How long can not the man end during sex?

How long can not the man end during sex?.

During intercourse, two people strive not only to enjoy each other, but also to achieve the cherished goal that we call orgasm. The peak of pleasure comes in different ways, but if a man can be enough for a man for this and this is an absolute norm from the point of view of physiology, then a woman is clearly not enough for a woman of such a short segment. The question arises of how long to end a man during sex and how to achieve prolonging the love process?

Basic concepts

First you should figure out what it is for a long time. In medical terminology, normal sexual intercourse is the processes of an erection, penetration into the vagina, the commission of frictions and ejaculation.

No temporary framework exists and for the norm the very opportunity to enter, move and finish is adopted.

If sexual intercourse lasted more than one and a half minutes and ended with the end of the man, then it took place and the representative of the stronger sex is healthy.

But since a person makes love not only for fertilization, but also for pleasure, no one is satisfied with two -minute attempts.

According to polls, women prefer to do this within 15-40 minutes. Less is not enough, it already bothers more. Therefore, you need to count on this indicator and tune for 3 hours of ordeal should not be tuned.

And finally, the quantity is not as important as the quality. Three hours of “fucking” will not bring happiness to anyone. But 30 minutes of full sex with a change in positions, good prelude and affection, the best option.

Therefore, you need to think not so much about how for a long time they will not end a man during sex, but about how to make sexual intercourse bright, high -quality and rich.

How long can not end a man during sex: imagination

All the guys who talked with older children in the teenage period know many secrets about sex. Most of them turn out to be legends and bikes, but there are also quite effective advice.

Discuss the issues of pubic hair, search for a point G, the most convenient poses and, of course, ways not to finish for a long time.

The most banal advice is to slow down a little when you feel the approach of the finals or use this moment to change the posture.

That is, when a man understands that he will finish right now, you need to stop, change your pose or just slow down the rhythm. The voltage will fall, attention will switch a little and the ejaculation will not happen.

There is a second, more radical method. It is better not to talk about him for girls, this is a secret trick that does not sound too beautiful.

During sex, as soon as the peak of pleasure comes, you need to imagine something vile, disgusting, ugly, nasty. That causing disgust.

The main thing is not to overdo it, just for a few seconds we turn on the imagination and present something terrible in front of our eyes.

This will help to bring down the tension and the ejaculation will retreat. If the picture in your head hangs too long, then there is a great probability of disappearance and erection. Do not allow this.

How long can not the man end during sex: special tools

In addition to resources of your own psyche and physiological techniques, you can use special condoms to prolong sexual intercourse.

Their essence lies in the fact that on the inside of the condom there is a lubricant with an easy anesthetic, which reduces the sensitivity of the head of the penis.

This contributes to the fact that the dull sensations do not allow you to quickly reach the finals and finish the act too early.

The advantage of this method is that you do not need to interrupt and represent any game, which means that the risk of that erection is greatly reduced. So that the member does not fall during sex due to attempts to extend it, it is better to buy special condoms.

Another powerful tool is the erective ring. It is put on the base of the penis, blocks the outflow of blood, which contributes to a long erection and does not allow ejaculation to occur too quickly. As a result, male dignity has been standing for a long time and at the same time the representative of the stronger sex does not end for a long time.

How long can not the man end during sex and how the lifestyle affects?

. There are several important features here.

Too frequent masturbation leads to the fact that the body is rebuilt and learns to achieve an orgasm as soon as possible.

No one is interested in engaging in the ownership of 40 minutes, and the main goal of the event is to end.

Rare sex also affects the duration. When a man has to wait for him as a holiday, at the time of intercourse, the brain gives a signal to complete as soon as possible, otherwise you can not get the desired orgasm, and the next chance to wait for weeks.

Dependence on masturbation and rare sex stimulate the psyche to rebuild the sexual intercourse itself. The body is trying to end as soon as possible.

To get rid of this, you just need to stop thinking and build your life so that sexual intercourse happens as often as possible.

An important role in this is played by a partner. Very often, girls condemn and ridiculed the man but that he has sex for 5 minutes, but they don’t even understand that they have a completely healthy representative of the stronger sex, who simply got out of the desired rhythm of life.

Plus, you need to observe the correct diet and sleep. Regularly play sports and find a list of products for potency. All this together will help get rid of problems and delight his partner with high -quality and long -term sex.

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