Handcuffs for sex. How to use

Handcuffs for sex. How to use.

Sometimes the usual sex is bored and I want some experiments. Not every couple will go to something radical, and, perhaps, will begin with something more mundane. For example, you can go to a sex shop and buy handcuffs for sex. In fact, many couples breathe unevenly to this sexy toy. This is most characteristic of partners who have been together for more than one year. You can see what and you can buy handcuffs for sex in sexshop.

A few words about the device

Without exaggeration, we can say that from the entire wide choice of BDSM toys, handcuffs are the most harmless option that will not cause sharp pain, severe inconvenience, but can start, excite and bring more bright colors to the sexual life of partners.

Note that this subject in sexual activity has far from the last meaning. For many couples, it can become emotional discharge, and if sex is not too frequent, then a new tradition or an excellent alternative.

I would like to note right away that the use of BDSM in pairs does not mean that partners have any problems in relations or even with the psyche. Simply, sooner or later I want changes, and the variety of poses in sex soon or later ends. It is in such situations that various sexual toys come to the rescue.

Quite often, handcuffs for sex are the first stage, which becomes further by studying other forms of BDSM relations. But quite often, thoughts about handcuffs remain dreams, as partners are embarrassed to pronounce their most violent fantasies aloud. If the couple lives with trust and mutual understanding, then there should be no problems by making a mutual decision. It is only important to properly use handcuffs for sex, so as not to harm a loved one or not to spoil still at the moment of prelude.

Handcuffs for sex: Tips for use

The first advice we want to give – do not delay with putting on the handcuffs on a partner. Everyone uses their own methods, but you should definitely not be busy for a long time. The best option is to snuggle gently to your partner, and then get his hands, so that they are already tied, it will be easier to handcuffed.

We want to focus on the fact that not new purchased handcuffs are excited in sex, but the fact that they are worn on someone, and this person is in complete obedience and cannot change anything. During sex, all the emphasis will be placed on tactile sensations, so we recommend that they give all themselves. If the partner begins to worry, embarrassed, then create the most favorable atmosphere of tenderness and desire.

For the first time, you do not need to be aggressive and show who dominates, since the second half will not be able to feel all the charm and purpose of handcuffs for sex. It is better to be a very attentive person and listen to everything, because sometimes a partner can remain silent, but his body language will still give out any inconvenience.

Never remove the handcuffs when you get to sexual intercourse, because all efforts will be in vain, and sex will again become familiar and will not cause new emotions. If the handcuffs are still in the hands of a partner and there is no reason to stop, then just finish it.

Finally, it is worth saying that you need to choose handcuffs for sex especially carefully. They must be made of high -strength and at the same time convenient material. At the same time, the partner should not understand that he can break handcuffs, but at the same time they should not leave bruises, traces of violence. It is best to purchase fur handcuffs that will not damage the skin and make sex special. You will spend an unforgettable time with your loved one.

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