop experiments. You should always remember that your health is most important.

With significant problems with ejaculation, be sure to consult a doctor, since early ejaculation may be a manifestation of some serious diseases. A full examination will help you identify the causes of the disorder and determine the treatment.

Wanting to not end for a long time, never get to the point of absurdity. Remember that too long an erection can also very negatively affect your health. In particular, this can cause some inflammatory diseases and psychological disorders.

If you are faced with the problem of early ejaculation, do not become in yourself and do not depress.

Analyze the situation and try to understand what psychological processes are launched in you during sexual contact. Try to remember, your condition and your fears. The enemy needs to know by person. This will help you defeat the problem.

We have previously suggested that you do special physical exercises. On our site you will find a more detailed description of LKM training. Having taken this seriously, you will very soon feel completely relaxed during sex, because you will stop worrying about fast ejaculation. As a result, you will get a wonderful long -term sex and a happy satisfied girlfriend.

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